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4 Tips for Promoting Environmental Sustainability as a Digital Marketer

Digital marketers are in a unique position to influence the way that other people behave. The role of a digital marketer is to convince their audience to think and feel a particular way. Skilled digital marketers should therefore be able to turn their talents towards promoting just about anything, from new products and brands to environmental sustainability.

Climate issues are a hot-button topic right now, and there has been a renewed interest in climate issues since the emergence of Extinction Rebellion. Digital marketers can, like everyone else, do their bit to help the environment and make our planet more sustainable.

Make Your Office Green

environmentally-friendly environment

If you work in an office or some other kind of dedicated space that isn’t your own home, you can take steps to make it a greener and more environmentally-friendly environment. There are lots of simple ways of accomplishing this. You could do something as simple as going paperless and switching to an entirely digital office.

Other things you can do include switching to off-brand Nespresso pods that are USDA certified organic. Chances are there’s a lot of coffee fueling all the work happening in your office. By making a single simple change to using ethically and organically produced coffee, you can actually make a major impact on helping to conserve the biodiversity from where the beans are originally sourced. The fewer  toxic agricultural chemicals used the better, no matter if it’s in your back yard of half way around the world.

Put Sustainability Front and Center of Your Marketing

green credentials

With the climate change issue now so prominently in the news, people are willing to pay more in order to buy more sustainable products. This is an effect that is often seen after major climate initiatives when public awareness is heightened and there is an increased desire among the general population to try and make a difference.

By putting your business’s green credentials at the heart of your marketing, you can capitalize on the goodwill that currently exists and boost your earnings on the back of increased interest.

Use Imagery of Nature

One of the most significant technologies in the fight against climate change has been satellite imagery. Now that we have routine access to high-quality images of the Earth from space, there is a much greater appreciation of the fact that the Earth is a vulnerable planet.

green imagery

If you want your digital marketing to encourage other people to rethink their own approach to environmental sustainability, use lots of images that show the environment. There have been a few well-known examples of adverts that feature environmental issues and they are becoming more common. Businesses are learning that they can recoup the investments that they make in greener production in increased sales, especially among younger consumers.

Encourage Your Whole Business to Get Involved

If you are in a position to do so, introduce new eco-friendly initiatives throughout your entire business or place of work. If your business isn’t recycling yet, that’s an obvious place to start. If your business does already recycle, then look for ways that you can recycle better. If you have a garden outside your office, think about starting a compost.

environmentally-friendly business

If you work as part of a larger business, then suggest introducing some eco-initiatives throughout other departments. If, on the other hand, you run a digital marketing business and have total control, you can bring these initiatives in yourself. There are plenty of things you can do to encourage the other workers in your business to take environmentalism more seriously.

As an environmentally-conscious digital marketer, there are plenty of things you can do to promote environmental sustainability, both within your business and among your customers. Make green issues the central pillar of your marketing campaigns and you will find that your marketing starts to resonate with an entirely new audience. There is a growing amount of money to be made from environmentalism. It isn’t just good morally;

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