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How Your Business Can Create an Effective Brand Video

Making a branding video for your company can be a tall order. With nearly limitless possibilities, it’s important to plan every step of your video from the concept all the way through production. This will help keep things focused and make a video that captures the personality and purpose of your brand perfectly. There are a few things to keep in mind while planning out your video.

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Determining Your Message

Your branding video should deliver some kind of message. Without a message, your video might lose direction or customers might not be able to understand what the purpose of your brand is. The message doesn’t have to be some grand history of your company or answer the big questions like ‘how you plan to fulfill your mission statement’. It could be something as simple as ‘these products make our customers happy’. It should take a more emotional approach, focusing on your brand image.

Choosing the Type of Video

Choosing a video style that matches your brand image is important. There’s a wide variety of video styles to choose from, ranging from animated, live-action, whiteboard style, CGI, and the list goes on. Choosing a video style that clashes with your brand image could end up sending mixed messages to your customers. For example, a serious legal firm using a colorful and energetic animation for their branding video might not send the message they want to. Using an animated style entirely might not be a mistake, but making sure the tone of your video meshes with your brand is important.

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Make Sure It Looks Professional and Is Properly Edited

Once you have a concept, the work has only just begun. It takes a lot of work to create a professional-looking video, ranging from shooting the video, drawing animations, hours of editing, and ensuring proper audio mixing. While you might be able to get away with doing the videography in-house if you have a marketing team proficient with camera work and who do product shoots, the audio mixing is another story.

Improperly mixed audio can lead to instances where background noises overpower the main focal point of the ad, or conversations that should be around the same volume end up bouncing between two extremes depending on the recording environment. If you don’t already have someone who can do this, it’s a good idea to hire someone who has strong audio technology skills and has gone to school for this particular job.

Making a brand video can be a lot of work, but extremely rewarding in the end. If there isn’t anyone on your team that can produce a quality brand video, think about looking to get the service done for you. In the end, any price will be worth increased traffic to your site.

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