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7 Tips for Creating the Leading SEO Content

Well, when we speak of SEO content, we are exclusively talking about the awesome, authentic content that grabs the attention of the reader. Why the attention of the reader so important for SEO? Well, the algorithm of the world’s most popular search engine is all about the solutions it provides to the searches and it should be worth reading.

So, there is too much hullabaloo about getting the right content to grab attention.

SEO Content Marketing

Without the perfect content, the entire marketing plan can fall like a pile of cards as the digital space is the place where everyone wants to get the right ranking and what decides the ranking- well, it is the information rich content which is published by the website and helps the search crawlers to figure out the authenticity of the site.

So, the noise for the content is correct and well deserved.

Why content writing so important for SEO

The content has to be optimized for the readers as well as for the search engines. The keywords have to be placed or arranged methodically so that they should not appear influential or imposed in the content.

The content has to match the search query so that it is generated as a result in the top ranking.

You need to know about the best home cooked food available near your office and for this you type, the “best home cooked food near me”, or the “best food delivered”.

The moment you type them, there are suggestions and you pick the best one which is able to convince you about their services and products.


Now, the vendors publish their content regularly and keep their website updated. ‘

The search crawlers look for them and if they match your requirement, they give them the ranking.

This is how content helps you get the right ranking in the search results. Content is therefore not to be missed or ignored, the right one can change the game completely for you.

This is the reason why content is so important for SEO.

Few indicators for writing content for SEO

There is no rule book to follow for writing content, but the only necessary thing is that it has to be information rich and without any plagiarized or copied stuff. It is a sin to publish imitative stuff in the digital platform and the sites doing so get immediately banned for this offense.

Next, an important thing for writing content is social validation and it comes only with quality content. Great content delivers value and when it spreads through social media and networking, Google sees it as a validation point and so the search crawlers approves it and takes these actions as social validation point.

keywords and seo

Know your content

There can be content for various purposes, it can be blogs, articles, press releases, emails, messages’ and so on. But all the categories have different requirements and the writer must know them well. there is an SEO angle as well in some of the content.

Some contents are exclusively written for social media and other networking sites.

This wide variety of content sometimes is confusing for the writer and they forget the reason for the content. We here would like to discuss how to write the perfect content and mostly the SEO content as it is the spine for digital marketing.

Don’t for SEO Content

  • Do not write copied or plagiarized content; it is a serious offense and the site can be penalized for this.
  • Do not stuff or over load keywords as this appears as there is the motive to manipulate the search results.
  • The content should not have any grammatical error or any serious errors,
  • The quality should be high and not at all compromised.

Do’s for leading SEO content

  • Include valid data and information
  • Try to write in the first-person tone
  • Plan for good formatting
  • Develop the art of story-telling and make the read interesting

7 Tips to create SEO-friendly content

  1. Structure Your Post

Headings and paragraphs, bullet points, bold words and phrases are great contributors in creating good SEO content. This adds structure to your content. Without a structure, the flow of content is not understood by the reader and they get bored with the long, never- ending words.

Adding these features make the read interesting and also kills the monotony of the content.

seo website structure

  1. Include Links

The SEO content is written with a purpose, and the most common reason is that it needs the reader to be directed to the website or the business.

Including links in the content navigate the reader to your website. Even the internal links are very useful and allow the reader to navigate the website precisely.

Content is the real source of traffic and links are the real route which directs the reader, but the links have to be perfect.

Broken links are very bad and you can check them yourself before publishing the content. Not only do they frustrate the reader; they also destroy the goodwill.

SEO Tips - Backlinks

  1. Good Quality Images

Pictures are worth a thousand words and let them work for you. An engaging content needs good quality and related content. Did you see those contents where the images are selected as they are descriptive and makes sense, for example, in a content which describes the mistakes making a cold call can have an image of an ice-cream fallen on the road upside down.

This is though unrelatable, but makes perfect sense.

Images are the best way to convey the messages and believe me, there are readers who love the visual appeal.

  1. Be Careful, Use Smart Keywords

Keywords are many and of different types- LSI keywords, long tail keywords, short tail keywords, common keywords, main keywords and so on.

Collect as much information you can get about them and use tools to get the right ones for you. Popular tools are KWFinder, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, Google AdWords key planner, SEMrush. Use them frequently and in a limited way.

These are very important to get the right ranking and so you need to understand them completely.

Content Marketing Plan

  1. Create “Wow” Content

What is the definition of a “wow” content? Well, something which is able to grasp the attention of the reader and gives him the right information which they are looking for.

Do you know that Wikipedia has detailed information for most of the searches then why the audience is looking for other options?

Simple, because they want to read something exclusive and interesting. Images, formatting and other aspects makes the content stand out from the information journals.

So, be careful with your content and try to write and publish exclusive content.

  1. Write for Search Crawlers and Your Audience Too

You already know that there are two types of an audience at the receivers’ end- one the searchers and the other search crawler. You need to satiate both of them with your content.

Design and create content for both and write exclusively keeping the audience in your mind.


You have marketing goals in your mind and you need to find them, design strategies and work on them to reach the goal. Well, in the digital market, content is the only way for you. And so, you need to work on it.

  1. Increase the Readability Score

You may like what you write but the audience might not approve it. This is not heart wrenching but a common thing. A write might be perfect for a writer, but the audience might not like it at all. So, when writing the digital content, you need to be specific and figure out the audience for whom you are writing.

For example, if you are writing for healthy recipes, then you need to identify your target audience. they can be professionals, housewives, retired peoples and veterans, but rare is the chance that kids will be reading your blog.


So, write for them and do not get tempted to include images that appeal to young kids more.

This is the study of the topic and content which will help you to create crisp and perfect writing.

So, work on the factor which contributes to the readability score, like grammatical errors, quality of language, simple and easy words.

Do you know content has the potential to give returns at a compound interest?

To explain better let’s elaborate. You publish your content twice a week, and so there will be 110 pieces in the first year. The next year you will be publishing the same amount which will be also generating the results alongside the old content.

This gives you compound returns as long as you maintain the frequency of publishing content. This is the magic of content and it benefits you as long as you own it.

In technical terms, some call it as backlinks and some might refer it to as the old published content.

Whatever it is, it works without fail and gives you the right return you need it from your content marketing.


Author Bio:

Brij Bhushan Singh is a Professional Blogger and Content writer. He is working with Ranking By SEO. In his professional life he has written many useful articles about WordPress, Social Media, SEO and almost all about Digital Marketing.



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