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5 New Strategies to Increase Website Traffic in 2020

Increasing website traffic can be a rather challenging task, especially in 2020 when the competition is so high. More and more new websites are being created every second, so you need to make sure you are using appropriate strategies to stay relevant and attract visitors to your platform. Here are some of the best and the most effective strategies up to date!

Website Traffic Strategies

#1 Start a Blog

One of the most effective strategies for increasing website traffic that stay relevant in 2020 is adding a blog to your website. This is important because it allows you to diversify the content you post and significantly increase the amount of it. With a website that does not have a blog, you will only get that many visits due to the lack of updates. If you do have a blog, however, you can significantly improve your performance by sticking to posting regularly. 

Write Guest Posts for Other Blogs

The first way in which you can increase website traffic in 2020 is by writing guest posts for other blogs. While it may sound counter-logical, after all, you are producing content for someone else as opposed to developing your website, in reality, you are actually doing yourself a massive favor by submitting your entries.

First of all, if you want to approach the process responsibly and wisely, you need to keep your goal in mind. You should aim at well-known and widely-recognized websites that already get a lot of traffic so that they could help you with increasing yours. What you want to receive is getting the blogger’s audience to follow through to check out your website. 

Increase Web Traffic Blog

This is only possible if you turn for help to the platforms that allow its guest authors to link to their websites and include promotional links in the bio. Unless a platform meets this requirement, you do not want to be writing for it. After all, the goal is to promote link building. 

Secondly, you also need to optimize your guest blogging articles to fit in with your own content that you post on your website. Perhaps, use the same keywords so that people interested in the matter could find your website when they look it up online. 

Benefit from Accepting Guest Post Submissions

If you do start a blog, you should also allow other creators to make contributions to it and enable the guest posting option. If you organize it effectively, both you and your guest posters will benefit from it. This is, indeed, an amazing way of generating traffic on your website since you are filling it with high-quality content that is coming consistently.

Furthermore, you also get backlinks from the guest authors who are likely to share their posts on their social media pages or reference you on their personal blogs. If the author is the niche influencer, you will get extra points in the form of an extreme increase in traffic!

#2 Create Free Tools On Your Website

free online tools for traffic

Another strategy that can be of great use when trying to generate more traffic on your website, is making sure that your platform is useful! People love free tools and are often searching for stuff like that online. If you develop a fun and useful feature that would be of great help to people interested in obtaining particular results, you will get a lot of visitors in no time.

After all, if your tool is genuinely unique and can be used by a wide range of people, it will get viral really soon as people will start sharing it online. Profit!

#3 Work On Your Search Engine Optimization 

SEO Website Traffic Strategy

SEO as a strategy for traffic increase is a rather controversial topic for a lot of specialists since some believe that it is outdated and cannot create natural traffic in 2020. However, statistics prove the contrary: when done correctly, SEO can boost your website’s performance and put your traffic levels through the roof. You do, however, need to follow some rules to ensure your SEO is effective. 

Consider Increasing Your Use of Long-Tail Keywords

One of the things that are rather tempting is going for short keywords that are searched for often. While that will definitely bring you some traffic, it is fair to claim that those are not the most effective in terms of generating useful traffic. You want to make sure that your website fits the visitor’s requirements so that they would stay there and decrease your bounce rates. In order to do that, you need to be specific in identifying and using your keywords. A good way of doing that would be incorporating some local tags etc.

Longtail Keyword Research Tool

Ensure Your Content Is of the Highest Quality Possible

Even though machines cannot actually read the content you post, they can assess the quality is based on a series of other factors. Here are some of the attributes to take into consideration:

  • Keep Length in Mind
  • Update Your Content Regularly
  • Internal Link Building Important

Stay Human

Do not forget that Google and other search engines are not the biggest fans of websites with unnatural SEO and often put them into shadow ban upon identification. Hence, in order to stay relevant and push your ranking, you need to ensure in the first place you are writing for humans and not for the machines. 

#4 Improve Your Online Presence and Establish Meaningful Relationships with Your Target Audience

Draw In Traffic from Social Media

Social media marketing is known to be the world’s largest generator of online traffic. The reason for this is the truly immense number of people who use it on a regular basis.  In fact, there are over 3.4 billion active users of various social media platforms at the moment, and this figure only continues to rise.

On average, people around the world dedicate at least two and a half hours a day to scrolling down their social media feeds, updating their profiles, liking, commenting and sharing posts, and messaging each other. Granted that this is just the average amount of time spent online, you can predict that actually some people are glued to their phone refreshing the social media pages for even longer than that. This is why one of the most effective strategies for increasing website traffic in 2020 would be taking advantage of the universal active usage of social media platforms and utilizing them for your benefit.

There are several ways in which you can use social media platforms for attracting more visitors to your website but all of them include improving your online presence in one way or another.

In order to use social media for your own benefit and subtly pushing people towards the idea that your website is worth checking out, you need to establish an internet persona that would be not only active but also helpful online. This implies that you have to engage with the target audience consistently. 

