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Backlinks: The Shortcut to Page 1 Rankings FREE SEO Expert

The Ultimate Backlinks Strategy:

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High-Powered Authority Backlinks and Your Own SEO Expert for FREE – Manual Placement!

High PR (PageRank) backlinks are HUGE for the search engine rankings of your new or existing website.  Google and other search engines look to see who you are connected to. It’s an association thing.  Connecting your website (inbound, one-way backlinks) shows Google how serious you are about your business.  This helps you gain authority in your chosen niche.  Be it the weight loss industry, financial markets or affiliate marketing, being connected to authority high-ranking websites is crucial to dominate your competition in the Search Engine Results pages (SERPs).

Yes, the “number” of inbound links does matter.  But, the quality of these backlinks matters much more.  I have tested this.  I build two websites.  On one, I grew the backlinks with PR0 through PR3 websites (over time, so as to make it appear natural).  On the other new website, I simply added two or three high PR websites (PR5 & PR6).  I had to nearly triple the backlinks on the first one to make it come close to the second.  As you can see, for ROI and the time involved, the second backlink strategy was much more feasible.

Additionally, Links Management allows you to select what websites you want to associate yourself with.  It’s best to make them relevant – niche-related.  Why would you want a backlink from a spammy website with a huge number of “outbound links” connected to you. This can actually DE-value your website and Google will turn their back on you.  You want high-quality permanent one-way links and Links Management can help you achieve this.

Additionally, they will assign an SEO expert to you, absolutely FREE!

So, don’t waste any more time!  Jump on this today and it will launch your website onto Page 1 in record time!

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After the Google Penguin 2.1 it became even more important for backlinks to come from websites hosted in the same country where you want to rank well. We have more than 100,000 of the USA, UK, Canadian and Australian webpages for your links.
100% of Links are Placed Manually
All your links will look natural to search engines as 100% of links are placed manually, from actual PR pages. 100% indexed.
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For example, Jovan required only 27 PR1-PR5 links to get to the Google Top 5 in 3 months.
180 Days Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t achieve the Top 10 ranking on Google using our
PR1-PR8 backlinks, you’ll get a refund.


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