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The Importance of Design in Marketing

Don’t limit your concept of marketing design to solely things like page layouts, images, and eye-catching fonts. While these elements do constitute what is termed as the aesthetic of the brand, there is more to marketing design.

As a matter of fact, marketing design would be better described as the corpus callosum that forms the connection between businesses and brands, and, eventually, the connection is extended to the customer as well. If you are studying design or even more probably want to do so, you can assign your boring writing work to effective college papers help services and learn the importance of design in marketing in the following paragraphs.

Let us now see how design affects the main online marketing methods today:

Website Design 

Improving Web UX

Many businesses are keen to get their professional face on the web. Others want to revamp their existing website to be in tune with the changing design trends. In this, the design sorted by the company website is absolutely crucial. In fact, website designs have the power even to make or break marketing campaigns. The figures show that the vast majority of 75% of netizens judge businesses by their design quality and attractiveness.

This is added to the fact that small design changes can truly go a long way in bettering the results of your marketing campaigns. In the case of websites, the following design issues are of crucial importance:

         Brand Language – Through an effective design of your website, the brand profile gets a boost. This, in turn, increases the readiness of potential customers to buy. Your web design should be in sync with the product or service that you are selling. It is really good for your brand is the design is remarkable besides being effective. This helps to make the maximum impact on customer impression and retention. The web design needs to reflect the organization’s values and evoke desire.

Make Money with SEO

         SEO – Businesses simply cannot ignore the importance of SEO for growing their business. SEO activities demand that your website is responsive or is ready to be viewed from mobile devices and tablets as well. The design should address SER issues like navigation and structure, metadata, and content.

        UX – If the experience of the user while browsing a website is not up to the mark, it is highly unlikely that they will come back to visit your site. So, in the case of websites, design needs to conform to UX requirements. Critical things to keep in mind are page load times and easy navigability.

         Better Websites and Higher Conversions – The design of websites also need to not only conform with the tenets of psychology but to truly impressive it with a compelling design. Paying attention to this aspect will help the business convert more visitors into returning and repeated customers.

         Continuous Optimization – Perfection is something that does not exist in web design. There’s always room for improvement. Through the modifications and optimization carried out, even after the design has been fleshed, you can fix the pages that aren’t performing well. In order to do this, the design needs to account for advanced tracking abilities from the word go!

         Compelling Brand Message – Never forget that through the design of a website, the business is actually conveying a brand message. The design needs to ensure that this message is well conveyed and results in the desired response expected from the brand. The bells and whistles of your website are of help in doing this, provided they are used judiciously and thoughtfully.

Content Marketing Design 

What is Content Marketing

As things stand, the design is an integral part of the content. It should be remembered that design has science backing it up, which makes the art behind it all the more effective. The importance of psychology, design, and strategic principles in the content are due to the following:

·         Human Emotion – Good understanding of basic design psychology and its principles help to connect if not evoke human emotions. Designers need to know the subconscious connotations of common design elements like color, font, shapes and so on, and so forth. It is worthwhile to mention in this context color has an influence on 90% of judgments we conduct at a subconscious level. Once you have sorted out the emotion issue in your favor you can then engage with the user’s intellect.

·         Functionality – Design helps in the organization of the content thereby contributing to the UX. The task of design does not end with simply connecting with the user but also leverage the cues and behavior of human beings in order to engage and entertain the user.

Design in Social Media 

Social Media Marketing

Social media is flooded with posts of all sorts demanding to get your attention. But the fact remains that almost 90% of such posts do not evoke any reaction or engagement at all. People simply scroll through them. The remaining 10% that you do take note of are more often than not accompanied by an attractive design or image, which makes it eminently shareworthy. Considering that the overwhelming 93% of brands use social media to market their products, the design is what separates the successful and failed. However, social media design needs to have the following characteristics:

Engrossing – People have minimal attention spans while they are on social media. You need to catch people’s attention with the first look.

Being Remembered – The design should be memorable and relatable in order to get engagement and shares and even a place in the user’s memory.

Positive Brand Recognition – Good designs help in creating a positive impression of brands and their recognition.

Designer Needs Insight – Graphics professionals need to understand the thinking of the client and their audience in order to come up with attractive and engaging graphics.

Design Conveys Brand Value, Vision, and Culture – Designers through their exceptional work are able to properly convey company values, culture and vision.

We hope that this rather detailed description of exactly how valuable design is to marketing will aid you in understanding the subject better. If you are the hands-on kind of student who would rather get his hands dirty with work than go through books, college papers help is what you definitely need!

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