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7 Psychology Hacks for Writing Effective Affiliate Marketing Content

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods to make money online. The secret of developing a successful affiliate marketing program lies in the right content delivered to the target audience. You can collaborate with entrepreneurs or business owners and make money online by promoting their products or services and gain a commission for each sale.

But, how do you attract your target audience and convince them to buy these products? How do you stand out from the competition and show your customers that those products are the answer to their needs? You can find answers to these questions by developing engaging affiliate marketing content. Keep reading this article and discover what psychology tips you can use to write affiliate marketing content.

What is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

When you decide to enter an affiliate marketing program, you agree to receive a commission for promoting and selling certain products. As an affiliate, you choose those products that you like. Moreover, you should agree to promote those products and earn a part of the profit for each sale. You will keep track of the sold products via the affiliate links you establish from your website to another. The entire process is extremely simple. The affiliate adds an ad or a link promoting your product on his website or social media channel.

Whenever a customer is interested in the product, he will click on the ad or link. The tracking link will lead the customer to the product’s original website. If he decides to buy the product, the affiliate program will record the purchase and all the details related to the transaction. Moreover, you will also confirm the sale as a valid purchase and receive the agreed commission. Based on the agreement you have with your partners, you will receive a commission every time you finalize a sale.

Even though the process is very easy, it takes a lot of effort and inspiration to convince your audience to buy the products. Thus, the affiliate marketing content plays an important role in convincing your target audience that they actually need those products. You can use several psychology hacks to get to the right audience and add some effective tools like GetGoodGrade or Fly Writing to create engaging and convincing content.

7 Psychology Hacks for Writing Affiliate Marketing Content

  1. Share your own experience

One of the biggest mistakes that many affiliates make when they promote certain products is writing about them without actually trying them. When you do it just to earn some extra money, you will soon discover that you will lose more than you could actually win. If you want to convince your audience to buy that product, the best psychology hack you can use is making them trust you by sharing your own personal truth in regards to that product. In addition, to be able to have a positive opinion on the product and write convincing marketing content, you should choose those products that you actually love and have always wanted to try.


“When you choose products you enjoy trying, the flow of ideas will come easier to you. What is more, your audience will immediately notice that you really had a nice experience with that product and will start trusting you”, says Mark Kirk, an SEO specialist at

You can even take this strategy a step further and share with your audience exactly the points that you liked the most. Pay attention to details and give them valuable insights on the product which can convince them even more. Moreover, it is perfectly normal to not like a product entirely. Thus, you can also add a few flaws that the product might have. This strategy will help you seem genuine in front of your customers and convince them that you really tried the product and you are telling the truth. Even though you mention a few negative points, the product’s advantages should outweigh its weaknesses and show your audience how that product will improve their lives.

  1. Count on emotions

We are emotional creatures. Therefore, depending on the way a piece of content makes us feel, we will guide our actions in one direction or the other. When you want to convince your audience to adopt a specific action, then an effective psychological hack is adding emotions in your affiliate marketing content. Combine emotions with the logic of your followers and you will get the right combination which will drive you to success. If you want to focus on the inner feelings of your readers, you should first know your audience very well. Discover what makes them emotional and convinces them to click on the “buy now” button and use this element to increase your sales and revenues.

Affiliate Marketing - emotions

“When you decide to sell a product, you should do more than sharing your experience. If you want to be successful, you should create an emotional environment which leads your audience in your story and makes them trust you. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that you should become extremely dramatic over it. The success of emotional content means that you should know your customers very well and understand their feelings. Once you have established an emotional connection with them, you can guide them to buying your products and recommend them to their network”, says Jessica Hill, a content manager at CanadaWriters and TheEssayTyper.

  1. Don’t forget about social proof

Credibility is the biggest weapon you can use when you want to convince your customers to buy your products. While sharing your own experience with the product can be an effective strategy, you should do more than that. Your customers can be easily influenced if you give them strong social proofs, showing them that they will become part of an exclusive community who enjoys the benefits of those products. When you have social proof backing up your content, then your customers will feel more confident and it will become easier to convince them to buy your products. In addition, social proof has an important role in increasing conversion rates.

social media proof

There are various methods you can use to add value to your affiliate marketing content. For example, you can back-up your products descriptions with testimonials coming from past customers who are open to sharing their experience with the product. To convince your customers even more, you should use not only the positive testimonials but also those who have mentioned also some weaknesses that they discovered once they tested the product. Thus, you will show your audience that those opinions are real and the customers who have tried your products really exist.

