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The 10 Major Affiliate Marketing Tips to Build a Profitable Business

Entrepreneurs who reach the point where their business is thriving soon come to the realization that there’s more that they can do to step up their game. ‘Sky is the limit’, as they say – rightly so, as there are so many avenues to take one’s business to the next level and affiliate marketing is one of them. It is essentially a way by which you can complement your already established business and make it grow further. Clever, right? It’s a smart way to earn more money in the form of an additional income stream.

So, what is affiliate marketing?


We commonly hear this term in the realm of online marketing, but what does it really mean? Well, it can be understood as a form of a sales tactic utilized by a business or product owner to boost their sales by allowing authorized people or companies to market their products or services. These authorized people are called ‘affiliates’, and they earn their income by recommending the product to other people. So, they don’t even need to have their own product in order to be able to start earning; a sale occurring as a result of a product of someone else referred by them earns them a commission.

In other words, affiliate marketing is based on earning money in exchange for promoting and generating sales or leads for another business. The commission can be in the form of a fixed cost or a percentage of the sale that happens. Affiliate marketing is in itself a huge industry that is estimated to reach the worth of $6.8 billion by 2020. Professionals belonging to the field – freelancers, webmasters, managers, etc. use different tools and strategies to promote products and increase sales.

This business model offers a win-win situation for both business owners and affiliates, which is the reason for its popularity. With time, more marketers and companies are gravitating towards this industry due to its incredible benefits. However, gaining trust is at the core of this business model and it takes some honest hard work to build that trust. Furthermore, any product that interests you doesn’t automatically make you a good affiliate marketer straight away. You need to know how things work in the industry and what methods bring about great success.

Affiliate Marketing Tips to Build a Profitable Business


Let’s take a look at the top tips to make the best out of affiliate marketing.

Know who your audience is

Identifying the audience whom you want to address is a key step in affiliate marketing. When you know who you’re reaching out to, you’ll prioritize your marketing efforts in a way that corresponds to the needs of your audience. ‘How to figure this out?’, you might be wondering. The rule is simple – you’re going in the right direction when you’re sure about what it is that you’re offering, that will make your audience visit your website, follow you on social media, or subscribe to your newsletter. You need to be able to provide them with what they’re looking for earnestly. Simply put, your affiliate products should offer a solution to the problems faced by your audience.

Target Audience

If you’re writing about home cleaning or décor, your affiliate ads must be relevant to the topic, for instance, you could put up rug cleaning Chislehurstads to complement your content. This is what value-added content is all about – you educate your target audience while providing them with options that will help them solve a problem.

Additionally, knowing your audience also guides you to the most appropriate marketing and advertising channels to promote your products to a larger number of potential customers. You can make the best use of demographics and other information to market your products online. The more the number of visitors to your website, the greater the chances of conversions, and your marketing channel plays a vital role in this process.

Offer value

This cannot be emphasized enough; think for a moment – will it be worthwhile to create content that’s available all over the place as well, or put out affiliate links without even caring if your content provides any value whatsoever, just for the sake of advertising? Consider both these aspects while you’re putting in the effort.

Make your content unique, informative, and useful so that your audience is hooked to it and they can actually see your genuineness in catering to their problems. For instance, instead of just listing out a number of books, you could write a detailed book review so that the readers know what’s in it that they will be drawn to, and decide for themselves if it’s for them or not. A great review along with an affiliate ad will have a different impact altogether. This will also make you “deserve” a commission if a sale occurs because of your review, or testimonial.

Build trust

Affiliate marketing is not about promoting products or services straight up to anyone through any means. It takes time and technique to earn a reputation among people so that they will turn to you any time they are looking for some genuine information or to make a recommendation to someone else. Remember that people are clever and they can see through things in most cases.

Increasing Trust

Throwing out ads without any connection to the main content is harmful to the visitors’ experience. In fact, this can turn out to be a reason for them losing their interest and exiting soon. If your visitors figure out too many ads or promotion of low-quality products and services by you, this can be a huge turn off for them and a cause of decreased chances of a sale, let alone repeat sales.

Always give priority to earning your visitors’ trust, whether it’s through transparency and openness about your affiliate relationships with vendors, or promoting products of high value. This is how you’ll be able to secure your position with your target audience and build a bond that will immensely benefit you in the long run.

