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A 10-Step SEO Plan to Boost Search Engine Ranking in 2019

As a digital marketer, your set of mind merely revolves around website on-page optimization, keywords targeting and ranking, use of the diverse range of SEO tools like MOZ, Ahref,… to get facts and figures of statistical and analytical marketing data. And, of course, it must be. But besides, there are most of the things that we miss out and that’s the reason why we are away from the desired SEO results.

SEO to Increase Traffic

As a professional digital marketer or SEO expert, you should keep yourself updated with the current SEO tricks, trends, and techniques. Here with this blog post, we will be discussing the most effective 10-Step SEO Plan to Boost Search Engine Ranking in 2019.

However, you have already read many SEO blogs, but here you will get something unique and extraordinarily advanced SEO tactics.  So just get ready to increase leads and high-quality website visits as well as page one ranking with amazing and quality content marketing strategies.

Think: What’s the SEO Really Mean?

If you search your query on Google, what do you expect to see there? You always expect to have the related results for what are you expecting for.  In case you wouldn’t find as you wish for, you will exit from there and search your query anywhere else.  That’s the exact mean of SEO.


SEO just doesn’t mean to get your website optimized and ranking of keywords, but it also requires to include in your website what’s your visitors looking for. A nice website content structure, convenient navigation, and fast page loading are the facts that provide the visitor with the best site visiting experiences. They will surely take interest to deeply go through your website products and services and convert into buyers.

Otherwise, on failing to find something better on your website, they leave without taking any extra bit of seconds.  Therefore the very first step is to think psychologically for how Google works and apply the same on your website.  Also, note down your competitors appearing at the top in relevant searches including your targeted keywords. This will help you to more understand your prospects and you can be able to effectively promote your data and content.

Step 1: First listen, then speak accordingly

“Listening is better than speaking to achieve success” is the well-known fact. The same is applied while you are indulging to promote your business products and services online.  Your primary focus is to deeply go through your customer’s state of mind.  Try to figure out what they are wishing to have and what they are expressing for your competitors’ products and services.

Advanced SEO Strategies 2019

It would help you to execute some vital modifications and to launch something big that your customer love to have.  Don’t forget to include the high search volume keywords alternatives. This would be the right turn for you to effectively promote or speak your business products and services.  To search these keywords, you can use premium SEO tools like SEMRush and MOZ tool. Both are the best places to get started with a free trial.  

Just convert your prospects as an excellent business resource for your customer and get superb ranking as an award from Google.

Step 2: Consider Content As a King!

Unique quality content with A+ grade readability score is capable to make your web assets highly popular on the World Wide Web. Google happily award higher ranking to website or blog having unique quality content with proper keywords optimization.

SEO and Content Marketing

Content can cover images, videos, how-to guides and articles,…etc. You should have a clear cut idea for your mission or objective before or while creating your content.

  • Include some questions and give the relevant answers for each. It would help you to make your content far better relevant and rich.
  • Make sure your content should be valuable and sharable for your readers.  Just focus to make your blog/website a good source of information what your visitors are seeking to go through.  
  • Use quality Image content. A quality image more probably can hold the visitor to read the content there rather than the 1000 words of quality content. Make sure Images are compressed and properly optimized with alt keyword tag.
  • Video content such as live chat is also the superfine idea to let your site visitors focused to listen to you. But here we again repeat our words that don’t be isolated from the objectives of your prospects.
  • Keep revisiting an refining your content to convert your progress into perfection.

Live chat is a fantastic method for a personal touch that takes your website to the next level and can hugely increase conversions; be sure to check out the a fantastic deal on the Logitech 980158-0403 Internet Chat Headset.

Content, as in the past, is not limited to only text.  Lots of content marketing opportunities are available in the form of video/audio files, how to guides, articles, PDF/PPT documentations, images and much more. All you need to do is just utilize your content marketing resources in an efficient and effective way.  

Free CRM for Small Business

Step 3: Give Your Website a Deep SEO Health Check Up

All your strategies will be going down if your website is not properly on-page optimized.  Your website must have equipped with all the necessary aspects that Google loves to look for.  The best part is that you can run a free website analysis by using diverse free tools like Woorank, ScreemingFrog and Hubspot’s Marketing Grader, GT Matrix, Pingdom…..etc and many more. 

SEO Website Health

Even you can also use Google Analytics and Google Page Speed Insights for free to run a complete website SEO health checkup and speed test analysis reports. 

Remove all the bugs and make your website properly Keywords optimized with Title, heading (H1, H2 tags), Image alt tags, meta tags and content with appropriate keywords density (2-3%), site map and social media inclusion, sitemap inclusion and convenient cross-linking,…. etc. All these basic SEO pillars must be there to make your website search engine friendly and optimized with better user experience.

