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All You Need To Know About YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

Successful online exposure for companies in the 21st century includes far more than merely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  To be a successfully marketed company, it is important that you are making use of the YouTube social media platform.  In recent years, YouTube or YT has become one of the most important marketing resources.  Using its video-sharing abilities, the platform offers numerous opportunities for advertising; plus, it’s all free!  Below are ten top tips on how to effectively utilize YouTube.

  1. Building A Business’ Brand

As all business owners know, brand awareness is highly significant when gaining exposure; therefore, you will want to create a “face” when developing your YT page.  The face of the page needs to be memorable and stand out from the crowd, so it may be useful to change the appearance settings and background color to match your company logo.  The logo should be added at all points to become recognizable across social media platforms.

YouTube Marketing Guide

  1. Driving People To The Website

The primary purpose of any social media marketing strategy is to drive people to the website and increase traffic with conversions.  The content presented to your viewers needs to be engaging if they wish to visit and remain on your website.  Within the first two minutes of your YT video, you must make it clear why the viewer needs to purchase your product or service.  If he or she understands the offer and why it would benefit them, they are more likely to make a return visit to the website. Youtube can be an awesome business advertisement.

  1. Directing Business Links

It is highly significant that people are aware of how to find your company once they have viewed your YT video.  For the majority of businesses the aim of the video is to direct viewers to the website; thereby making it easier for the viewer to find their business.  This is possible by adding a link to the website in the YT video’s description field below the video.  The last thing you want is for your viewer to search for the company and have rival websites appear in the search results.

YouTube for Business

  1. NAP – Name, Address, Phone Number

Needless to say, when setting up a YouTube account you will need to include all the company’s contact details.  This will show your potential consumers that the company is a legitimate business; as well as assisting with your page ranking in search engine search results.  The use of NAP can seem insignificant, but it does contribute greatly to increasing your visibility in the online community.

  1. Using The Video Description Field

 YouTube’s video description field is not only for company and website information, but it can also be used to optimize content and increase page rankings.  Statistics show that YT is the second largest global search engine after Google, so it is important that the description below your video has strong keyword-content relevancy.  The description should be unique, but it should also increase primary keywords in the first sentence.  Links can also be included in the field to other active blogs, websites or social networking platforms.

  1. Focus On Entertainment Value And Not Advertising

If you want to advertise using YT, it is best to pay for advertising using AdWords.  AdWords is beneficial because it promotes your company’s advertisement to a relevant audience demographic across the YouTube platform.  However, if you are uploading videos via a personal YT channel it is recommended that you focus on entertainment value and not advertising.  Fun and informative content is far more likely to be shared than conventional advertising videos.

All You Need to Know YouTube Marketing

Since you have engaged in marketing and tried to drive people to your YT page, it is important that the content is suitable; so try to keep the videos informative but light.  This will increase the chance of viewers interacting via comments and likes, plus improve the chance of a video being shared.

Top tip:  If you do choose to advertise using YT videos, it is advised that you test all advertisement placements such as standard & in-video overlay, in-slate, in-stream, and in-search.  All placements present with a different conversion rate and need to be carefully considered.

  1. Being Optimized

YouTube has billions of videos being uploaded on a daily basis, so being discovered requires optimization of the video.  The use of keywords is the best technique for optimizing video content; however, it is essential that all terms are relevant to the industry chosen.  Use the YT tag tool to create focused and specific search-friendly tags for your video clips.

  1. Collaborate

Joining forces with fellow YouTubers is a great way to increase an audience and improve your advertisement.  This is known as collaboration or cross-promotion and can be beneficial to both parties.  The more you share a peers’ video content, the more they will share your video content and both parties can build an audience.  Ideally, you should collaborate with partners who have a similar product to promote and level of online presence.


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