Be open about your affiliate connections

Talking about transparency and honesty, it’s highly recommended that you not only be honest in terms of the products and the value they offer but also about whose products you’re promoting. This is something that is ethically correct and can earn you the respect of your readers by clearing your position in every manner. When you’re completely open about your affiliate relationships, your readers will have no reason to bypass your link and make a purchase through another channel. Thus, you will become the point of sales.

Additionally, you can amp up your position by offering a bonus or an incentive for using your referral links. This will make you stand out among other competing affiliates and attract more people to make purchases directly from you because of the added benefit.

Leverage software tools

Any marketing strategy needs the right tools to actually produce the planned results. Analytical tools for an affiliate marketer are as important as construction tools for a construction worker. You need to have the right sense of which tools to use that will give you maximum efficiency. These online tools will be your saviors as they will help you manage and monitor your entire work performance, from workflow automation to results evaluation. Thus, you need to have a good affiliate marketing website, and you can use tools such as Thirsty Affiliates, Google Analytics, Buzzsumo SemRush, and other relevant software for your marketing endeavors.

Choose the products wisely

Another point that deserves your attention is the choice of products or services across the affiliate marketing programs, which your readers will be interested in. Take your time to select relevant products or services, and then work on the ads to make them the most effective. Figuring out what works best in terms of using the ads might take some time, but you should not be hurrying through this step. In case you’re allowed by the vendor to create new ads, you can play around and see what gives you the best results. If ads are provided by the vendor himself, you can still test to see which ones are the most effective.

Free Leads

Apart from this, there are a few more handy tips to follow regarding the choice of products. The first one is to promote information products, i.e. those which give information about something, e.g. the ‘how-tos’. These not only have higher conversion rates but offer higher price rates as well. Secondly, the choice of other high-priced products and those that are renewed on a monthly basis will also result in giving higher rates and the benefit of recurring sales and hence, a more stable income.

Test different programs

All affiliate programs are not the same, and it’s up to you to track down the ones which your audience will attract towards the most. Try out different programs to see which ones offer better marketing materials, payment structures, payout, and more flexibility in terms of the different ad units available. Your goal is to maximize your conversions and sales, and you must find the right programs that help you achieve this goal.

As you progress and become better at your game, do not hesitate to demand higher payouts, in return for the consistent and a higher sales occurring through you. Keep enhancing your portfolio by adding new tested products and services to it in order to stand out.

Use Premium Hosting

As an affiliate marketer, your website should be supported by a premium hosting service rather than free hosting. A decent premium hosting service will guarantee a great uptime, fast loading speed, appropriate bandwidth, website security, as well as dependable technical support.

Reliable WordPress Web Hosting

All these features will add up to give you an excellent website that performs well overall is optimized for maximum conversions. In this way, you’ll be able to successfully run your campaign on your website leading to a successful affiliate marketing endeavor.

Write great content

Content is undoubtedly the most critical ingredient on your website, so it only makes sense to create the most high-quality content which is timeless as well. Considering both these aspects while writing content will secure your standing among others. High-quality content results from thought and care put in while writing it – the principles of uniqueness, usefulness, and ease of understanding all come under this umbrella.

What is Content Marketing

Timeless content means that it’s evergreen – provides value at any point in time for anyone who’s searching for information. Now, there are ways by which you can render your content timeless, for instance, by inserting links in your old articles to the new ones. Another way is to remove dates from your articles, for if they’re relevant at a later point in time, there will be nothing indicating that they are old or outdated.

Be patient

Finally, bear in mind that affiliate marketing isn’t something that will start generating the revenue you’re expecting overnight. Just like any other business, this also requires time to build up. A lot of people end up losing hope and not even trying, or giving up earlier on as their expectations are not met in a timeframe that they desire.  However, patience is the key here. You need to try different affiliate programs and figure out what brings the best outcome for you. A program that offers lifetime payouts or by focusing on continuity products as mentioned earlier will eventually start giving you an immense benefit, but you’ll have to wait for the good days to come.

An important thing to note is that you can save your time and energy by implementing tested affiliate marketing methods by other marketers which gave them results and made them successful. The bottom line – keep doing your part by continuously adding more valuable content and promoting your products, give it a few months to a year, and you’ll start reaping the benefits in due course.

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