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6 Key Strategies to Boost Customer Experience

Why is customer experience significant?

  • Accelerates customer contentment
  • Drives customer reliability
  • “Only 1/26 unsatisfied customers complain. The rest agitate”- ThinkJar 2015
  • Produces a competitive gain

ISPs along with essential service providers and medical professionals are in the spotlight for their valuable services during this global pandemic. Besides all the facilities around, customer service departments are still assisting us from the frontline and that too without reducing their usual work hours i.e. 24×7.


I had a chance to speak with Spectrum internet customer service and some other CS reps for placing an order and getting some things done, just to realize how crucial their jobs are. In this article, we are going to discuss some basic yet Key Strategies to Boost Customer Experience in detail. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Pay attention

Paying attention to our customers is vital! How can businesses devise effective strategies if they never learn how their consumers feel and unless they learn what they have to say? With progressively more people rotating to social media whenever they have to request for information or objection, it’s crucial that you are watching not just the contact forms and emails but our official social media also, and of course mentions and hashtags.

80% of customers anticipate a response before the completion of 24 hours against their social media queries or concerns.

media monitoring tools

Using a tool for media monitoring, businesses can speedily scrutinize over millions of social media posts and news stories to track what is being assumed about their business. This is predominantly necessary to upsurge customer contentment. For instance, if you don’t recognize a bad statement until it gets viral, it can be unduly late to avert a PR disaster of the brand itself. Moreover, customers are getting more challenging concerning the response time of their interrogations and issues.

Media monitoring facilitates us to have a track of everything that is connected with our brand, opponents, and market without any delay. You can then examine these statistics and make obligatory modifications to the customer experience plan.

Businesses should also frequently request reviews from their clientele.

2. Analyze the Data

Analyzing all the data from social media buzz and customer surveys will be able to indicate whether the consumers are satisfied or not. You can also get a media monitoring tool to recognize, 1) sentimentality of your brand (and maybe it has transformed), 2) the most shared bad talked about opinions, 3) how the contributors are feeling through a customer experience viewpoint.

3. Responsive Engagement

Openly complaining at social media has emerged as just a common or standard practice for dissatisfied consumers. These objections now and then go viral which could be harmful to your brand’s credibility. Responding fast to customer inquiries and issues can help increase customer satisfaction rates. Media monitoring aids the business to stay over their social media activities.

Customer Engagement 2

4. Tactical Engagement

Some unsatisfied customers may not directly complain to the company. You can boost the customer experience by carrying some proactive engagement with existing and potential customers. Through media monitoring, you would be able to recognize the issue before the customer objects. For instance, examining keywords linked to the products, industry, and brand facilitates to discover customers despite the fact they might not have stated ‘@ mentioned’ you.

One method through which you should proactively engage could be by tracking the competitors. If somebody is complaining something about the competitor, we should ensure our customer experience policy is further competitive by reducing strategies that are instigating our competitor client’s anguish.

5. Personalization

Make sure your consumers feel like the persons that they are; Nike is one of the market’s role models in terms of offering a personalized service. Thus, whichever service or product you deal with as a brand, here are means to personalize the client experience.



  • Clothing brand selling custom-made articles
  • Airline offering food menu tailor-made to people likes and dislikes.
  • Trip providers giving personalized schedules
  • B2B Company sending a personalized promotional email
  • Streaming service delivering personalized movie or song endorsements
  • Social media platforms functioning the algorithm centered on with whom the person most links.

6. Innovation

The newness with the customer-centric emphasis keeping in adherence is a good way to expand the customer experience. Request feedback about the sold products or services along with some ideas for approaches to update your products. Utilize social observation to stay informed with the most recent offers from your opponents. Always reflect on how you will be able to create your clients’ lives stress-free. Amazon extraordinarily ensures this, for instance, they have assessed the in-demand trend by giving the same or next day delivery. Getting approaches to create your client’s life comfortable or more valuable, will lift their general experience.

Final thoughts:

Acquiring premium tools and increasing the headcount of team members may appear a solution but most of the time the solution is just around the corner. Here, while looking for a solution or improvement strategy, the solution is usually concealed within the picture– you just have to decide it before hiring experts. It will even allow you to work effectively and get the maximum out of the premium tools and hired staff.

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