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7 Result-oriented Tips to Unleash Better ROI

Email subscribers are invaluable for a successful marketing program. Long stated to be the most effective marketing channel, email marketing can deliver a high return on investment or ROI to a campaign. However, for an email marketing strategy to succeed, you need to devise a plan to engage your audience and profit from the subscriber list. 

Email Marketing tools

What if we were to say that you can transform your content marketing program and its impact with just a few quick tweaks to your email marketing strategy? In this article, we have collated the top hacks you can use to be at the top of your game.


It is statistically proven that welcome emails have the highest probability of being opened by the reader. Hence, it makes good sense to tap into that initial curiosity and enthusiasm and make it last longer. Promising high click-through and open rates, your welcome email is like the first impression when you meet somebody new. In addition, you can use marketing automation to create a drip campaign where your system will automatically deliver the welcome message in the form of a customer-nurturing series of emails.

Personalized Messages

Email Personalization

Personalized email marketing can be one of the most effective tools in your arsenal. It involves the leveraging of customer data to send out a personalized message. These can include customer names and recommendations based on their purchase history. If you insert the customer’s name in the middle of the message, it can strongly enhance engagement. You can begin by asking the customer for their information upfront via sign-up forms. 

Designing this form is an art. Make sure to ask important things without going overboard. Another thing to keep in mind is to use a real email address to which customers can reach out to you. This factor boosts engagement and helps with your company’s credibility.


Across industry benchmarks, consumer conversion can rely significantly on referral campaigns. It doesn’t always have to be a purchase, but it can be an effective lead generation tactic. You can start by designing a campaign that supports sign-up referrals by presenting subscribers with an incentive. Having something on the other side for them can push people to refer their friends and make it a win-win situation for all parties involved.


Segmentation is often a high-priority task for email marketers. This aspect can be because segmentation makes email campaigns way more targeted and tailored to the audience than otherwise. The main idea is to categorize people into meaningful groups and then send them targeted emails relevant to them. A CRM software can perform this segmentation easily. There are many ways that you can segment your subscribers in. These include segments based on industry, company size, sales cycle, etc.


Motion in Marketing

Adding images, including motion effects and animation, can add a hint of emotion to your message in your emails. It is also likely to push the response rate further. Avoid delivering your message in the form of a large, single image as many times readers have images turned off in their email clients. 

When it comes to embedding videos in emails, you can try placing a strategically taken screenshot of the video in the message and then adding a play button on top. Next, add a line of text on why the customer should play that video and place the full link in theta text. If done correctly, you can pique the customer’s interest and reroute them back to your channel.


Optimize for Mobile

With the advent of superior mobile technology, a huge chunk of customers uses their phones, instead of their computers, to access their emails. If your emails are not mobile-friendly, they will most likely unsubscribe or delete your email. Therefore, it is extremely important to optimize your email marketing strategy for mobile to generate revenue. Implement a responsive email design (RED) to maximize user experience regardless of the device. Most email service providers will offer this functionality in their packages.


It is imperative to test your landing pages, homepage, and email templates. The logic behind this is as simple as testing providing you with tangible data that you can leverage to make practical improvements. 

When it comes to email testing, A/B testing the email subject line springs to mind; apart from these, you can also test the address, plain text, HTML campaigns, and the email’s length. The “from address,” along with the subject line, will be the first thing the reader will see. Testing the from address will give you many insights on the open rates to improve things further.

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