To do that, you need to set up a profile that would be linked with your website and reflect on its main activities. One of the first things to keep in mind is ensuring that you follow all the rules of SEO when setting up a profile and include relevant keywords to your description box. This would help your target audience identify you quicker and more effectively. Moreover, mentioning your website in your social media profile bio by inserting a direct link to the site will significantly improve your website’s ranking. From there, you can start carrying out the essential activities aimed at multiplying the traffic. 

The next big thing you would want to do is start communicating with your target audience. In order to raise brand awareness and attract visitors to check out your page (and, subsequently, your website if they find your profile interesting and informative enough), you should maintain continuous engagement with them and be proactive in establishing and increasing your brand value. What you want to receive from these actions is for your target audience to always remember about you and your website and link it whenever an opportunity arises. You need to become their first option when a question pops into their mind. 

According to the statistics, only 11% of customers actually hear back from the brands on social media, so you engaging in conversations and actively replying to all the quests can make your brand (and therefore your website) really stand out among the competitors. Having a good reputation and being known as a responsive user, you can get a lot of traffic to your website. So, get down to communicating with your target audience! 

Even if you are not receiving any direct questions under your posts in the comments section or direct messages, you can be proactive and spur conversations elsewhere. Some of the best ways to tackle this include:

Participating in Twitter chats

This tip is particularly useful if your website is dedicated to a single topic or operates in a specific niche. Twitter is one of the easiest ways to get attention and therefore engender traffic. All you need to do is search [NICHE + “twitter chats”]. 

Twitter for Traffic

A simple search engine request will give you a couple of good options, to begin with. Once you have familiarized yourself with those, you might want to dig even deeper and go on Twitter independently. Fortunately, Twitter is very well-suited for occasions like this and allows users to follow certain trends and topics to keep a close eye on what interests them. Subscribe to the topics that are relevant to you and the niche your website operates in, and monitor chats that are happening in real-time within this niche. If you come across a question that you can answer or simply have something to say and therefore can make a valuable contribution, go ahead and jump straight into the conversation. All the participants will be impressed by your authority and will not hesitate to check out your profile and your website. 

Discovering People’s Opinions on Your Website Online

Another thing that you can do on social media platforms is tracking what people have to say about you. Not only that is a nice gesture as customers appreciate two-way communications with brands, but it can also spur some interest in your website and generate increased linking to your platform, which in turn will increase traffic. If you manage to make your responses good (that consists of helpful, funny and witty, and timely), you are likely to gain recognition from other people on the social media platform who would want to get a response for you and will tag you.

Search for Relevant Hashtags 

This tip is similar to the one about participating in chats, but rather includes hashtag search. By exploring the hashtags that are relevant to your niche and are trending at the moment, you will be able to find the most recent posts and partake in the discussion of actual problems. 

Besides, by incorporating hashtags into your posts, you may increase the number of views your posts get and therefore accumulate better levels of engagement with your content. From there, just speaking statistically, the number of people to find your content interesting and following your website will increase. 

Make Contributions to Forums

At last but not at least, go on Reddit and Quora, and other similar platforms where people can answer questions of other users. Usually, those are full of questions that need to be acknowledged, and it can be your time to shine. You can link your website in your answers, and that will definitely improve your traffic. Besides, it could help with link building, too!

Quora For Website Traffic

Another thing that you could use social media for is to inform your followers about your website updates and share your content with them! After all, this is exactly what they expect to see when they are subscribing to your social media profiles. 

Do Not Hesitate to Double-Post

One of the first things to mention is that double posting is something that you should embrace and not avoid. While it does sound slightly weird, not a lot of people are confident with posting their content multiple times since they are scared they could come across as annoying and lose followers from that. 

Nonetheless, there is evidence to suggest that sharing links to your website content several times can have a significant positive effect on your website traffic. While sharing mention of the update draws in fewer visitors than the first one, the cumulative amount of three posts get more than twice the initial traffic generated. Besides, content shared more than once has higher chances of going viral. Then, everyone will find out about your website and look you up on the internet. 

However, there are a couple of rules to remember if you decide to take on the double-posting trend and get down to promoting your content on social media. It is important that you do everything possible to make your double-posting (or multiple posting as a matter of fact) comes across as natural and not forced. While you are, indeed, doing a favor to both yourself (by increasing your website traffic and generating leads) and your readers.

  1. Develop a robust posting strategy. You need to analyze when your target audience is the most active online and adjust your posting times accordingly. Moreover, you need to decide what to post when and on which platform. 
  2. Never post the same message twice. While you are encouraged to post multiple times, you need to slightly alter the form of your post while still keeping the link. For instance, you can ask your followers a question, cite a fact, or share a quote. 

#5 Encourage Your Audience to Stay in Touch with You and Your Website 

If your website is a marketplace, it is important that you communicate with your target audience even after they have completed a purchase. First of all, sending them an email will remind them of you and show them that you really do appreciate them spending their time on your website. 

Furthermore, if you ask them to leave a short review or even just give you a rating, it will further increase your online presence — people are more interested in the websites that have a good rating as they view those as more legitimate and trustworthy. Hence, more people will visit your website. 

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