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The 5 Worst Mistakes for Beginners in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most attractive and comfortable ways to earn money by promoting and selling products. Not all niches work and you have to know how to do it well to make money this way. It is a form of marketing that allows the merchant to earn money through commissions. What you should do is to advertise and thus get the sale of products created by a company or person, which you must pay to the seller every time they receive a new customer from the affiliated seller.

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In short, if you have a wide portfolio of clients and skills to sell, you can promote the products using these same skills to your recurring customers, for this you can use a personal blog, or an email marketing campaign , it is the best way to get customers in a comfortable and fast way, and best of all, every time a person who is sent to the seller’s website through the personal blog ends up buying the product, a sales commission is earned , all explained comfortably from a page and without investment from you.

Many times it is not easy to earn money in this way, because in affiliate marketing the competition is wide, but it is nothing that cannot be controlled by applying good marketing techniques, and as already mentioned above, it is a of potentially more attractive sources of income if it can be done well.

Most, if not everyone, likes to earn money and enjoy working on this system, but even so, when they are laying the groundwork for a campaign, you have to do a thorough job to place the product attractive to buyers, and one hopes to see justified the hours of work that are invested to obtain a good economic performance of the activity. It is counterproductive for oneself to launch without having some knowledge of this system.

A strategy where company, affiliate and customer win

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

What companies are looking for with affiliate marketing is basically to get customers without investing some type of resources in marketing, the only resource has been to pay a third party a commission to get this to get a customer for the company. The customer who is buying the product or service is usually pleased and excited because a person directly explains all the benefits of acquiring it and knows that it meets their needs, apart from the fact that he will use it because it satisfies a wish he has had . The customer also has the satisfaction that he has saved time and money by looking for a service he needed. Finally, the seller for his part is equally happy because he has earned money without making any monetary investment.

When analyzing all of the above, it can be seen that in affiliate marketing everyone wins in one way or another, both the company that created the product, as well as the seller and the customer who bought that product because it meets a need. Finally, it should be mentioned that for the seller, having successful sales creates confidence in future buyers and these positive ratings will eventually attract more customers to your business.

Advantages of affiliate marketing

The great advantage offered by affiliate marketing, as mentioned above is that the seller does not have to invest any time in the creation of products to sell, nor monetary investments, nor support customers, since the support It is provided directly to the customer once the product is purchased. It is much more efficient than multilevel advertising, since here the company pays only when it manages to have an uptake, that is, in affiliate marketing what really counts is when the customer makes the purchase of a product or service. Finally for the seller, affiliate marketing allows you to generate zero risk income and all this with an external sales force and no monetary investment.

The Worst Mistakes in Affiliate Marketing


But this great strategy is often misunderstood, therefore many beginners make unnecessary mistakes, which lead to failure. Today I’m going to talk about the biggest affiliate mistakes you’ve probably made or are making and it’s best to stop now if you want to succeed in Digital Marketing.

1 – Wrong niche.

There are the 3 biggest niches in the market that is about making money, health / beauty and weight loss, but the problem is that people get stuck in it. The beginning affiliates want to work in the best selling niches, but it is not something they like to talk about or study about it and all this is to sell faster and this is totally wrong. You have to work with what you like, every niche sells, as long as you do it for clear pleasure. If you like “baby world”, it’s recommended to deal with disposable changing pads, for example.

2- Don’t just think about selling, selling and selling.

That’s right, don’t be trying to sell. The beginners, want to get and keep pushing the link, on instagram, facebook, youtube, in several places, it starts to get boring, and you will start receiving several criticisms. Then start creating valuable content, with no intention of selling. When the person sees that you helped them, they will ask for the link and buy you a course, not only because of the authority, but also because of the reciprocity that you generated in them.

3 – Do not advertise the product

In short, do not advertise the product, but rather the transformation it gives. The person doesn’t care about the 21-day diet, the 17-day diet, the 5-day diet. What she wants is to get to college and get attention because of her body. She wants to get home and feel desired by her husband, that’s what she wants, so when you go to promote a product, promote the transformation.

4 – Jump from branch to branch

This mistake I made a lot, I acquired more than 8 courses, and it never had results, because I was jumping from branch to branch. When you buy a course stay on it. You will see people who earn more than 100 thousand in paid traffic and will want to go to paid traffic, you will see that there are people who earn more than 50 thousand with youtube, they will want to go to youtube. And in the end there will be nothing, for jumping from branch to branch. Choose a method and follow it to the end.

5 – Know your product

You need to study the product you are promoting, as your product offers a transformation. And if you don’t know what transformation this product offers, it will be much more difficult to convert into sales. If you don’t know anything about the product. And if the person has any doubts about the product and you do not know how to resolve that doubt, you will lose the sale.

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