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Social Media Marketing: All you need to know

Digital marketing is the use of different ways to reach customer, e.g. through brochures, leaflets, ads, social media presence and others. Digital marketing has proved to be one of the best and the most effective way to gain a customer or to retain an old customer.

Digital marketing can be divided into two types online and offline channels. Offline channels are the traditional methods, i.e. Tv ads, pamphlets, leaflets and billboards. The online side of digital marketing is all dependent on the internet, i.e. Social media marketing, and online ads, e.g. AdSense with Google that displays your ads on Google Search Results Pagers (SERPs) and YouTube videos.

Social media marketing is a modern approach to digital marketing. Social media presence is not enough. Social media marketing is the tool that helps businesses reach to wider audience and customer base. Social media marketing can help you gain a loyal customer base as virtually every person has a social media presence and this is the quickest way to gain customers attention especially it’s even easier with the correct approach and message.

Here is a small list of benefits the digital marketing has to offer:

1. Enhanced reach to a wider audience

2. Cost-effective marketing with real-time ROI

3. Better customer relations leading to loyal customer base

4. A great tool to build brand image and brand loyalty

Social media as a digital marketing tool

Social media has shown explosive growth over the last decade which has changed the way people communicate everyday tasks and so businesses have used this opportunity as well to cater to their customers and communicate their message, vision and mission with the customers. Social media is a great way to add value to their marketing operations as so many businesses building a brand identity and image has been a slow process. Social media can help you jumpstart your brand.

Digital Marketing Tools

Customization options over social media have allowed for businesses to set themes for their social media marketing campaigns which brings a little colour into the picture. Social media is the best way to create an Omni channel marketing approach that makes sure that all the messages across different social media platforms are aligned.

Real social media presence and marketing make sure that your real identity does not get diminished by a fake aspirant. Companies have discovered a completely new way to showcase their products e.g. Porsche released a snit bit for their newest Taycan on Instagram so only the hardcore Porsche followers would know that there is indeed a product in development or testing phase etc.

Social media has helped companies discover a more lenient or an informal relationship with the customers that makes them feel a lot more respected and appreciated, which often leads to the customer becoming a returning customer.

To start with social media marketing first thing is to start with a plan

Plan your social media campaign before starting with the actual campaign in any way. Having a locked vision insight will help you make a careful decision on time so that your social media campaign may prevail. Make sure that your business plan and the campaign are aligned in terms of objectives. Make sure it S.M.A.R.T. are the goals so that you’re safe from misalignment or unnecessary expenses. The first thing is to establish the objectives of the social media campaign.

Know your audience

Make an ideal customer in your mind that should be consistent with every employee working for the company. Create an audience like that in your mind and herd them like sheep. By knowing who they are and what they are looking for, you can feed them exactly what they want or need. This is one of the most significant capabilities of online digital marketing channels. Just be careful and make sure there is sales potential, not just any idea, but what is needed and required by the consumer. Knowing your audience will give you the upper hand of providing them with what they require.

Know your audience

Use Facebook, Google and snapchat analytics to avoid assumptions at all. A clear cut answer based on facts is better than making up a lie to please yourself, it’s tempting everyone knows it all too well. Social media analytics is a tool for your help in finding exactly where there is a potential in the market so that a specific well-known market is tapped. Having insight will help your customize your strategy to better target and aim your campaign.

Keep your enemies closer than your customers

There is a high chance your rival business or competitors are using SSA just like you. A competition analysis is knowing who your competition and where they stand when compared to you. Be well aware of their newest schemes and tricks that they are using to gain market share. Make sure you can spot opportunities to increase your business and grow. Having this kind of edge over the competitor will help you dominate and flourish in the market.

Keeping auditing your social media campaign efforts

Use analytical tools to measure your accomplishments. Here are a few questions you must ask yourself:

What’s effective and what isn’t ?
Are people showing interest are the customers connecting with you over comments or like?
What platform is the majority of the audience using?
Does your social media presence compare with or excel your competition?
What sets you apart from your competitors?

Remember not to let imposters take attention away from you with aims of misleading one way to remedy this is by getting a verified account that these social media platforms provide to personnel and business.

