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10 primary goals to Global Content Marketing Success

The digital age is upon us.  Most marketing is done online, whether through websites you’ve created, social media, or the like. Creating content is a challenge that’s constantly happening since it does take time to write, produce, or even record the resources and time. 

If it’s an article that’s text-based, many times even just having an enticing paragraph can determine whether someone will click on your link to find out more information or not. You need to create content that is good for the global market, and here, we’ll talk about the goals that you should have in order to have global content marketing success. 

Create content that Educates 

You need to create content that will educate people. Lots of times, people want to know how to do something. The ultimate goal is to teach them well, how to do it.  People crave knowledge, whether it be to market their company, how to find a doctor without insurance, or whatever. You want to create content that will consume their attention, that isn’t too pedantic and works with the audience and content that’s worth sharing and creating. 

On the global market, you may need to take into account any possible language barriers and differences, since due to grammar and spelling changes throughout languages, it can be complex. Most people will find your content translated, but if you’re educating others, it’s in your best interest to inform others on what you need in order to achieve this goal, and so that it’s written in a way that others can understand.  

Plan that Strategy Before Execution 

Affiliate Marketing Plan

If you haven’t planned it yet, plan your strategy.  If you’re working with others in order to promote their global business, actually meet with their teams, including the stakeholders in the regional and country teams that are there, and from there, create a global content strategy for your marketing that works to align with the audiences you want to target, the metrics that will determine success, any countries that should be considered a priority to market to, and even topics that can really help others. 


Put all of this together, create a content marketing strategy, and from there, create, promote, and measure your content so that it can help others as well.  

Create Informative Content

When it comes to creating content, it isn’t just educating others, it’s also important to inform.  Now, inform in this case doesn’t mean just talking about news events that are on a global scale, you want to focus on the content so that it’s catered to your business more than anything.


People want to be informed. there’s a reason why people turn on the television every single day to listen to the news, or in this case, open up a webpage to find out new information about a business. Many times, using social media such as Twitter and Facebook will allow you to create informative content that will help others. 

But, here’s the thing with informative content, it’s got a very limited shelf life.  Informative content is often very “the early bird gets the worm” in that, if you have the informative content out there right away, people will find out, and you can cash in on this, but if you’re late on it, it’s basically old news, and the shelf life is very short on this. So, keep that in mind when you are putting together informative content.  

Create Content that Matters to Users

With anything related to content marketing, your end-goal is to create content that matters to the users and the audience. What does that mean on a global scale? Well, you should report on events that are important to the people in that country. If you’re catering to an Asian audience, chances are they may not be as interested in something that’s happening in say South America or something. 

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You need to look at the country or place where your primary audience is, and from there, look as well at the formats that they enjoy, and from there, you will want to create editorial topics that will focus on the points, challenges, and the desires that the country has. This content will get a lot more shares and engagement than say, giving someone irrelevant content that they don’t care about.

This is mostly a research point, and you should make sure that, whenever you do put this together, you take this factor into consideration.  

Consider Using Entertainment factors 

People love to be entertained. A silly video, an ad or podcast that’s informative, or even just a funny satirical piece of information does have a lot of power.  Now, that isn’t to say that humor needs an appropriate place in marketing, but, if you want to create content that drives people to your stuff, you should consider creating a media type that does entertain, along with inform.  

Multimedia Content

You can use infographics, and humor together in order to achieve this.  Look at what is going on currently, and maybe cash in on this. You could put together some very in-depth YouTube video if that’s what you truly desire, but you should, if you feel like possibly entertaining others, you should consider this factor. 

As a note as well, remember people’s humor does change depending on their global location. What might be funny to someone in the US may not be as funny and entertaining to someone in Asia or the like.  Humor should be used in the correct places, and you should focus on creating content that entertains with humor being behind all of this if you feel like it doesn’t really fit here.  

Create a Relevant Content Calendar 

Let’s talk content calendars. These are probably your best friends when working on the global market. You don’t know how much it helps until you end up trying to put together an effective calendar of events and different content.  Content calendars are essentially the success, and a lack of it is the downfall of many content marketers.  

