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How to Make More Conversions Using Google AdWords

One of the forgotten methods of improving your online presence has to be Google AdWords. Thanks to social media, search engine optimization, and other, more popular techniques, this one has not been getting as much attention. But it should.

One of its biggest advantages is that it brings results almost immediately. On top of that, you can Get Google Ads – Get your Google Ads Promo for free among many other great benefits at CleverAds.

However, after everything is said and done, you need to understand that it takes time before you can see some decent results. And, looking for various tips and best practices is a natural thing.

This article will cover the most important aspects of making sure that your ads campaign is up to par with the best of the lot. Therefore, make sure to continue reading it.

Negative Keywords

Perhaps the most important thing in the whole campaign is the selection of the right keywords and negative keywords definitely play an important part in this. Their purpose is to get rid of searchers who are not actually interested in your product.

You can find negative keywords on Google Adwords thanks to their auto-complete feature. The goal here is to find anything with words like “free”, “trial”, “reviews”, etc. These searches have no intent to pay money, and excluding these keywords will increase the campaign’s efficiency.

Keyword Grouping and Types


A lot depends on the niche, but any business can find a great set of keywords. Look at how much they cost as well as the ranking difficulty.

An ideal choice is always a longtail keyword. For instance, if you are in the footwear business, “running shoes” is an extremely broad option, and you have no chance of outbidding the competition. Thus, aim for something along the lines of “cheapest running shoes for women”, or “running shoes for flat feet”. You get the idea.

Relevant Landing Page

getresponse-landing page creator

By no means should you misdirect people by introducing clickbait headlines and ad text. Your landing page has to be relevant and visitors who come should find what they expect to find. Doing anything else will lead to a lot of negativity, causing your brand to crumble and, ultimately, disappear.

Research the Competition

A lot of businessmen will tell you that researching the competition is one of the most effective methods of finding a successful formula. Those who have been doing this for longer than you certainly have the upper hand. Look at their ads and steal some of the best aspects and try applying them yourself.

Writing Compelling Copy

One of the best ways to write compelling copy is by putting yourself into the shoes of a customer. Of course, that is not the only thing you will need. Once again, you should look at some of the best performing ads out there. Mastering copywriting is no easy feat because the best in the business make thousands of dollars for just a few lines of work. This speaks volumes about the difficulty as well as value.

Schedule Constant Updates


Even if your campaigns are doing fine, you should still make sure to check them occasionally. There are constant changes in the business so even a slight adjustment could make the world of a difference. 

Email Marketing

Google has introduced native ads for its Gmail platform. It should be obvious that plenty of users use this box for their emails, and it is definitely worth considering investments in email marketing as well.

Keep in mind that these ads appear on both mobile and desktop versions.

Mobile Optimization


There are those who prefer to do their shopping via smartphone or tablet. It is natural that ads for these devices need to be optimized. If you neglect this part, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers, no questions asked.

Google Analytics

Having more information about your campaign is always an advantage. There are lots to be learned from Google Analytics. They reveal bounce rate, session time, and plenty of other useful metrics. If there is data like this in front of you, making tweaks becomes much easier.

Seasonal Ads and Special Offers

Certain seasons could be a good time to take advantage of the spending spree. You should always adjust and boost ads that would perform better during a particular time.

For example, if you have a sportswear store, snowboarding and skiing gear will definitely do better when it is winter. Meanwhile, when it is summer, focus on the gear meant for that part of the year.

In a word, nothing can deny the benefits of Google AdWords. If you are looking to take the next step in your business plan, follow these tips and trust more in this method.

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