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Why Small Businesses Should Use Marketing Automation

Over the years digital marketing platforms have taken over the orthodox means of marketing techniques, if we go back slightly in the past, the primary ways of digital marketing were through manual calling, messaging, e-mails, etc. But as time has evolved and digital marketing companies have started examining the human behavior to help their clients to build the products which can get along with the modern way of living.

marketing automation for small business

Huge corporate firms have dedicated teams which can provide 24*7 support via e-mails, live chat, calls, etc., On the other hand, we have smaller companies, who can’t afford to have a dedicated human chain to perform these tasks, so a Marketing Automation technique is a feasible option for them which does manage the multiple process and campaigns across various channels without having any human interference.

Advantages of Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

  • Small businesses can aim customers with automated messages, e-mails, calls and text; all these tasks can be executed automatically with the set of instructions, we can customize the templates from scratch and according to our requirements to achieve the desired results.
  • Automation techniques are meant to perform a repetitive task efficiently, and other employees are free to tackle any other task.
  • Automation also prevents us from any human error, and the most exciting part is, it automates the process we all know but most importantly it streamlines all the tasks in a certain order we have arranged, and all those tasks execute in the same order, so it increases the efficiency of the tasks exponentially.

Truth vs. Hype

  • There is a common myth among the marketers that automation marketing is all about e-mail marketing which is not true, rather e-mail marketing is one of the components of several other automation marketing components.
  • Most of the Times small businesses fail to convert the potential customers into a real-time customer because of their limited reachability and incapability of tracking down the origin of the customer.
Marketing Automation Comparison

There is various touch points through which a customer comes into contact with the company such as:

But more often than not it is very challenging for the small business to track down the right origin of the potential customers, and that’s where marketing automation comes into play to expand the customer conversion rate.

According to a recent survey, those companies which adopted automation marketing have noticed innumerable growth in their businesses –

  • There is a very common misconception among the small businesses that automation marketing is very inhuman and impersonalizes whereas the story is other way around, 
  • A small business can easily focus on a targeted customer base, and they can run the campaign by maintaining market standards with utmost efficiency, and it allows you to add personal touches to the campaign according to customer interest.
  • You can add dynamic content based on an individual’s behavior and demographic interest.
  • It gives you the freedom to experiment with various mediums of communication:- e-mail, text, calls, etc.
  • It does help you to create optimal marketing strategies based on the current market trend.

Limited Resource Requirement

  • Small business cannot afford to have a huge human chain to handle the customers and run the marketing campaign effectively.
  • Marketing automation largely depends upon software CRMS with a tiny bit of human interference so a small group of people can also manage the millions of customers with a negligible amount of effort compared to manual marketing.
  • Marketing automation tools are specially designed for small businesses with limited marketing resources and a flexible pricing structure.
  • It allows you to import and export customer data.
  • Most of the automation tools are cloud-based, so a company does not need to have large storage and also prevents data loss as well.

The lead tracking system, analytics, and website visitor tracking system are the add-on features.

  • As per to a survey, marketing automation pulls up to a 14.5 percent rise in business sales proficiency & a 12.2 percent decrement in the overhead.
  • 80% of automation marketing companies have noticed expand in leads and 77% customer conversion rate.
  • 91% of automation marketing users agree that it is essential to have automation marketing tool for the overall success of a company.
Marketing Automation Comparison

Most Important Strategic Goal of Marketing Automation Strategy

Strategic Goals Percentage
Increasing Lead Generation                  61%
Improving Customer Engagement        36%
Improving Campaign Measurability     28%
Sales Revenue                                          47%
Lead Nurturing                                        57%
Marketing Productivity                          29%
Improving Campaign Targeting             22%


Based on a survey Major roadblocks in implementation of marketing technology are drastically slashing –

  •  More than 25% of marketers say they face less resistance within the company to implement automation marketing, which was a year ago as high as 33%.
  • Now Only 24% of marketers see the implementation or integration as an obstacle.
  • Only 10% of marketers say that they don’t need new automation marketing tool, which was 20% a year ago.

– Walker Sands State of Marketing Technology 2017

After analyzing all the aspects of automation marketing, let’s talk about some stakeholders:


Hubspot Marketing Automation
  • HubSpot is a developer and marketing tool for inbound marketing and sales. It provides tools for all sort of marketing like social media marketing, content marketing, web analytics, and search engine optimization.
  • Hubspot has recently collaborated with Motion AI to extend the benefits of marketing automation; HubSpot is now providing access to the top bot makers in the market.
  • Customer will be allowed to automate messaging on whatever channel their customer prefers.
Hubspot Free Automation


Act-on Marketing Automation Tool
  • Act-on is a marketing automation tool which is based on SaaS (Software as a Service). act-on provides the Salesforce CRM as well which is a very powerful CRM tool, and it provides the elasticity in pricing, so small business can also afford to take the services and increase their revenue growth.


Salesforce Marketing Automation
  • Salesforce Is a very powerful CRM tool and which provides multi-dimensional services to the clients and automation marketing is an integral part of it.
  • Salesforce is based on the cloud so clients can choose the storage space as per their needs and workflow is a feature in which we can automate all tasks, and they executes on predefined timing.


  • EngageBay is an affordable, integrated, all-in-one marketing, sales and support automation platform with a free CRM. This solution is ideal for small businesses since it is extremely powerful yet more affordable than any of the above. Ideal for small businesses and startups.

Automation is a surefire way for small businesses to save time and money, and marketing is the perfect arena for doing so: Marketing automation maintains brand messaging while reaching thousands more people than a single person ever could. The key is simply determining which platform fits your company best so you can save even more time while building your bottom line.

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