  1. Repeat what you want your customers to remember

Psychological studies have shown that people will remember better the information they heard more often. What is more, you should keep in mind that your audience is very busy nowadays. People don’t have time to read a piece of content from the beginning until the end as they can get easily distracted. Therefore, they will skim the text and get only the information which they find relevant for their needs. This means that if you want to remain in their memory, you should build your affiliate content marketing in such a way so that the most relevant information will stick to their mind.

affiliate content marketing

Of course, all the information you provide in the product description is relevant and important. However, you should an exercise and select two or three elements that you want your customers to always remember and use it to recommend your products to their friends and family. In addition, to increase even more the power of your content, you can also use suggestive colors whenever you repeat that information. Thus, it will become more obvious and will help your customers remember it faster. What is more, you should make your content scannable, so that your customers get the main idea in the first couple of seconds. You can use bullet points, parentheses, and quotes to make your content easier to read and increase your readability score.

  1. Pay high attention to the first and last points

Some of the points to which your customers will pay the biggest attention are the beginning and the conclusion. Therefore, you should pay increased attention to these two parts and use all your marketing strategies to keep them engaged. When it comes to the introduction, you should build it in such a way that it makes your customers curious.

Use curiosity as a powerful motivator to convince your audience that you are offering a valuable product and they should keep reading and finalize by clicking on the “buy now” button. For example, you should use your introduction to build anticipation and give your clients a hint on the benefits they are going to get if they buy your products. However, you should offer them just a part of the entire list and make them curious enough to keep reading if they want to find out more about how the product can help them.

pay attention

Kira Tyson, a creative writer at 99homeworkhelp explains: “When it comes to a conclusion, it should review the most important points you mentioned in the body. You should remember that the conclusion is actually a summary of everything you mentioned in your affiliate marketing piece of content.”

Moreover, you should end with a strong call to action, urging your customers to do exactly what you want them to do. Use words which trigger emotions and focus on the benefits which will solve some of their biggest problems.

  1. Tell your customers that they are free to choose

When you focus too much on writing engaging content, your customers might feel that you are doing it for the money and lose their trust in you. Therefore, one effective psychological strategy is reminding them that they are free to choose, and you are not forcing them to do something against their will. Using phrases like “you are free to decide” has actually very strong persuasive powers and reminds your readers that they are the owners of their decisions and if they feel to refuse your offer, there is nothing wrong about it. In reality, by giving your audience freedom of choice, you will actually double your success rate and win the trust of your target audience.

customer choices

Even though it is obvious that you cannot oblige your audience to buy your products, it is always a good thing to include a phrase to remind them that they are free to choose and make their own decisions. By doing so, your audience will appreciate your fair treatment and they will start believing in your words. Customers appreciate when sellers show their human face in the product descriptions and marketing contents. Therefore, if you adopt this strategy, you will create a strong relationship with your audience and increase your sales.

  1. Apply the “fear of missing out” principle

One efficient psychological hack is transmitting your audience that if they don’t act fast, they might lose your special offer. You can use words like “limited offer” or “limited quantity” to induce a sense of urgency and convince your audience to react immediately. What is more, in case your affiliate partnership allows it, you can offer the products at a discounted price for a limited time or in case your audience subscribes for a membership. Another technique is installing a clock on your website and start counting down a number of hours until the special offer ends. When your customers will see that there are just a few hours until the offer expires, their interest will rise, and they will rush into buying your products. You can also use the “limited quantity” technique and tell your customers that the stock is ending and if they want to benefit from your amazing products, they should act fast and buy your products.

affiliate marketing psychology

Even though it might seem strange, psychology and content marketing have a lot do in common. When you are producing content for your affiliate marketing strategy, you are actually playing with your customers’ minds. Therefore, you should understand what your customers expect from you and give them exactly what they need. Being honest and creating stories around your products are some of the most effective psychology hacks you can use to write an impactful affiliate marketing content. furthermore, you should create an emotional relationship with your audience and use social proof to back up your content.


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