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How to Find and Use LSI Keywords

How to Find and Use Relevant LSI Keywords

With the use of the World Wide Web taking the world by storm in this century, many businesses and even freelance bloggers have expanded their communication channels to include web content in order to target their customers and readers. Through the use of SEO (search engine optimization) they are able to tailor their web content to reach their target market. In order to take advantage of SEO, companies and freelance bloggers need to use LSI keywords. However, what exactly are these mysterious keywords?

How to Find and Use LSI Keywords

What Are LSI Keywords?

The LSI in LSI keywords stands for latent semantic indexing words. That term is a lot less technical than it sounds. Put simply, LSI keywords are just similar words or synonyms for your keywords found frequently in the same article. They are not to be confused with keyword density, which is simply how often a word or phrase appears within your article. Instead, LSI keywords are a way for search engines, like Yahoo and Google, to display more accurate results to queries.


A prime example would be Yahoo’s web crawler picking up article with the keyword “Orange”. The use of LSI keywords would help the web crawler to decipher just what kind of Orange the article is discussing. So if the search engine finds other words in the article, like color, shade, and tint, then it would be easy for the search engine to classify this article with the phrase “Orange color”. This use of LSI keywords would help users to get more accurate results when they search.

So, from this example we are able to deduce just what LSI keywords are: keywords of keywords. It may sound a little confusing, but think of it like this: they’re just synonyms.

How to use LSI Keywords in Search Engine Optimization

It’s all good and wonderful now that we’ve learned just what LSI keywords are, and what makes them so special from other search engine optimization methods. However, just how can we use LSI keywords in search engine optimization? To understand this, we have to take into consideration just how search engines like Google classify their results. It is through their use of LSI Keywords that they are able to tell what information relates to what, and it is also how they eliminate redundancy and make searching the web more accurate. Also, correct use of LSI keywords can heighten your ranking in web searches.


Armed with this all knowledge about LSI keywords, you can use this to create keywords that are more targeted towards LSI. What does this mean? This means widening your keywords to include more than just the main point of the article. An example of this would be that if you’re going to write an article with the main keyword “information technology”, the corresponding LSI keywords to include in your article would be things like:

  • Information technology syllabus
  • Information technology past papers
  • Information technology sba
  • Information technology subject

Utilizing these LSI keywords would help the search engine to realize that your article is about Information Technology, the subject.  This means that if anyone types in google something like “Information Technology subject information”, your results would come up, simply because of your efficient use of LSI Keywords. This examples helps to drive home the point of just how important LSI keywords are.

How do I find the Relevant LSI Keywords for my Blog/Website?

Well, the greatest LSI keyword finder tool is right at your fingertips, and you probably used it to find this article! It’s Google’s search engine. Have you ever noticed the suggestions that come up as you type your query in the box given? Those are actually LSI keywords relevant to the keyword that you typed in. How simple! The best part about this method of finding LSI Keywords through this method is that it is completely free and almost 100% accurate.

Another free tool that can be used to find LSI keywords is also another free product of Google. It is the Google Keyword Planner Tool. Tens of thousands of companies (if not more) rely on this tool to help them find the most effective keywords and LSI keywords that will target their desired niche. Taking advantage of this tool will help your page rank higher in google searches, and no doubt increase traffic to your website.

Google LSI Keywords

If your blog or website is WordPress based, there is also a plugin that you can install on your blog or website which will go the extra mile for you in LSI keyword creation. This plugin is called SEOPressor. This plugin has a plethora of features, but the few that are most important are:

  • It calculates the keyword density of your post for you, and gives you a rating out of 100 based on how good (or how bad) the score is. This in itself is a magnificent feature, since the closer you are to 100, the better your ranking will be.
  • SEOPressor also offers LSI Keyword suggestions. However, this app also goes the extra mile by offering LSI keyword suggestions for both the primary, secondary and third keywords used in your web content. This will greatly improve the quality and credibility of your content.
  • There is also a check for Over-Optimization, which is when you use a keyword too many times or too often in an article Therefore, this plugin essentially keeps you in the “green zone” and warns you when you’re venturing too close to the “red zone.”

SEO and LSI Keywords

LSI Keywords are the  future of search engine optimization.

It can take some practice finding relevant keywords, but using LSI to help build structure to your site will certainly yield a lot of “Google Search LOVE”!  I use LSI all the time for pages and post structure.

Mastering LSI Keywords can be the difference between your amazing content rising to the top of Google’s search results, of drowning amongst the tens of thousands of other similar web pages. LSI Keywords help to ensure that the right person gets the right search results, which will no doubt increase business for you if you are a company, or increase traffic to your blog if you are a freelancer. The aforementioned points will help you to become a “LSI-Keyword-Using-Machine”, and  give you that extra edge to help you surpass your competitors.  LSI keywords are part of “next-level SEO” and will set you apart from other websites.

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