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4 Tools to Improve Your Social Media Content

In the past decade, social media has become the center of digital marketing. Thanks to social media, people have been able to reach millions of people on a worldwide level. Before technology and the invention of social media, there was no tool that could accomplish all this, especially not within such a short period of time.

Social Media Content Tools

This sounds amazing to a marketer, but when you actually have to use social media to boost your business, it gets challenging. Your social media content has to be attractive, unique, and memorable to reach more people and help you achieve your marketing goals. It isn’t easy to use just the right content to spread the word about your business. To do this, you need experience, dedication, and the most trending writing tools you can find.

4 Tools to Boost Your Writing for Social Media

To actually post quality content on social media, you need to have high levels of writing and creativity. You can get inspiration from good writing sources, such as these free essay writing examples or check out the competition to see what’s trending on your market. But, the bottom line is, you will need help.

That help can come in the form of four really helpful social media writing tools.

1.   Content Ideator

The Content Forest tool is the perfect thing to use when you can’t come up with good topics and ideas for your website or blog. This happens often to people who have to frequently come up with unique content ideas to fill their pages. When you’re fighting what writers call ‘the writer’s block’, you can use Content Ideator to come up with not one, but a list of great ideas.

Content Ideator

Using the tool is really simple. All you need is your subject or the main keyword you use for the website. When you add this phrase or word in a search box, you’ll get plenty of ideas instantly generated. The first page usually contains the most generalized topics which are perfect for the beginnings of your blog. The next pages and more detailed keyword use will give you more targeted, specific topics.

2.   Venngage

Visualization is key when it comes to communicating with your audience. Visual content in marketing is often perceived much better than plain, written content. This is proven by the continued popularity of multimedia-rich pages and tools like infographics.

In fact, HubSpot has published that people share infographics on social media three times more than other types of content. Most readers don’t focus as much on the written content than they focus on headlines, big fonts, and of course – images.

Therefore, since multimedia makes you get more views and shares, you should definitely use this as part of your content strategy on social media. For that purpose, you need the help of Venngage, a really popular infographic tool.

Even if you aren’t a graphic designer and have no experience in this, you can still create great infographics. It isn’t cheap to order these from experts, and Venngage is a life-saving tool for a non-designer. You can use their pre-designed templates to make hundreds of different infographics for your social media platforms.

3.   Language Tool

The biggest mistake you can make is to publish the content you worked hard on without editing it first. Doing this on your own is hard, even impossible. Even the greatest writers out there need some editing help. When you’re fixing your own work, you can easily miss plenty of errors in it.

The Language Tool

This is where Language Tool comes really handy. It’s a tool created by people who love language. By using it, you can automatically check your grammar and spelling, as well as get some useful writing style tips for English writing. It also supports many other languages and lets you set your language by the country you are targeting or live in.

Language Tool is free, but it has a paid plan option. This option has a few extra features, such as elimination of unnecessary words, detecting gender, etc.

4.   Hootsuite

Finally, you need something that will get all these things organized and put together. Hootsuite is an amazing social media manager that will help you organize the posts, analytics, and even updates. It is hard to keep all social media profiles updated, which is why Hootsuite is considered an amazing tool for businesses, bloggers, and marketers.

If you want to try it first, you can get a free plan that lasts for a month before you pay for the Pro plan. You can use the apps on both Android or iOS, as well as get access to a grand library of apps that will boost your marketing strategy. This is one of the very few marketing tools for social media that supports management of YouTube accounts right from the dashboard. You can use it to schedule content in a written form, and even video posts on your social media profiles.

Unless you have all the free time in the world, you won’t be able to master and grasp all the elements of writing and use the full strength of social media. Not only does it require experience, but it also requires frequency, consistency, and versatility. These tools should make this much easier for you.

About the Author

Emma Rundle is a content marketer and a social media marketing specialist. She helps businesses start their online sites and blogs from the ground up. For this, she uses social media and varied modern marketing trends.


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