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9 Digital Marketing Tips that Will Increase Your Visibility

In the 21st century, digital marketing is a powerful weapon for brands and businesses. The digital medium allows you to develop amazingly unique strategies, campaigns, and advertising that can take your small business from zero to millions.

Regardless of your business standards, purposes, and short-term goals, a well-defined digital marketing strategy can make the entire difference between mediocrity and success.

In today’s post, I’m sharing 9 digital marketing tips that will increase your visibility big time. Take a pen, paper, pay attention, and apply!

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Fully Understand Your Marketplace and Target Audience

To do good business, you must offer relevant value. People won’t just hand their money to a stranger who doesn’t know anything about them, who doesn’t understand their needs, problems, or desires.

To sell a product, you must find an interested audience that is likely to be interested enough to buy. Start defining and researching your audience:

  • What’s their mindset and attitude?
  • What are their needs? Struggles? Setbacks? Challenges?
  • Where do they hang around online? Facebook? YouTube? Reddit?
  • What type of content do they consume? Text? Video? Audio?
digital marketing target audience

Find out more about your audience, and then you’ll be able to craft exceptional marketing campaigns. Your knowledge will allow you to offer people relevance. If you understand their core personality and their main reasons, you will be able to make them pay attention, and you’ll be able to make them stick to your brand!

Take the Quality of Your Content to the Next Level

Of course, if you’re not really ready to assume responsibility for the content development part, meaning that you’re not too good with words, I’d highly suggest you allow a professional to do it for you. That costs money, indeed, but the quality that you’ll be sacrificing while trying to fill the job of a professional writer is not even worth your time.

Even though I run my own blog and I can write my own articles, I often prefer to outsource blog post creation and social media content from a Paper Writing Pro Service .

Content Marketing Plan

You can find plenty of good writers on Upwork and other freelancing platforms, though I’d advise you to see academic writers (they’re affordable and professional). Here are some sources I often use:

Another tip would be to create a balance in your content schedule. You need to post both evergreen topics and trendy topics. The evergreen content is something that lasts forever. For example, if you write about “How to be the best parent”, this will be relevant forever and ever, since parenting is always going be a niche and opportunity to make money.

Amaze and Build Authority Through Content Marketing

Whether you choose to write your own posts or assign a professional to do it instead, you must first establish the expectations and standards of performance.

There are fine, nice, good, great, excellent, amazing, outrageous, and incredible content marketing campaigns. Pick a number, from 1 to 10. The number represents the quality of your content marketing campaign. However, keep in mind that level 10 would be Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Spotify, etc. Or it could be unknown brands that are about to become #1 hits.

digital marketing content

If you pick 7, be prepared to dedicate a lot of resources. Either way, this is a simple exercise that should help you understand that “average performance” is subjective and that the more you aim the higher you’ll eventually earn.

Hear this:

There’s absolutely no good reason to start a content marketing campaign without committing to making it stand out. Go for level 8, or 9, and keep those standards high. That is my advice.

Now back to the practical stuff.

How can you amaze people with your content and build authority at the same time? Here’s a simple technique:

Think of a topic that would get shared around on social media channels. Of course, the topic should be niche-related, and audience-oriented. That means you should put your customer first, think what he would be interested in most and share most, and decide the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Then, create one, two, or even more questions/facts that would represent the “most commonly asked” questions concerning that topic.

Then, create a list of 30 to 50 individuals who can answer those questions or comment on those facts. Make sure that all your recipients are people who either have a professional status or a high/respected/known social status.

This is a “roundup post”. If you manage to get the opinions of 50 authoritative figures, you’ve got yourself a killer post that can bring you unlimited benefits. An example of such post would be “50 Multi-Billion Company Marketers Explain the #1 Key to Brand Visibility” – how about that? Would you read that?

Show Confidence in Every Word

If everyone would be confident, everyone would live his own success. However, the lack of confidence stands in the way of true performance, mastery, and art.

Regardless of your personal or professional standards, confidence will allow you to tap into the power of every digital marketing strategy you’ll work with.

Since marketing is dependent on words, you need to think of your words as energy. If you insert high energy, your readers will feel it. They will sense the genuine passion behind the verbal/written communication and they’ll fall in love with that.


When people fall in love with brands and companies, they’ll become passionate “sharers” or your brand’s content, products, and services.


Because confidence is a high energy pattern/state that can be infused in words and in marketing campaigns. If you’re not confident in yourself, your products, or your brand’s value, it’ll be hard to reach above-average results.

Plant Seeds and You’ll Reap What You Sow

There are two underrated digital marketing techniques that most internet entrepreneurs avoid. The first is forum marketing, the second is Q&A marketing.

Forum marketing implies finding, registering, and then engaging in niche forums. These are the forums that your target audience frequently visits and uses. A forum is a great place to improve brand visibility, especially because it allows you to contribute with educational content that solves problems and satisfies needs.

It works the same way with Q&A marketing. Quora, Yahoo Answers, and other Q&A type of platforms are a goldmine for the marketers who know how to leverage them.