Make sure, it’s not just one-time effort. You should keep running a regular SEO health checkup for your website. Many times you update or remove some of your products and pages but forgot to contact another website with the product link back to your own website. Most often it also becomes impossible to find out the broken or lost links within or other websites.  

Therefore, it’s necessary to use tools to get your website’s SEO health data and try to remove all the bugs manually. This will also protect you to lose ranking and visibility on the relevant SERPs.

Step 4: Backlink Quality Cross Check:

For every website to get high ranking and search engine visibility, it is vital to acquire backlinks from quality sources.  Hundred quality backlinks are far better and more profitable with comparison to thousands of irrelevant backlinks.

SEO Tips - Backlinks

Therefore, regular backlink quality cross-checks must be included in your SEO strategic planning. As per the Google Panda and recent Penguin updates, Google award those websites getting high-quality backlinks.  Therefore, it’s crystal clear that backlink quality is the fact to be concerned more than to be greedy for backlinks.

To find out the quality sources, you need to check the website linking to your competitors’ website. But it’s not merely the way to do so. Just keep passionate and head to perform the most effective Off-Page SEO tactics to keep your website updated and ranked at the top in SERPs.

Step 5: Keep Your Business Active Online:

Keep your business website link active and updated on diverse popular business listing sites.  Use Google My Business to list your business there with your website link, location and contact numbers. It would conveniently let your customers engaged with you.

Your business will appear at the top in SERPs on each relevant keywords search. This not only makes your brand website highly popular on the search engine, but also gets awarded by Google which in turn improves Domain Authority (DA) and ranking.

You can also attract many of your local site visitors to sell your business brand and services. Therefore, Go for it and list your business on quality directory listing and business listing sites for free.  You should also take time to get it done. Make sure for all possible opportunities to promote your business brand and services.  

Step 6: Get SSL Certificate (HTTPS):

internet business tips security

Your site visitors always feel free to go explore your products and services to buy if they find a secure website along with (Https) extension.

To get HTTPs you need to buy SSL certificate along with your domain name and hosting. Especially if you have an e-commerce website where you want to showcase your products and service to sell, SSL certificate is the primary need to make your business visible with high-level security.

Having an SSL certificate you can also protect your website from hackers and random virus attack that may lead to losing your website data.  SSL certificate ensures Google that your website is secure for the users to buy or sell their products and services with the standard level of safety and security.

Thus, your website gets a higher ranking, increase organic search visibility, reliability and authority on Google SERPs.

Step 7: Go Viral On Social Media Outlets:

For a business owner, it doesn’t matter you have large or small scale business, you need to be social. Your social presence let the users know more about you. The more you have visibility on social media, the more you can overcome traffic and generate leads with a higher conversion rate.

Social Media and SEO

You can also participate in forums to give exact answers or solutions to your questionnaires. The more you will be helpful for your targeted audiences, the more they will attract towards your website and the more you get organic searches.

Keep active on these social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn,…etc  and also Include your profile links to your website.  It will also help your site visitors to go through your social media profile which directly impacts on your website’s good SEO health.

Step 8:  Spend More Time to Promote:

Behind all SEO strategic planning, your primary aim is to promote your business products and services.  Therefore, rather more time spends on creating, you should focus enough marketing of business with an effective way.

Share more and more your blogs, press releases, articles via guest posting or blogging. Also, let the users share your content on numerous social media outlets.  Don’t forget to respond to other’s activities as well as like and share others post.  

This ensures your visibility on social media as well as high popularity on the search engine.  For quickly getting traffic with no time spend, you can establish and run pay per click (PPC) ads on Google. However, it wouldn’t be free.  But if your ads are properly optimized, you can get the best value of your investment on every single click.

Step 9: Progress Tracking and Analysis:

Tracking your SEO progress is also vital to know about the good and bad of your website.  Many quality measuring aspects are there to cross check whether they are working fine or not.

SEO Tracking Analysis

Run an efficient website audit to generate reports of Keywords Ranking, Organic Search Traffic, page visits from organic search, time spent and bounce rate, Backlink quality check, pages per session, page load the score, Mobile visibility score, conversions, domain and page authority score, social like and shares ROI and the most important customer retention rate.   

All these are a strong base of SEO. Therefore regular check on these aspects will motivate you every while you track and analyze SEO progress reports.  The diverse range of Pro SEO Audit Tools are also available such as MOZ, SEMRush, MajseticSEO Bulk Back Link checker,….etc and many more.      

Step 10: Have Passion & Be Positive

SEO is not the process that can show you expected results overnight. It’s a slow and continuous process. Also, it may vary what type of strategies are you executing and how do you execute your SEO plans.

Therefore, be positive and have passion. Note down everything you learn while executing SEO and keep yourself updated with all SEO updates.  


We Hope all these 10- Step SEO plans to boost search engine ranking in 2019 will greatly assist you. We are also waiting for your valuable feedback through the below comment section.

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