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5 Popular Tools to Write SEO-Friendly Content

5 Great Tools To Write Good Optimized Content

Every business entrepreneur faces the necessity to optimize the content for search engines at a particular time. Creating an online business is much different from the usual one. This is because the Web is a huge community that consists of people of all ages, nationalities, and genders. If you want to enter this community and spread a word about your products and services, you have to create SEO-optimized content!

As a business person, you have to set a goal to raise your web resource to the top of Google search list, which people will notice every time they make a request(it may not be the first position, but your site has to be at least among top 10 results). How to reach this goal and where to start? Search engine optimization is a powerful tool, but only if you are aware of its rules and nuances, and know how to apply this basic knowledge to practice.


What Is SEO And Why Is It Important?

What is SEO writing? Without a doubt, before you start developing a marketing strategy for your business and working on optimization of your content, you have to understand what it is and get insightful ideas and some tips on how to create SEO-friendly articles, allowing you to create optimized web content for your website’s greater benefit.

Without a doubt, before you start developing a marketing strategy for your business and working on content optimization, you have to understand what it is and get some tips on how to create SEO-friendly articles.

So what is SEO? If you are the owner of the website, blog, or another online source that already has high rankings and appears at the top of the list, you already know why you need SEO because you wouldn’t have reached this without using this kind of promotion. This article is mostly for those who are just at the beginning of their way and currently are trying to choose the most effective and convenient techniques to promote their web resource.

What are the main purposes of SEO promotion? So you’ve created and published a site at this stage and want to grow your audience, increase your social presence, attract new clients, and promote your website. Why do you need website promotion? Here is a question to ponder on this subject: how can users find out your website, products, or services if they do not appear in search results?

Of course, you have a few options here. You can tell your customers about a certain event or news personally, through social networks or using the advertising. The first option is too slow and ineffective, while the last option is quite expensive.

The best solution is to engage your visitors to come to your site from search engines because in this case, the users come to you consciously in a natural way, which means that they are interested in your article, service or product. And all you need to do is to make sure that every page of your website complies with the requests of your target audience or, in other words, your website and all the content is properly optimized for SEO.

How To Write Good SEO Content?

SEO text is an optimized article that often appears on the web. For example, the description sections of the catalog that include main key requests for promotion, which help users to come across the particular website when they send requests in the search engines. Often, this content is partly hidden from users.

SEO friendly content writing has certain rules and requirements, which are described in many sources. In order to help you understand how everything works, we offer to look at two samples of “bad” and “good” techniques in optimization.

Bad habits in SEO:

  • Highlight keywords in the text on the page. This is not a big mistake, but this action is absolutely ineffective.
  • Too much is not always good, so don’t use too many excess keywords in your text and can even worsen it because such texts are difficult to read, and many search engines react to them negatively, considering such article as spam. Besides, there is a risk to get banned or receive other sanctions from Google for such violations of SEO rules, so keep in mind that less is better!
  • Overly optimized texts. When creating content for your website you should never forget that people will read it and first of all, these texts are intended to attract new clients, and thus, you have to ensure that your texts are not only SEO-friendly but also user-friendly!

Good habits in SEO:

  • A small number of keywords – less is better, as we said earlier. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to include keywords at all!
  • A well-structured text. Good content has to be structured well, must include headings and subheadings, lists and media, with no long sentences. Otherwise, it will be hard for the reader to perceive such text.
  • Relevant links in the text. Inserting internal links to your articles is never a bad idea, it is a great tool for search engine optimization, and it helps your readers to navigate through your website easily to find the required answers quickly. Besides, this way, your potential clients will spend more time on your web source, which raises your chances to persuade them in the usefulness of your site, product or services.


5 Great Tools To Write Good Optimized Content!

Today, writing SEO-friendly content is easier than ever! Owners of online stores, blogs and websites can use numerous apps and tools to check the efficiency and SEO-friendliness of their content to identify and eliminate mistakes. Here are the top 5 most popular and useful tools.

1)     Hemingway Online Editor. It is impossible to create high-quality content without some editing, and Hemingway App is a great tool that will help you to edit and polish your texts to make them user and SEO-friendly. You can use this app for free, which is a big advantage for aspiring entrepreneurs. This online editor is easy to use, helps to reveal and fix the following issues: vague or pale phrases and sentences, hard-to-read phrases, overuse of adverbs, too many long or short sentences, etc.

2)    On-Screen Optimization By Internet Marketing Ninjas. This is another free tool that helps you to instantly scan any web page or URL address to give you immediate evaluation and analysis of its SEO effectiveness.

3)    Checking The Density Of Keywords With Small SEO Tools. Small SEO Tools is a real gift for those who want to promote their websites and optimize their content because here you can find useful and easy to use free tools. Keyword density checker is just one of them. This tool helps to reveal repeated keywords in the text or directly on the web page and gives you useful tips to avoid excess keywords to make your text more efficient.

4)    Plagtracker. Every SEO specialist knows that a unique text is a key to successful optimization. Good content has to be original and can’t contain plagiarism, and Plagtracker will help you to create 100% plagiarism-free texts for your sites! Today, there are many different plagiarism checkers, but this one is one of the best ones as its unique algorithm helps to get fast and valid results.

5)     Read-Able. It is another online editor, which is quite similar to Hemingway App. Its main goal is to help users create high-quality and readable content with ease and without spending too much time on editing. The main distinctive feature of this tool is that instead of telling you that this or that sentence or phrase is hard to read, it tells you exactly what age group can read the particular text with ease. Why do you need such feature? It is an excellent way to adjust your texts in accordance with the requirements and preferences of your target audience! All you need to do is to identify which age group you want to reach, and then, using the readability score generated by Read-Able, you can adjust the text to the needs of your readers!

Who Can Write Content For You?

Rarely owners of the business prefer to work on search engine optimization themselves. First of all, this is due to the fact that writing high-quality SEO content requires good skills and vast experience in this matter. Thus, you can’t just hire the first freelancer who responds to your job offer.

Finding a good specialist may take some time. Ideally, you should hire a person or a few specialists who are experienced in web optimization and have some proofs of successful projects that they have done in the past.

However, there are a few nuances to keep in mind. Your potential employee has to be a native speaker of the targeted country, so if you are planning to promote your business in Australia, you should hire SEO or academic writers in Australia to get the highest quality of your content. Forming a illinois llc is easy and affordable. Check out MoneyBrighter for more information

Don’t Forget About Usability!

To conclude this article, we would like to add another important tip – SEO optimization is an excellent tool for promoting your business, but it is not the only thing you have to pay attention to. Website’s design and usability are also important. And you should never forget this.

Never stop developing and improving your website, make it more user-friendly, improve its design, make it easier to navigate, and so on. And if you are just creating your first site, take a look at these 5 great WordPress themes for aspiring entrepreneurs!

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