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The Best Way to Do Local SEO for Online Business

When you have some products to sell, the first stop has often been Google. Expectedly, people do not have time and patience to go beyond the first two pages on Google search results. It is important for your brands to appear among the top search results for buyers to be aware of their existence in the market. This leads to brand publicity and will attract traffic to your site. Nevertheless, this demands that optimize your website. This is exactly where SEO comes in.


Basically, you need a positive ROI for your products and your business website should contribute significantly towards this achievement. While a proper design is effective, it can be much more effective when paired with SEO. Indisputably, there are other strategies you can use, such as premium promotions, to attract traffic to your site. Nevertheless, SEO has been proved to be the most effective way of attracting large traffic to sites over time.

Unquestionably, a higher ranking than competitors is a top priority for all ambitious businesses. But ranking higher demands some efforts and best practices from you. You must know the best SEO tips that will help improve the ranking of your online business, or think of hiring an SEO agency like Search Media. If you are not getting clicks, definitely you are missing significant sales.

A look at recent studies will help you acknowledge how significant SEO is. For instance, according to Optify, the sites the clinched the topmost positions got 36% click through, 12.5% for position two and 9.5% for position three. The findings of research by Gabbe Dnnini were in line with those of Optify. It established that the total impressions of sites in the first positions in the ranking nearly doubled the ones in the second position. Evidently, the first position is so much important.

The Best Strategies for Local SEO

From the foregoing, lack of a solid SEO mechanism mean you are losing not only on product impressions and clicks but also on sales. Would you wish to learn how to improve your online business site? In this section, we are going to discuss how effectively you can do that. So, make sure you are following the approaches recommended. Let’s begin…

•    Extensive research. Before undertaking any SEO task, whether on-site or not, you must begin with research.  You must research on two important things, the keyword and competition. Why is this essential? Because research is an integral aspect of SEO. Using the wrong keywords can significantly detriment your site and campaign through very low-quality traffic and limited conversions, something undesirable to businesses.

a)    Keyword search. There are three basic things you need to do in this regard. First, you need to determine the keywords not only for your home pages but also for the product pages. In order to optimize the most significant of your online business site, you must focus on two things, relevance and search volume. You must choose the keywords relevant to the brands you are dealing with. These keywords should have a precise match in AdWords Keyword tool. Be careful not to take very broad or too competitive keywords because you may have low conversions.

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Secondly, identify relevant keywords for blog posts. Designing blog content plays a significant role when it comes to ranking for ranking your online business for extra keywords with a part in your official website. Besides, you can focus on long-tail keywords for more effectiveness. Thirdly, shun keyword cannibalization. Do not try to use the same keywords in various pages of your website. This might perplex search engines and may end up choosing a specific page that fits more the keyword. If this happens you can hardly attract traffic using such a keyword.

b)    Research on a competitor. Examine the keywords used by your competitors. Come up with a list of keywords they use and determine the nature of their Domain Authority (DA) and compare it with yours. What about their Page Authorities (PA), is it higher than yours? It will be extremely difficult to compete with them if indeed they are superior to you in these two aspects. In this case, you should look for different keywords. Analyze their site architecture and design yours differently.

•    Determine the current problems. After extensive research, you need to assess your website for issues that can be possibly fixed. Focus on the following things:

a)    Scan for site errors. Screaming Frog can freely help spider the links, images, and applications from an SEO standpoint. Afterward, it will give you a list of such things as errors, identical pages, redirects, and omitted header tags among others. Fixing such errors will help improve your SEO.

SEO and Page Speed

b)    Establish your site speed. After fixing errors in your site, you now need to turn your attention to the speed of your site. Your site should be able to load faster if clients have to remain on it. Sites taking longer to load are always abandoned. Buy some additional server space to increase your loading speed.

•    On-Page Optimization. These include all the things that you do on your site pages to improve its ranking. You should focus on keyword optimization, the structure of the site, internal links, the website’s mobile aspect, reviews from clients, rich snippets, and social media combination. Look for ways of improving these aspects in various SEO tips. Some such as keyword optimization has already been discussed.

•    Further testing is necessary. Use analytics to determine the keywords with the highest conversions. Look for additional keywords with the aid of PPC. Assess Meta titles as well as the descriptions to facilitate click-through.

SEO and Content Marketing

•    Incorporate blog content. As already highlighted, keyword search is very essential. Focus on optimizing each of the pages with a single keyword. You can effectively rank keywords through a blog. Make sure the blog posts are of the highest quality possible.

•    Build links. You need excellent inbound links in this regard. Poor links will attract penalties from Google. Besides, referral traffics are not any benefit to your online business. A poor-quality site is full of ads and poor content. Concentrate on premium links from superior authority sites.

•    Use the best tools. There are so many SEO tools that can help boost your rankings. For instance, some of the reputable tools include open site explorer, Buzzstream, and screaming frog among others.

While you may have multiple reasons for improving your ranking in search engines, the basic one should be to boost sales. This blog has addressed a number of strategies you use to do local SEO for your online business. Use them and be sure of positive results. If anything is unclear, feel free to inquire and we will be glad to get back to you.

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