Here’s the strategy – it’s simple:

Find the most popular and relevant forums and start contributing. In time, your brand will receive recognition and respect, and your word and links will be welcomed. That way, you’ll be soon attracting a lot of direct traffic from your forum signature but also from the backlinks you leave on the forums.

This is what I call “planting seeds”. You keep planting them (threads and replies), and they’ll eventually grow, and grow, and grow in views.

digital marketing growth

New people ask new questions each new day, so that means that tomorrow, next week, or next month, there will be a new reader who will stumble upon your forum threads or replies!

Connect on Social Media, Sell on Email

Many newbie digital marketers commit a serious mistake that sabotages their entire digital marketing game. Instead of connecting with their target audience on social media, they try to intrusively sell their products, services, and brand.

People spend time on social channels to relax, have fun, communicate, and ditch work. If you’re aggressive, you’ll only turn them off. When you turn them off once, you’ll turn them off again and again, and at one point, they’ll decide to cut contact.

The best way to sell something is to attract new leads through social channels, bring them to your website, or preferably to a landing page that is designed to collect their email address. If you get their email address, you won, because now you have time to develop a strong relationship based on trust and value. Only once the relationship is built, only then try to sell.

What I’ve just told you is the essential strategy that every big (and smart) company uses to create long-term profits rather than short-term impacts.

Social Media Data

Leverage Social Media Influencers to Improve Reach

Another popular yet still underrated digital marketing strategy concerns influencer marketing. The technique is very simple: find social media influencers (small/medium/big, depending on your budget and purpose), contact them, ask them the advertising price, negotiate, and pay.

The result? You’ll gain immediate exposure to a very targeted audience who is likely to correspond to your business needs.

Platforms like Buzzsumo or InfluencerMarketingHub are extremely beneficial because they speed up the entire process. They act as third parties between advertisers and influencers, ensuring the legality and the security of the transactions. If you don’t want to go with an agency or any platform, you can use them just to find the most relevant influencers in your niche.

Then, you can send a direct email or a direct private message on their social channels. Plus, many influencers might have their own website and contact form. Write that awesome pitch and wait for that positive answer.

Focus on Mobile Because it Represents the Present and the Future

Cisco suggest that by 2020, over 5.4 billion people from around the entire world will connect to the web through mobile devices.

digital marketing focus and strategy

Let’s think about this phenomenon and understand it from a quite different perspective. What is a mobile phone? In terms of digital marketing, it is a tool that people use to consume/purchase our content or products. But what about you? What about you as an individual, leaving aside work, and what about your customers?

A phone is a tool that allows you, me, and our customers to be flexible, save time, order things, communicate on the go, work on the go, learn on the go, and so on. Therefore, it has become a strong replacement for PC/mobile.

Here’s how I see it: people who don’t have any necessity to use desktop devices are usually forgetting about their existence. Their only tool is the mobile. Then the others, who run businesses and play games and need PCs to use complex software and tools, they’ll be reachable on desktops too.

However, the question is…when do you think that your customers will be more responsive to your digital marketing campaigns? While they’re working on a PC? Or while they’re relaxing on their phone, looking for randomness?

That’s right – mobile is better, from every point of view. The downside of it is that the customer’s attention span is very reduced, as any environmental distraction can take him away from your content, ads, or subliminal messages. Here’s a spectacular mobile optimization guide in case you’ve got my message.

Constantly Test, Measure, and Optimize Your Campaigns

Optimize Content and Keywords - 750

Digital marketing success is not a result, but rather a process. To constantly keep your campaigns on a positive ROI, you should consistently test, measure, optimize, and eventually scale your campaigns.

What does this mean?

Build a new mindset. Every time you conceive and plan a strategy, make sure you analyze it properly. From beginning to end. Observe the results, measure the causes and the effects, and decide whether the optimization is necessary or not. If it is, repeat. If it’s not, scale the campaign or move on to the next.

A/B testing is one of the simplest ways to constantly improve the performance of your campaign. Not just constantly, but progressively. A/B testing is not something you do with just your blog posts. You use it to measure the performance of your emails, social ads, SEO, influencer marketing, and basically to measure the effects of your decisions (causes). For more tips on search engine optimization, check out seo melbourne.


Digital marketing is a complex game that anyone can practice and eventually understand. Passionate internet marketers are working passionately, just like the passionate cook is preparing his masterpiece dish. If you start to develop a passion for digital marketing, work will turn into play

When there’s play, there’s enthusiasm, progress, and success. Take our tips and tricks into consideration and continue twisting and applying new methods as you manage to master the ones you begin with in the first place. Good luck!

About the Author:

Kurt Walker has entered the content marketing game when he was a student, as he gained his first internship at Edubirdie. He slowly became a professional essay writer, and in a matter of two years, he has managed to occupy a manager position at EssayMama. He’s currently publishing content for various blogs, magazines, and nonprofit organizations.

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