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5 Easy Actionable Techniques to BOOST Your SEO Strategy Right NOW

Give Your SEO Strategy a BOOST Today

Once you have been working in the online marketing scene for some time I am sure that you would have said this towards yourself multiple times:

“Finding SEO techniques that work is difficult!”

However, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. Through research and lots of tests from other marketers posts, I have made a list of the 5 best SEO techniques that you can start using now.

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Techniques that helped get my small gaming blog to over 3,000 visitors a month and climbing.

APP Formula (Agree, Promise, Preview)

The app formula is used my many marketers and it’s purpose is to tie people into an article from the get go. Created by Brain Dean over at Backlinko the app formula stands for:

  • Agree
  • Promise
  • Preview


When you look for an article you hope that the author understands the issue that you are facing and can give you the best tips & tools to fix that issue. So when you start an article off, show that you can relate to your readers. If you look at the beginning of this article you can see a perfect example.

I targeted a specific group of readers and ask them if this is one of the problems that they are facing. Problems that I have faced in the past.

Here is a video from Backlinko’s YouTube Channel on the APP formula.


In order to keep someone’s attention after you have got them thinking is to tell them how YOU are going to help them. People only come on your website to benefit themselves so if you do not give them the reason why you can benefit them then visitors will leave. Quickly!

Once again I have used this in the article you are reading right now. I told you that I have done all the research for you and have come up with a small list of some of the best SEO techniques so that you don’t have to go out and find them.


This can work in many ways, you can show them a small preview of some of the techniques or you can tell them how these techniques have worked for you. This part of the app formula is solely there to get your visitors to scroll down and read more.


UUR Formula (Update, Upgrade & Republish)

If you have been making blogs, videos or any type of content for awhile then you have loads of opportunities to create more fresh content. Like the rest of the world, online marketing is moving at a rapid pace meaning something that worked 6 months ago might not even work anymore.

This could for many different reasons such as a Penguin update from Google or simply because people do not like this method of viewing content anymore.

So in order to keep up-to-date you can use the UUR formula which stands for:

  • Update
  • Upgrade
  • Republish


This part is simple. Just find the article you want to update and make it a draft again so that others can’t see it for now.


This is the most powerful part. Since you know a lot more now than you did 6 months or even a year ago then you can upgrade the quality of the article by using new techniques or making the article much longer. Did you know that articles that have more than 2,000 words are more likely to get more shares?


Once again this part is self-explanatory. Just change the date of the article and republish it.


Why OutBound Links Are Important

Outbound links are just as important to your content as inbound links are. An old update called the Hilltop algorithm still plays a role in today’s rankings. How this determines if a piece of content is worth first page rankings is by looking at how relevant and the quality of your outbound links.


If you create content around clothes and you link off to a gold mining company then the relevancy of your page will, of course, go down.

Time and time again it has been proven that content with higher quality outbound and inbound links get higher rankings so make sure to include at least 2 outbound/inbound links in your articles.

Whilst doing research for your article find relevant content that you can link to whilst you write.


Responsive Websites Rank Higher

Some of you must be thinking “Of course responsive sites rank higher, everyone knows that.”

Well, you’d be wrong by saying that. Many people fail to realize how important having responsive sites are to your rankings. I have come across so many websites on my mobile device that is hard to navigate because the website isn’t responsive to smaller devices. I am sure that you have had the same experience from time to time.

What was your initial reaction to that? To leave and find a different website right?

That’s why Google has turned the algorithms to rank responsive sites higher. At the end of the day, what is Google’s goal? To find the best content for their users. So your goal is to make your site as responsive to different devices as possible.

My three favorite WordPress theme providers are WPZoom, StuidoPress & ThriveThemes.


Infographics Increase Your Websites Value

Infographics are becoming more and more popular every single month. This is because we humans are visual creatures, processing visual data such as videos, images over 60,000x than regular text.

Creating high-quality infographics has double marketer’s traffic over & over again. It’s also a fantastic way of building a social presence as well. Thanks to a study done by Unbounce we have found out that in the past 2 years the demand from infographics has increased by over 800%.

Here I have created my own infographic full of SEO stats. It helps you understand how important SEO can be for your business. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.



Have Any Questions?

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