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A Comprehensive List Of The Best On-page SEO Optimization Tools

Whenever someone dreams of improving anything, whether it is a home or business, he/she should initiate it by implementing smart tactics. Similarly, when you think of maximizing the reach of your business website, you should take smart moves and use the fastest on-page SEO optimization techniques for the same.

A few good tools can get you the best results for your business website. Providing! You are using the top SEO audit tools appropriately and at the right time.

In this fast-forward world, making a business website up to the mark is necessary. And, only the best SEO analysis can make it happen quickly and in the best manners. So, what are the techniques that make SEO analysis fast and smart?

Well! The process of on-page optimization in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) starts with having the right SEO audit tools.

Here, in this blog, we have gathered a long list of the best SEO tools that are being outstandingly used by marketers all over the globe. You can filter through the whole list and find the best ones to optimize your website.

Check out the most selective SEO tools list:

  1. Google Analytics

With this advanced SEO audit tools, an SEO optimizer can have absolute stats and search insights. Introduced by Google, this tool is very fast and helps to track every single bit of website traffic. The tool is also helpful for making marketers aware of that part of the website which no one can even imagine. To give clear insights, the tool is also used to keep pace with the website keywords and other competitive ones. It helps SEO experts to know as to how people get attracted and land on your targeted pages.

Google Analytics - SEO Optimization

  1. Google Webmaster Tools

It is a free SEO analysis tool launched by Google for improvising the online presence of a website. If you are a webmaster and want a detailed report about your website to uplift it, Google Webmaster is the best tool for that. One can improve the site visibility on major search engines. It provides the fastest and appropriate way to analyze how Google crawls the website. During the website analysis, the tool also enlists a variety of issues like server connectivity, Malware warnings, dead links, etc. that need to be fixed to attain better SEO results.

Google Webmaster Tools

  1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Keywords are the foundation of initiating SEO work thus, it should be keenly analyzed and finalized for a business. Google Adwords is one of the best free SEO tools online which is suggested by SEO experts for excellent keyword research. This tool is widely used by webmasters of different domains. By utilizing this tools, many businesses have got the industry-leading keywords for their business. They use this tool as a keyword researcher which aids to find out the relevant keywords that take their business to the heights.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

  1. XML Sitemap Generators

Creating a sitemap ensures that every URL of your website is under Google’s knowledge. If your website has such URLs that might not be discovered by Google, through sitemap, you can have details about those URLs too. It requires a simple process to follow if you want to create a sitemap for your website. Besides listing the site’s URLs to the search engines, the XML sitemap generators also help add additional SEO specific information to each URL. In addition, you can also set the priorities for the page.

XML Sitemap Generator

  1. Google Page Speed Online

Being a webmaster or SEO expert, you must have witnessed that Google started considering the site’s speed as a ranking factor. It means that if your website is not fast to load, there are chances you can get less customer/visitor attraction. Google page speed online checking tool is here to analyze the site’s page speed. This also provides deep insights on whether Google is considering your website or not. Webmasters will be able to get appropriate insights to make their websites fast.

Google Page Speed Online

  1. Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt file generator is the SEO tool which lets the web robots know how to deal with web pages. If there are web pages that are disallowed in robots.txt, the file instructions tell the robots to completely overlook those pages. If you want easy and error-free robots.txt file creation, use this free SEO analysis tool to ease your task. By adopting this tool, you will be able to tell the search engines for the parts of your website which you don’t want to get indexed. This helps a lot in improving the presence of a website.

Robots TXT Generator

  1. Robots.txt Checker

In general, robots.txt files are created by webmasters to mark the files and directories that they don’t want search engines to access. On the other hand, Robots.txt checker tool acts as a validator which aids to analyze the file and its format according to the robots.txt standard. One can easily check each file and text of a page through this tool and make it powerful to earn better clicks and conversions.

Robots TXT Testing Tool

  1. Copyscape

Plagiarized content is the biggest reason which Google considers to blacklist a website. So, it is essential that you keep a smart, original and creative copy of content on your pages. Copyscape is a content checking tool which finds out the unauthorized or copied content anywhere in your website. You can reach to these locations and fix the mistakes then and there to make your copy unique and qualitative.

Copyscape for SEO

  1. Screaming Frog

You can’t ignore Screaming Frog when listing the best SEO tools. This tool actually completes the list as it instantly provides the website analysis to make it up to the mark. Being an SEO optimizer, you can have quick audits and reviews regarding a website status. Even, the tool is highly-beneficial to speedily analyze the big websites that are difficult to check manually.

Screaming Frog - Best SEO Tools

  1. Schema Creator

Schema Creator is the best SEO audit tool which allows one to easily start creating HTML using microdata. You can use it as the powerful on-page SEO analysis as it itself creates a customized code to help webmasters get the well-formatted search results. It also gives marketing experts the liberty to get the results displayed in a way they want on major search engines. It is all up to you how you want to showcase the website information on search engines.

  1. BetterGraph Website Analyzer

To check the website related issues such as meta tags, ranking, and speed, you can have the BetterGraph website Analyzer tool. It is the most efficient SEO tool which is prominently demanded as an opportunity provider to all the SEO experts. The reason behind its popularity is that it helps web owners identify the opportunities to fix the issues and improve the website visibility in the online marketplace.

SEO Analysis and Audit Tool

  1. Broken Links Analysis

SEO is incomplete without link building. It entirely depends on how strong links your website has. So, make sure that you have put robust links to your website to make it powerful. If you want to check the dead links that are affecting your website, you can use any broken link checker SEO tools to make your audit successful. Apart from this, the tool is quite beneficial to get the accurate results regarding validation of text links, frames, local image maps, and images.

Checking Broken Links for SEO Optimization

In A Nutshell:

If your website is not getting expected traffic, it means your website needs an absolute SEO audit. You can implement the above-mentioned on-page optimization techniques and tools to have deep insights on your website. We bet that you will like our extensive list of SEO audit tools. Also, you may let us know if we missed any other tools to add to this list.

Author’s Bio:

Tom Hardy is an SEO expert in Sparx IT Solutions: SEO Services Company from past many years. He comprehends his duty to keep himself abreast of the latest SEO trends. Along with keeping pace with the advanced SEO tactics, he often tries to make people aware of the topics that he think are necessary for the betterment of businesses and their associated websites.



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