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We are now living in the millennium of internet, social media and digitization. Majority of people spend their leisure time by surfing the internet, chatting on social media. The versatile aspect of internet has a resounding impact on our lifestyle.

Likewise, our professional lives now run around the internet. Via internet or digital media various kinds of new services have been developed. Among them, a particular field called ‘digital marketing’ has come up which changed its entire form. Nowadays, digital marketing is a commonly used term, but its actual meaning and utility is not clear to many.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a new marketing procedure of various products and services with the help of digital technologies. This specific form of marketing encompasses every kind of marketing effort by skillfully using facilities of internet and digital media. For example, you can advertise and inform people about your products or services through digital media channels such as publishing ads in social media or on any website.

Digital marketing is a brilliant tool to communicate with your target audience. Through various digital channels you can get feedback and suggestions from the audience or customers. So, this specific marketing procedure helps you to make your services or products better.

Why digital marketing?


Marketing of any product or service is not at all a new trend. The phenomenon of business and marketing evolved simultaneously. Gradually, the tools of marketing changed rapidly. From verbal marketing procedure it altered to leaflet, newspaper, magazine to radio to television. Just like this the medium of marketing any goods or services has been constantly evolving. So, in this age of digitization and internet, the prime medium of marketing is also shifting from traditional media to digital media.

Digital media marketing helps to reach you product or service to an innumerable audience at once. You can apply various kinds of strategies in a creative manner to enhance marketing procedures and achieve your target. The outcome of digital marketing service can be much more successful than traditional marketing methods. 

Digital Marketing Examples:

Before taking help of digital marketing service for your company or business, you need to have a clear idea about how it happens. There are numerous digital marketing examples; but a few major marketing tactics are elaborated below:

Make Money with SEO
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The first and foremost example of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization. It helps to bring up your website to top rank in the result pages of search engines by optimizing the same. The prime aim of SEO is to attract or generate online traffic towards your website. This specific digital marketing service procedure is very much profitable for company or business websites, business blog sites and so on. With the different kinds of activities, SEO is divided into three types i.e. On Page SEO, OFF Page SEO and Technical SEO.
  • Content Marketing: After SEO, comes content marketing. This digital marketing service helps in branding and marketing your business through various kinds of contents. If you can do content marketing accurately, then traffic growth, lead generation and brand awareness of your company will grow immensely. Blog posts, infographics, e-books publishing on company website are the prime strategies of content marketing.
Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing: The most fascinating way of digital marketing service is social media marketing. The practice of advertising and promoting content and brand of your business through various social media platforms is known as social media marketing. It helps to broadcast your brand to every corner of the world, by driving traffic towards your website. Social media marketing is usually done via a few channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snap-chat and Pinterest. 
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): If you know about digital marketing service, then Pay Per Click or PPC must be a familiar term. PPC is a unique method of driving traffic towards your company’s website. In this process, you need to pay publishers each time a viewer clicks on your advertisement and gets redirected towards your website. The most popular PPC is Google Ads, as it provides you the way to put your advertisement on the top results on Google’s result pages. There are various kinds of PPC like, paid ads on Facebook, sponsored messages on LinkedIn, Twitter advertisement campaign and so on.
  • Email Marketing: Companies use email for promotional content, various offers and discounts, invitation of any events to their customers. Blog subscription newsletters, welcome letter for customer etc. are various strategies of email marketing.
Best Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing: Smart phone has now become an integral part of our daily lives. So, this gadget has become a great medium to market your company. From SMS to MMS, various applications on mobile are different modes of mobile marketing. 

How does mobile marketing fit to digital marketing strategy?

Research shows people usually spend at least 69% of their time using digital data of mobile. So, it can be the best platform to market or create an image of a company by optimizing web pages, digital advertising and so on for smart phones. In fact, through smart phone friendly applications you can execute mobile marketing for your company. To add this, you need to create websites, advertisements etc. through responsive website design. This specific design helps to fit your website, advertisement to smart phones. To engage more audience towards your services, you must include mobile marketing as your business strategy and drive traffic and lead generation to your company website.

Tools for digital marketing services:

Different tools are used by digital marketers to run the entire digital marketing services. There has been a confusion regarding digital marketing tools. As some say that the prior mentioned digital marketing examples are tool of this marketing whereas other experts have informed that the actual tools are different from those digital marketing examples.

The most prominent and popular digital marketing tools are, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, MailChimp, BuzzSemo, Trello, Sack, Canava Business,  Buffer, Hootsuite, MeetEdger and so on. These tools help digital marketer to place advertisements, perform email marketing, check SEO, drive traffic and generate leads towards respective company’s websites. 

Leading Digital Marketing Companies:

It is essential to know the giants of this industry who you can hire to handle the digital marketing service for your company.

Ignite Visibility, WebFX, 97th Floor, Silverback Strategies, Socialfix Media, Brolik, SEO Brand, Thrive Internet Internet Market Agency are the leaders of digital marketing. They have premium social media specialists, content writers, managers, graphic designers, SEO analysts and many more digital marketing experts who know how to elevate brand value of your company and increase your business growth through digital exposure.

Is digital marketing applicable for all business?

why digital marketing

In this internet era, digital marketing service is the most promising marketing strategy for every kind of business. Whether you have business-to-business or business-to-consumer kind of organisation, you can increase sales, image building, branding etc. via digital media. By applying digital marketing strategies skillfully, you can reach a vast market and by understanding, fulfilling their needs you can achieve desired target. The implementation procedure of digital marketing strategies are different for different business; but it is applicable for all businesses.

What role does digital marketing play for a company?

The prime role of digital marketing for a company is to influence customers and provide the actual results to marketers within a specific time period. The real-time view of results is the ultimate USP of digital marketing; as in traditional marketing procedure it is really difficult to know the response from customers. However, in digital marketing service any company can get to know the reaction of the audience and proceed accordingly. Website traffic, performance of content, number of lead generation can help a company to understand how the digital marketing strategy is affecting customers.

Types of digital marketing content:

‘Content is supreme’ in the digital marketing industry. So, when you enter the arena of digital marketing, you must know what kind of content you need to create. By analysing the wishes and demands of your customers, you need to creatively make different types of engaging and unique forms of content. Infographic, image, short video clippings, blog post, e-books, webinars, research based contents etc. are different kinds of contents that are applicable to different kinds of audience.

How much time:

You might wonder how long will it take to see ultimate result from your content? Undoubtedly in digital marketing, you can see the response of audience from the content  much faster than traditional marketing procedures. However, the time of result depends on the creativity and effectiveness of your specific digital marketing strategy which you utilise to attract target audience.

Besides, if you go for paid advertisement or paid content, then you can see the result quickly. 

Is digital marketing cheaper than traditional marketing?

Digital marketing is not only cheaper than traditional marketing, it also saves time which further makes it economical. You can create at least 2-3 digital marketing strategies and apply them with the amount of money you need to pay for a large billboard advertisement. 

Do you need a big budget for digital marketing?

Well the answer is, it actually varies on what kind of digital marketing elements and tools you are going to use for the marketing strategy. For example, if you go for social media marketing and content marketing or SEO, then you do not need to set aside a large amount for marketing. However, if you go for premium paid ad content, Google Ad-Words then the budget can be a bit high. So, as per your requirement you need to fix the budget for digital marketing service of your company.

In addition to the above info on Digital Marketing Service, you have to do a lot of research about how this industry works; secondly, you need to consult with any renowned digital marketing agency. It is always better to hire an agency who will manage the entire digital marketing activities for your company. So, do your research and go for a well-known company within your budget and avail the best digital marketing service

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