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Top 5 Benefits of an Enterprise Email Security Solution

Email serves as a trusted, reliable and effective communication tool that is utilized both internally and externally by organizations. Despite the immense benefits of email to every organization, there’s often a loophole that can be exploited by hackers in gaining access to data of the organization.

Emails pose a potential threat to organizational security, all it takes is the planting of malware and malicious codes that will be considered as a genuine file. This scenario could have been prevented if an organization deploy an enterprise email security solution.

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The best point of entry is understanding what an enterprise email security solution is and how it works. Before delving into that, it is vital that to state that email is one of the blessings of the internet.

What is an Enterprise Email Security Solution?

No one can be safe from cyber attacks, not even the biggest of technology firms. Big firms are usually the ones that suffers security issues the most. However, the problems are under control by employing enterprise-level security solutions. More than ever, there’s a need to put in place lid tight security solutions to secure organization data.

The answer is quite simple; an enterprise email security solution secures the organization architecture by preventing malicious emails from gaining access. This is done by quarantining and blocking of inbound and outbound email from gaining access. It searches it for malicious content such as malware, phishing, spams or any material that violates the enterprise security policies.

Organizations regardless of size and purpose can benefit from deploying an enterprise email service. Email service protection can be installed as software on the email server, implemented as a standalone or virtual appliance. It can also be housed in the physical data center or the cloud.

In essence, there are different modus operandi for the use of email security protection;

  • The email server
  • A public cloud
  • On-site hardware appliance
  • On-site virtual appliance
  • A Hybrid approach (Combination of two or more approaches)

None of the deployment methods is better than the other; the most important is for the email security having one that suits your organization’s email security need.

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With an understanding of what an enterprise email security solution is and how it works, it is pertinent to consider the benefits it adds to your organization security framework.

  1. Acts As Shield Against Email Borne Threat

Your organization cannot do without communicating internally or externally without emails. However, with the ubiquitous nature of email-borne threats, there is a need to put in place a shield to protect your organization. Let’s use this analogy; the sun supplies our planet with too much energy it needs, but with the ozone layer, we only receive enough sunlight we can process. That’s how an enterprise email hosting works also; it shields your organization from unwanted, unexpected and malicious emails trying to take over your organization network. With an enterprise email security put in place, your organization is sure of being free from attacks via email.

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  1. Safeguards and Safekeep Sensitive Data

Ordinarily, your organization would be exposed without having in place an enterprise-grade security hosting service. It’s like having shiny white teeth without lips to cover it; you are in the open. However, what an enterprise email service does is to ensure that your sensitive data does not fall into the wrong hands. You may not know you are being monitored and attacked; your enterprise email security allows you to sleep all night without having to worry about a leak in your most valuable organization data. The enterprise email service ensures that no one outside of your organization can have access to your data. An enterprise email security solution often has an inbound and outbound filtering feature that ensures the flow of email does not contradict the security policies.

  1. Enhance Performance and Increase Productivity

Your employees get emails that they need, not everything that is sent via email. Even before it reaches then, the malicious ones that could compromise your network and data would have been filtered out. Usually, malware and phishing attacks are not targeted at the entire organization.

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Upon success, it affects the organization as a whole as that is often the primary objective. Which is why an enterprise email security protection goes beyond looking out for the big guns but every member that has access to sensitive data in the organization. Imagine what such attacked could do to your entire organization.

  1. Simplifies Email Security

Without an enterprise security service in place, you’ll probably rely on strings and web of security frameworks. All these complexities could be simplified and harmonized by an enterprise security solution. In a matter of minutes, an enterprise security service can be set up and deployed in your organization. An enterprise email solution can single-handedly eliminate the reliance on different hardware and software services. It can streamline your entire security framework reducing multiple administration and support. With centralized management of security, you can carry out daily workflow without any scare or need for routine checks.

  1. Prevent Downtime and Ensure Continuous Email Availability

With enterprise security hosting in place, you are assured of minimal or zero downtime. Disruption or email failure will be a thing of the past as the enterprise creates a policy that ensures multiple secured email servers take over in the event that one fails. This is usually a rare case but when it occurs, the enterprise hosting bridge the gap and ensures there is no unavailability of email service in your organization. There won’t be frustration as a result of email box restriction as enterprise security often provides a bottomless mailbox. Most importantly, it creates an atmosphere of zero outages.


An enterprise email security solution put you ahead of attackers all year round. Before they launch an attack, you are assured of the strength of your email security policy. With this in place, you can run a business that protects your partners, employees and most importantly, the organization’s sensitive data.

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