Social Media Calendar

What that means is, if you want to create a great content marketing strategy, especially on a global scale, when formulating this, also look into any global holidays that you can create content about, such as holidays that matter to your audience. Put together a schedule, and if you have a team of writers, make sure that you choose the ones who can best write about the topic at hand if it’s something pertaining to a specific area. 

Content is important, and a content calendar allows you to organize your thoughts and put together a great plan.  By also working with others to collaborate, it allows for a better reach in terms of what you need to do in order to attain success, and also look at all of the factors that are necessary to really hit on the global market. 


While educating, entertaining, and informing others is super important to really getting content out there that people will enjoy, a commonly overlooked point is inspiring.  

Inspire is a major part of content marketing. This is challenging yes, but inspiring others to be better at what they do, to push the limits on this, or to even be successful is a big part of the content. By inspiring others, you’ll be able to get people interested. 

affiliate marketing influencer

This plays a part in content marketing for products. If it’s a supplement, for example, writing about how someone achieved so many goals with something such as this does play a major role in the way buyers look at it.  If you’re wondering what you can write about, you should focus on content that will help inspire others, even just talking about “hey, I did it so you can do it” can make a big difference.

People are always looking for inspiration, and even showcasing success in the face of adversity, and even showing achievements, can allow for people to come to your content, to read on it, and overall feel even better about the general success of your content, and in turn, will want to find out more.

If it’s selling a product or service on a global market even just doing this will allow for you to have a better, and more rewarding experience.  

Promote on the Correct Channels

social media marriage

If you feel like a piece is perfect for social media, but maybe not your website, because it is more of an opinion piece, you publish it there. If you think it belongs more on your LinkedIn profile rather than your Facebook page, throw it on there.  You need to make sure that you distribute content on the appropriate channels, and you should consider what should be given paid advertising in order to generate more interest and to show to more people, and what should be posted on non-paid channels. 

In this day and age, paid advertising does help in many cases, but you need to be careful, because sometimes, it can create false numbers, especially on the global market. Emphasis should be on getting information out to others on targeted places and channels.  You can find out which channels should be marketed to by using data and tools in order to optimize your media and get the correct content distribution. By promoting your content correctly, you’ll be able to bring forth a better, more informed audience, and from there, you can see what works and what doesn’t work.  

Perfect This 

You will realize when you start with this that hey, some places are better than others. Maybe you feel like some pieces did better than other pieces.  You should look to see if your content is achieving the goals, and if it’s not, change what you need to change in order to create content success. You should create goals and utilize tools, especially analytics, to see how effective your content marketing is, and also the syndication of your content as well.  You want to with this information, work to improve your ability to plan, the content that you produce, and also what you promote to others. If you haven’t perfected it yet, you should take the time to do so, and it can also showcase what areas are hitting the mark, and what areas aren’t, so you can create a great and impeccable response in the future.  

Know your Audience 

SEO and targeted traffic

Finally, if nothing else, know the audience that you’re working with.  You need to realize that if you’re promoting to an Asian market, they’re not homogenous.  Japan, China, and India are all very different in terms of cultural standards, but sometimes they do conform to the American standards of culture.  But, you need to know what your primary audience is, and what you’re going to utilize in terms of content.

You always need to consider the cultural differences that are there, since often it can be a bit different. In Japan for example, they’re more indirect about the delivery of messages, whereas in America they’re more to the point.

Language as well obviously plays a part, since American English tends to have a lot of idioms and such that may not even be in British or Australian English.  You need to, before you even begin, look at the audience that you’re working with, and strive to establish the best audience that you can. It may take some time, but learning the audience will allow you to promote content on a global market in the most polite means possible.  It does help, and it makes a difference.

When it comes to global marketing, SEO service provider understands how important it is to have the correct strategy in place, and here are the primary goals that you should always keep in mind, and what your content should ultimately focus on. By working on these points, and having them as a goal, you’ll be able to create a great and very rewarding system, and it can ultimately help in terms of the response that you’ll get, and any results you want on a global market as well, so it’s something to definitely consider.

About the Author:

Catherine Park is a content marketer presently working with Carina Softlabs Inc., a Software and web development company. A writer by day and a reader by night, she loves working in the ever-changing world of Information technology and is fascinated by the role content plays in the modern era.

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