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How to Start Life from Scratch in the New Year?

If you also wrote an ambitious list of goals for the new year, and you do not know how to approach it, we understand you very much. We tell you what can help a new life to begin. Goal lists are really inspiring. But a couple of days (and sometimes hours) pass and the motivation to overpower oneself disappears somewhere. And then laziness gives way to regret and self-aggression. There are several reasons for it, but there are also ways to fight it.

Take responsibility for yourself

Nobody can do the job for you. If only you are not talking about the rapidessay platform, where the professional writers will do any assignment for you. Weather, solar eclipse, and a hole in your athletic leggings cannot be responsible for giving up your new lifestyle. You have to introduce fresh habits and solve the difficulties that they entail. It won’t be easy, especially since our brains are terribly afraid of change because change is an unknown to which you have to adapt.

Change Management

But look at it from the other side: if the responsibility is on you, you do not need to answer anyone but yourself. At any time, you can step back and tell yourself that you are not ready for change or do not want it. Your life will not change in any way and will simply continue to flow on the old course. And if you decide to try, then all the positive consequences will be solely your merit.

Decide what you want to change first

If you want to change but cannot understand what exactly, try this writing practice — “List of a hundred”. With its help, you will unload everything that lies in your head and cannot take shape in any way, and you will begin to reveal your true thoughts and intentions. Take time for this technique. You will need to write everything down in one go, so make sure no one bothers you. Take a piece of paper (or several), a pen, and get started. Write down all the points that do not suit you in life.

Once you’re done, review the list and identify four to six categories, for example, money, profession, home, skills. And sort the list into these categories, marking items with a marker or stickers. After that, look at which category has the most items. You can start changes in life with it. And then gradually start with the rest.

How to start - Good habits

The first thing change starts with is habits. When you choose the direction of change, you need to understand which ones you need to cultivate for this and which ones to remove. First, write down three habits that promote you and praise yourself for them. Then find three ones that get in the way. Finally, add three ones that you would like to develop. So you will see a plan of action in front of you: remove unwanted habits and add new three to the good ones.

Do not put off your plan

To start a new life, you need to start it. You can, of course, choose Monday or the first day of the month to start new habits and activities. But, as practice shows, success depends on the mood and not on the day of the week. And success really has a formula. It looks like this:

How to Start - Planning
  • Small verified actions. Don’t overload yourself with all the new habits at once. Start with small steps.
  • Consistency. You will not see a change if you hit the bar today and are lazy tomorrow. All new habits should become regular.
  • Time. Not 21 days, not 40, or 60. It will not be possible to calculate exactly how many days it will take for something to change. Once you’ve decided to work on yourself, it’s helpful to accept that you are changing forever.
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