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Refashioning Traditional Print Media for an Effective Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Refashioning Traditional Print Media for an Effective Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

In today’s modern world, most marketers believe that they can generate better leads and pull those together in their sales funnels through exploiting the power of the digital universe.

In fact, a number of online entrepreneurs tend to focus all their efforts on online advertising and have nearly forgotten the existence of the real world — surely not realizing what they’re missing out.

Guerrilla Marketing

Source: United Colors of Benetton’s “UNHATE” campaign

Resorting to guerrilla marketing can surely make all the difference in your campaign.

You might be wondering as to what this advertisement strategy is by essence and substance? Guerrilla marketing is basically any non-traditional approach used in promoting one’s business. The more it gets creative and unconventional, the better.

Most consumers these days have been so used of being bombarded with different shopworn adverts that they are getting numb to it. The very reason why this form of marketing tends to be an efficient marketing arsenal is that even cynical consumers are refreshed when they experience something different and innovative.

Coca-Cola and Apple are among the most known major enterprises who keep on nailing avant-garde tactics. This probably what makes them dominate their respective markets.

When talking about possible expense, you absolutely don’t have to spend much while using unconventional marketing. As a matter of fact, integrating it with print media would be the best option if you want to have a cost-efficient campaign.

Utilizing the old school print media in endorsing your company or organization can be surprisingly effective. Keep in mind that the aim of guerrilla marketing is to resonate your brand name to consumers, making it memorable and be easily familiarized. This would promptly spark the target group’s interest to give your brand a shot.

Offbeat Business Cards


Source: Elfen Bilingual Design Company |

The use of business cards cover most industries, for various purposes that include networking, extending reach and reeling in possible customers.

Nowadays, however, no one will give a fig about your brand if you are still using the old type of business cards. The format of most conventional call cards looks boring; often just on a rectangular piece of paper with basic information like, address and contact info.


Source: Y & R Advertising Agency São Paulo, Brazil | TAM Airlines Business Card

Business cards could provide an exquisite avenue for a competitive, unique brand buildup.

Giving your visiting card a fresh look like forming it in a different shape would surely fascinate your potential clients. For most people, seeing something new and original is a wow factor to them. This would encourage your prospects to keep your calling card instead of dropping them off their paper shredders.

click business cards

Source: M. Brady Clark |

Relate them to your industry and use excellent ideas and enticing information – anything to make them authentic and more appealing.

Unforgettable Stickers

Using logo stickers for a marketing campaign has stood the test of time for a guerrilla marketing method. Vans is known for their fancy stickers, an example of a noteworthy scheme that works well even on today’s tough marketing battles.

Print up stickers and have them everywhere. They must be both obvious and straightforward, mentioning your every detail including your website. If people see attractive stickers on the places they go, eventually they will get intrigued to find out what really is behind it.


Offer Free Stuff

Anything ‘free’ always gets people’s attention.


Source: Macys | Free Printable Macys Coupon

Offer freebies with your logo, website or other branding materials on it. Have something that people love to take home with. You can go on for coupons and so on.

starbucks coupons

Source: Starbucks | Free Starbucks Coupon

The potential for guerrilla marketing is boundless. If you can think of some complimentary stuff that is related with your brand and possibly customers would love having, then make that thought a reality.

Classy Flyers and Posters

The greatest thing you can do when talking about guerrilla marketing is to take a traditional form of advert turn into something extraordinary.

posters advertising

Source:  JWT, Melbourne |

Posters and flyers are a great example for this. Make sure to be creative and do something that will stand out. You can go funny, shocking or even mysterious; something that should grab people’s attention.


Posters and flyers have a serious guerrilla marketing potential that can be utilized in various trade shows or events. Have your website included, and since you are at it, why not throw in some coupon codes?

Sponsor An Event Or Throw A Party

To get your business being talked by the people out there, event sponsorship is indeed a good option.


Source: Charlie Hang | Stella Artois

You can incorporate some guerrilla tactics by being real creative as to how you participate in the event and make sure to have your ads clearly orchestrated for it.

Have a talk with the organizer and see what they can offer. Just remember that attention-grabbing marketing methods really do work. If it’s huge and enticing, people will definitely notice and eventually pay attention.

Also, any better way to have people’s attention than throwing a party in your business’ name. It’s a completely simple concept yet it will keep people talking about your business.


Source: Jean Dalida | Closeup Forever Summer Philippines 2016

Guess what, these events are also an excellent place in giving away your other marketing materials like your business cards, flyers and posters and so on.

Hold Contests

Who would not love the idea of winning? People certainly do love to win. Rather than giving away cheap items why not have some precious items to give away through contests or raffles?

Entice customers to want what you have and they’ll be more willing to give away their contact details which is essential in terms of building a mailing list to be used for future marketing move.

Use Personalized Cards

An effective and not too intrusive marketing idea like sending out personal cards or postcards to your customers is an ideal way to effectively catch prospect client’s attention.


Source: Hello Fresh for Quarterly Co. |

You may want to keep track of your customer’s birthdays and send them personalized cards on that special day. Or perhaps, you may give ‘thank you’ cards after each purchase. Individuals do appreciate a personal touch. This method is one of the greatest ways in getting repeat clients.

Advertising through Billboards


Source: Enguage Advertising Agency Columbus USA |

Depending on your spending capacity, it is also noteworthy for you to invest in billboard advertising. But again, never try to follow the traditional route. If you’d come with an ad that looks like every other ad, then people would have a hard time noticing you.

thought marketing

Source: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO |

The very point of billboard marketing is for you to make what is normal get extra different. Take some billboard marketing on but add a twist, something that may relate back to your business. This could be enough to tell people that you are creative enough and is willing to go beyond what is conventional.


After learning various ideas about guerrilla marketing, it would be best  if you can look at specific facets unique to your business which you think you can take advantage of. Always think what is beyond and find a creative way to do something uncommon and extraordinary.

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Patrick Panuncillon

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