Setup account or improving already existing account profile

Determine your strong foothold companies use multi-channel marketing; however, you could specialize on a particular platform like Instagram and maintain a mere presence on other platforms like Facebook.

Using the right method of reaching the customer is essential, e.g. if you are a FMCG business and a are thinking about advertising and campaigning through email then you are wrong Facebook and Instagram outdo what email was capable of.

You can do completely different things on both the platforms but only things that will help bring more customers attention and sales. Companies use Facebook to present new ideas and future promises and promotion, whereas Instagram can be used solely for the promotion and sharing reasons.

You can create business profiles on networks like:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Snapchat
  5. LinkedIn
  6. YouTube
  7. WhatsApp
  8. Pinterest

Once you have decided which platforms to work on it’s time to align or create a profile is there isn’t one yet.

Use keywords and Search engines
• Use color schemes that are inbuilt into your business
• Advertise correct images that are attractive
• Be repetitive but don’t push your luck too far
• Create a personality and be engaging with the customer
• Create a common ground for the customer to build interest in

Inspire and Aspire

Draw out your big picture and find inspiration before leading on with it. And find what’s more important to your business and what do you specialize it. Find what can you inspire and how you can inspire the people who look up to your business. Give them exactly what they are asking for and give it to them even more. This can be where you hold your specialization as a business and dominate competitors.

Be engaging with followers and consumers. Talk to them, get their feedback on each campaign or a post online on Facebook or Instagram. This will also make an impression as if you are looking to cater to the customer needs and want their help. You are creating a bond.

Consumers find inspiration in your advertising content that should be your aim to give the customer common ground to connect on. Learn about their behaviour and explore find the sweet spot. Follow up with more exciting content that is well received. Don’t try to include too many types of content just choose one and focus on their behaviour.

Create a social media content plan

Sharing the content on a specific routine and make sure that routine revolves around keeping the customer interested even more. Think of this plan as the means of managing the time that is being given by the company to the customer, i.e. customer engagement.

The calendar must consist of a posting timetable and create a content mix i.e. don’t only post pictures and quotes but rather interesting GIFs and short videos that can either be a snit bit of the actual video that is longer on YouTube or Google Videos.

Test, analyze and customize your strategy

Don’t be afraid to make small or big changes to your strategy. The new technology has seen quicker trend changes that could require a business to change their immediate stance as it is the most important part of the campaign. Whatever happens, just make sure that your campaign objectives and business core values correlate.

Re-evaluate each test against the previous result and keep track of your data. This is crucial to make sure that whatever actions are being taken are taken for the right purpose. Make sure there is progress, but if chances seem slim to change, it around don’t be afraid to explore. You can use other methods to keep up with feedback and help make evaluation easier, e.g. surveys and one to one interviews. It can help get more information that could be beneath the surface that can improve sales or bring even brighter and better ideas. At times companies in the history have been able to create a fortune out of surveys, and qualitative details about the customer need and wants by framing the strategy accordingly to the right audience, thus fulfilling the market gap and ensuring dominance.

Use SEO and other helpful ways to create a better connection with customers here is a small list:



Chatbots are being used by more and more business to help a customer get immediate help without a delay where an autonomous bot software is used to make basic interaction till the problem of the customer is discovered, and then the customer is diverted to the customer care department for assistance from a live person. This helps save time and make productivity even better with 24 hours service that is always helpful.


SEO - Social Media

This is one the best ways to increase the discovery rate of your social platforms is by creating a web of words that can describe what your campaign and business stands for and or the name and logo and then creating a web of keywords that revolve around the noun or verb. These words can then be used as keywords that can be used to optimize the Search engine into showing and preferring your platform at the top of the search results on Google and similar search engine. This creates a high chance of being reachable which has proved to be very efficient and effective.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing for Social Media

One of the most important parts of social media advertising is to use modern methods of advertising, e.g. Google AdSense on YouTube videos. Which means that more and more people will get to watch your ads that can be skipped after a few seconds. This has proven to be very good for branding companies and other multinational corporations like Coca-Cola as well. In today’s world, video marketing requires thought of its own before it can be done as strategy beats chance and luck. So being creative in this field is very important as creativity, especially with the touch of common grounds with the customers. Create content that resonates and sit well with the consumer.

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