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10 Ways to Monetize a Website (2021 Edition)

You must have come across various program and course ads that invite you to make money online. You might come across a lot that are nothing but spam or a waste of time, but it doesn’t mean you cannot make money online

One of the simplest ways to make online income is to start a blog on a topic that is of interest to you. For example, parenting, keeping pets, gardening, healthy diet, or anything that you like reading and writing about. If you can constantly create good content and spend some time promoting your content through social media, you will eventually start to get visitors on your website. The first few months are going to be the hardest because the organic traffic takes time. But the results will come.

Once you are starting to get some visitors, it’s now time to start monetizing your website. Remember that most visitors who land on your website are coming for information so you need to find and implement the right method. It can be anything from adding affiliate links to selling your own product. Drop shipping allows you to sell products that you haven’t even purchased. Just set up a store on Amazon and start linking to relevant products from the blog posts. 

And now, let’s have a look at some of the best monetization methods for your website.

1. Affiliate marketing:


One of the quickest and the most popular ways to monetize your website and blog is to affiliate market it. It is very easy. All you need to do is to find a product that you are interested in and want to promote. You can recommend these products to your website users by writing on problems that these products solve. You can easily find relevant products on Amazon that lists hundreds of products. You will first need to convert your site visitors into subscribers. Once you have built the trust, they will be happy to purchase using your affiliate link (it is important that you don’t lose their trust by recommending a product that is not quality). If any of your readers purchase the product through your link, you will get a fraction of the sale price.

The commission you earn through the website can range from 2% to 10% but that is great knowing that you don’t have to worry about returns or shipment, etc.

2. Pay per click advertising:

Google Pay Per Click Advertising

Another important way to monetize your website is pay-per-click advertising through google adsense. This website monetization strategy allows the admin of the website to start a passive stream of income. The owner posts an advertisement banner on the website. Every time the website user clicks the banner, the website owner earns a commission. One of the best tools for ppc advertising is google adsense.

It is an easy way to make passive income online because it is extremely easy to set up google adsense. It makes posting ads on the blog or website a piece of cake.

3. Selling a digital product:

Digital Products

You can sell a digital product directly if you want to make a good amount of money on a per-sale basis. This strategy doesn’t require an intermediate agent to sell or purchase a product. This means the website owner doesn’t need to pay a commission. He gets to keep the entire amount he has earned after making a sale. This strategy is straightforward as the website owner gets paid immediately once he has made a sale. This strategy is relatively complicated as compared to other strategies. Similarly, you can start your own course that will be of interest to your target audience. For example, if you are writing on topics related to making money online, you can start a course that shares a plan and all the resources that they will need to start an online business.

4. Selling ad space:

You can monetize your website by selling free space to advertisers. Advertisers will use the free space to promote their products and services on your website. These ads can be posted as a link at the bottom of the webpage. They can be added as pop-up ads or side banners.

You can set different prices for different promotional methods. But to use the strategy to its maximum, your website should have a high conversion rate. 

5.  Donation-based monetization:

Websites that offer valuable content to the readers can ask for donations. But you shouldn’t expect every reader to donate to the website. However, by building enough traffic you can make enough money to sustain your website while generating a secondary stream of income.

6.  Create sponsored content:

Sponsored Content

You can monetize your website by collaborating with a brand or a publisher. This collaboration is referred to as sponsored content. In this type of collaboration, you get paid to create content for brands and promote it on your website.

7.  Flipping your website:

Flipping a website is another method to monetize your website. However, it is a little different from the rest of the methods. It requires you to sell your website. The profit you earn depends on the type of website you own.

8. Selling sponsored posts

You can earn money through the website by implementing strategies to get more visitors. By building steady traffic to your website you can attract bigger brands. You can charge these brands for marketing their products and services.

9.  Create an email list:


Creating an email list is another great way to earn money through your website. It allows you to convert your first-time visitors into passionate followers. You can keep them up-to-date on whatever you are doing.

You need to create strong relationships with your followers. You can create an email list with your avid followers and send them emails every time you update your website with new content. When you provide your readers with valuable information they will visit your website more often.

10.  Coupons with affiliate links:

More than 97% of consumers search for discount coupons before they purchase an item. One of the best ways to monetize your website is to offer your users coupons from affiliate partners. You can attract more traffic by putting up coupons on your website.

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