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Learn These 5 Rules of Mobile Media Marketing or Lose Huge Profits

Mobile Media Marketing

Learn These 5 Rules of Mobile Media Marketing or Lose Huge Profits

At the present time, mobile marketing is coming of age. Today, it led the rise in total U.S. ad spending with publishers and brands shelling out 83 percent on tablets and smartphones than they did back in 2013. With the average consumer spending three hours a day on a smartphone, marketers have completely discovered that the best place to engage consumers is through mobile media marketing. Given the uptick in mobile ad spending, one would assume that most brands are creating highly effective, relevant and engaging mobile campaigns. A huge movement in any online marketing strategy has to include the mobile marketplace. But, the brands that are succeeding with mobile follow five basic rules.

Mobile Media

Here are the five rules of mobile media marketing.

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Rule #1: Mobile should not be a separate entity in the marketing mix

Brands that usually get mobile integrate it within their overall media or marketing mix along with digital, print, radio, TV and broadcast. There are some companies that their integrated approach makes use of broadcast TV to easily drive brand awareness while leveraging mobile to drive location-based sales as well as instant connections with consumers. It also makes sure that their mobile ads are relevant and contextual to what the consumer needs at a given point in time. Brands that fail with mobile use it as a sidecar, employing banners and pop-ups that are irrelevant to consumer needs and it is highly annoying.

Rule #2: Bear in mind that location is everything

There are huge numbers of brands that understand the consumer mind-set especially when it comes to mobile. In a current mobile campaign, the automaker targeted mobile users who had identified themselves as in the market to buy a car and encouraged them to test-drive new cars in exchange for branded offers and content that are relevant to their lifestyles and at the same time tracks the number of vehicles sold at any given location. Some brands make use of funnel activities to easily build greater awareness of their products and services. It is very imperative to pull the mobile lever to consumers to locations where they can buy their offered products.

Rule #3: Loyalty is King

According to some researches, 70 percent of consumers will completely engage with a mobile ad if they know that they will receive some type of tangible reward. Some companies that implement mobile loyalty campaign reported an increase in their in-store sales.

Rule #4: It is about Time

It is also important to bear in mind that immediacy must be part of mobile consumer experience. You need to fulfill the expectations of consumers on mobile or else you will lose them. With the help and existence of mobile media marketing, you can be sure that you will meet and exceed the demands and expectations of your valued clients.

Rule #5: Integration is Key

With an excellent and effective mobile strategy, brands have the potential to drive people to stores and lead them to the relevant merchandise. Once consumers are in the store, brands must be ready to have a physical and real conversation with them and at the same time fulfill their needs and expectations.

The five rules of mobile media marketing that are stated above will serve as your guide and key to attain the success of your chosen business field.

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