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9 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs to Earn More in 2021

Having a physical office to earn as a real estate agent is not mandatory. In this modern era, where every other sector is embracing digitization, real estate is not far behind.

Yes, real estate affiliate programs are generating serious cash through online. If you are wondering how to check out the 9 best real estate affiliate programs for this year:

Real Estate Affiliate Programs

1.     Real Estate Express

This is one of the best platforms for real estate education. Initiated in 1996, this program is helping multiple agents in online earning. Besides this, it provides a good revenue for sharing the referral links.

Let us see how it works:

–  Join the program with a free sign-up.

–  Start promoting the real estate express courses.

–  Earn commission.

Now, whenever someone enrolls in an online course through your site, you will receive a 20% commission. Additionally, you get instant access to the Manager Dashboard for monitoring clicks, sales, leads, etc.

Furthermore, the cookie life is for 100 days. It means that if someone goes on the site and makes a purchase after a few days, you will receive a commission. However, this purchase should be within 100 days.

Note: They pay after every 15 days, and the total amount should at least be $50. Otherwise, the payment is made with the next withdrawal.

2.     Buildium

Buildium Affiliate Program

You will be glad to know that Buildium is recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America’s INC 5000 list. The platform is all about property management. So, agents having an interest in this niche should look into it. Besides this, it is ideal for people looking for recurring commissions.

You need to follow the following steps for generating income:

– Sign up free via Commission Junction or ShareASale.

– Start working on it and earn on every successful lead.

–  Also, enjoy a 25% recurring commission on monthly subscriptions.

3.     Real Estate Affiliates

Tons of real estate agents are earning a handsome amount by marketing real estate affiliate offers on this platform. If you have a passion for this niche, you can generate passive income through real estate crowdfunding.

This platform has three different ways of calculating commissions:

· Cost per Action

Here you get paid when your referral completes one action through your link. It can be an email subscription, lead, purchase, etc.

· Cost per Lead

This simple method pays you whenever you send a lead on your partner’s site.

· Revenue Share

One of the most common methods is revenue sharing. Here you receive a commission whenever a purchase is made. If it’s a monthly subscription, you will also earn every month.

Note: It has a cookie life of 60 days, and the maximum commission is 25%.

4.     Corporate Housing by Owner

Top Real Estate Affiliate Programs

This platform is an ideal place for all rental property dealers. Especially if you have an interest in promoting rental properties for travelers and companies, you should check out this blog. Besides this, common real estate blog owners can also join it and generate a good source of income.

It works in the following way:

– Sign up via ShareASale, which is free.

– Get their URL and start promoting

– Earn 15% commission for every sale (Their package starts from $399, so you can earn well)

5.     Vrbo Affiliate Program

Vrbo has a big name in vacation rentals. If you have the skills to promote this niche, earning commissions is not difficult. It has around 2 million properties in various parts of the world. All you need to do is to follow the below steps:

– Join the vrbo community and start marketing its vacation rentals by making an account of Commission Junction.

– You will get 3% for every successful referral.

– You can also earn an additional 20% for the new listing.

Vrbo makes monthly payments, so the payment is made through Pay Pal.

6.     Foreclosure

Foreclosure is another big platform for property buying and selling. You can earn hefty bucks from this site by working as an affiliate. The site provides commission on every successful sale.

So, you can start with the following steps:

– Make an affiliate account

– Get the link for promotion

– Start promoting its properties

Note: You will get a 25% commission on every sale, and payment is made monthly. However, remember that the minimum amount in your account should be $100. Besides this, it has a cookie life of 6 months.

7.     All Things Real Estate

Launched in the year 2014, this site is embedded with all the marketing tools. Earning money as an affiliate is not difficult if you have a passion for promoting their property. You can write on any topic related to property for marketing their site, CRM real estate, real estate hot news, the biggest investment in real estate, etc., are some ideal topics.

Here is how you can do it:

– Sign up as a free affiliate

– Start promoting their property

– Earn 15% on every successful referral

Their cookie life is 30 days, and the payment method is smooth.

8.     Property M.O.B

If you have a great real estate blog or you are a real estate investor, you can work as an affiliate for Property M.O.B. The site will provide you banners and links to market their property, and you will generate a good source of income.

All you need is to follow the below steps:

– Sign up as an affiliate marketer.

– Receive links and banners.

– Start marketing and get a 25% commission.

– Also, receive a commission for monthly subscriptions.

Note: The cookie life is of 30 days.

9.     Bold Leads

BoldLeads is an ideal platform for those who can successfully generate real estate leads. If you have these skills, you can get all the tools for promoting their site. You just need to join the network in the following way:

–  Fill out the affiliate form

–  Get promo codes and links

–  Start promoting their site

–  Get $20 for every successful monthly referral

Wrapping It Up

Best Affiliate Programs Real Estate

Working as a real estate affiliate and generating a great source of passive income is a dream for many. However, knowing the right affiliate programs, their ins-and-outs, and their commission rate is mandatory before joining the club.

Some best real estate affiliate programs for this year include Buildium, Real Estate Express, Real Estate Affiliates, Corporate Housing by Owner, Vrbo, Foreclosure, BuildLeads, All Things Real Estate, and Property M.O.B. Join one or a few of these programs, work consistently, and enjoy getting commissions in no time.

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