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TemplateMonster Affiliate Program Review

Earn 30% Commissions with this Affiliate Program

Have you ever thought about the possibility to earn money doing nothing? Well… almost nothing… TemplateMonster digital marketplace gives you such a chance. Being well-known for the impressively large collection of website template (any CMS, including WordPress themes, Magento website templates, Joomla template, etc.), plugins and graphic design elements, the company is also proud to provide really beneficial terms and conditions to all of its affiliate partners. The web is changing, new trends come and go. TemplateMonster digital marketplace also gets bigger and mighty. Their Affiliate Program, in its turn, also underwent the major revamp. Let’s see what’s new.

TemplateMonster Affiliate Program is trusted by more than 160,000 affiliate partners worldwide. While simply promoting digital products from the marketplace, the affiliate partners can earn up to 30% for every sale place via the referral link.

templatemonster affiliate program review

Starting from February 15, 2018, TemplateMonster unleashed the new terms and conditions for the affiliate partners:

  • 30% commission on any user’s first purchase;
  • 10% commission on further purchases.

This means that every affiliate partner can earn the 30% commission from any customer’s first purchase through the referral link. The following orders that are placed via the save affiliate link will bring 10% commissions to TemplateMonster affiliates. Taking into account that 80% of all affiliate sales are the ones that were made by first-time buyers, the revamped policy can bring you a significant income boost.

How much is that in numbers? The average paycheck at is $90, which is twice or even three times higher than in different marketplaces. This means that when a customer places an order through your affiliate link for the first time, you will earn the $27 commission. Every next order placed by the same client via the same link will bring you the $9 earnings.

TemplateMonster Affiliate Program Advantages

In addition to the highest commission earnings in the marketplace, TemplateMonster affiliate program stores cookies for 365 days single the moment of the first order placed through the referral link. For comparison, ThemeForest, Mojo and Wix offer 30 days of cookie duration, while at Elegant Themes cookies are stored for 180 days.

One of the best things about TemplateMonster Affiliate program is the availability of the selection of affiliate tools that are available for free access to all affiliate partners. All of the tools can be accessed via a personal profile. Whether you are a blogger, web developer or a marketing consultant, some tools that will be suited for your preferences and audience.

  • Every affiliate partner is provided with his own affiliate ID, which is placed at the end of the links that refer to the products from the digital marketplace.
  • Collections of pre-designed banners are ready to be added to your site or social media channels for the more effective promotion of the digital products from the marketplace.
TemplateMonster Affiliate Program Review
  • Ready-made showcases are especially useful to bloggers. There is a range of the pre-written showcases available for free access. You can filter the showcases by types and categories. You can also order custom-made showcases while sending a request to your personal affiliate manager.
affiliate showcase
  • RMS, i.e. ready-made shop, is a unique opportunity to start your web store and sell digital products on your own.
  • Web API is a set of scripts, which retrieve information about all digital products from the marketplace. With its help, you can create your own custom template shops. The functionality will be especially useful to those affiliate partners who know how to work with such programming languages as PHP, ASP, Perl, Coldfusion, etc.
  • Widgets. Affiliate partners can use a range of WordPress-compatible widgets, with the help of which they can advertise digital products to their readers while simply spending a few minutes to add the widgets to the admin panels of their sites.

Bonuses for Affiliates

Every affiliate partner can rely on the round-the-clock assistance from the personal affiliate manager. No matter what kind of help you are looking for – issues with tracking sales or the choice of the best showcase – you will be never left alone.

Useful Tips for Higher Affiliate Earnings

If you are only taking your first steps as an affiliate partner or you have already generated your first commissions through the promotion of TemplateMonster products, you are likely to be looking for more ways to generate more income in the affiliate programs. Here are a few tips for you to consider.

TemplateMonster sells both premium and free digital items. So, you can share collections of freebies with your affiliate link for your site to get more traffic. Freebies won’t bring you any income, however the cookies that are saved for 365 days will earn you the desired commissions in the long run.

The more affiliate links you add to your site the more likely people will click on them and order something.

Use all channels of online promotion. The power of social media shouldn’t be neglected.

Encourage the fellow blogger or web developers to join the affiliate program. This will bring you the 5% supervisor’s cut.

Make use of free affiliate tools and be persistent in what you do. Stats show that affiliate partners start making money starting from the 6th week of their active promotion of the affiliate items.

That’s pretty much it. Are you ready to join? Sign up and start earning money as TemplateMonster affiliate partner.

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