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WordPress Web Design Tutorial – Most Useful Plugins for Attractive Page Layouts

Using intelligent plugins for WordPress website page designing is a common practice now, and there are many easy-to-use page builder tools are suits available now. However, you have to be very careful and judicious about using them. When you are developing from scratch, tools like Visual Composer may be ideal which has about 200+ add-ons to help the developers and designers to create any imaginable layouts, but when it comes to modifying your page later, you may have to better resort on other more functional plug-ins to help with it. Here, we will discuss some of the top choices among popular WordPress plugins for beautiful page layouts.

#1. Essential Grid

If you are looking for the most accurate grid alignment to arrange your WordPress blog or site posts, images, client testimonials, comments, feeds from social media, services, and products, then Essential Grid is the most appropriate plugin to help you out.

Essential Grid is a multipurpose suite, which let the developers arrange content on your WordPress page a very elegantly and attractively. You just need to specify the source of your content for each grid entry and then customize the grid structure by choosing among the various styles available. Specify the number of rows and columns you need and then set the spacing for each. Once, the structure is done, it is possible to add different layers of skins to optimize the visual appeal.

The best features of Essential Grid plugin include:

  • More than 25 sample skins.
  • You can choose from various content sources like images, HTML5, YouTube and videos on a computer.
  • Different animation styles.
  • Mobile friendly and responsive.

#2. Sidebar Custom Widget Manager

It is a very comfortable option for the designers to custom choose the area of placement of your widget anywhere including the content part. You can experiment with many possible flexible placement combinations by using this innovative. Sidebar & Widget Manager lets the developer take optimum control of page layout and design. Using this, you can go far beyond the conventional sidebar widget placement or the need to stick to the footer are to place the same.

Best Notables:

  • Grids structures can be just dragged and dropped
  • Horizontal and vertical widget alignment
  • Hide or display the widgets on the page
  • Supports all types of content

#3. FlatFolio

FlatFolio is another ideal plugin suggested by Tayloright experts to be used by those who are looking for more innovative ways for grid layouts. Apart from being highly customizable, this innovative plugin also offers a very user-friendly Slider and Carousal functions. You can also customize the grids with captions, colored skin overlays, logos, titles, subtitles, and hovering shadows.

Notable features are:

  • Instant preview
  • Slider and carousel features
  • Unlimited formats
  • Many possible overlay effects

For the creative designers and others who want to flaunt their unique visual styles, FlatFolio is a highly flexible and easy-to-use layout.

#4. WordPress Content Manager

Content Manager is another user-friendly WordPress plugin which is highly versatile among the plug-ins as it allows the users to try out any layout in easy steps. The plugin is so user-friendly as you have to add new pages to the site and create your customized layout by accessing the easy-to-build interface and sync the content.

Major features include:

  • Add unlimited editable pages based on the need
  • Ten different layout colors to choose from
  • 30 built-in Google Fonts to select
  • Multi-language support

#5. Shortcode Meet the Team Plugin

WordPress’ most innovative plug-in Meet the Team Shortcode is meant to add any number of members to be displayed on the page by customizing the layout in a highly professional way. This plugin allows the site owners to show the existing members of the team and categorize them into different groups. The plugin also allows the administrators to add individual members and easily manage their information like locations, job titles, and social media feeds.

Notable features of this plugin include:

  • Carousel view of the grids
  • Responsive design approach
  • Unlimited fields to customize
  • Building using easy drag and paste feature
  • Fully customizable 12 columns

Meet the Team Plugin will be an ideal choice for those site owners who find it ideal to introduce your team to the potential visitors to add value to your business or profile.

#6. Multistep Checkout JC WooCommerce

This plugin is aimed at enhancing the experience of how users checkout by revolutionizing the default WooCommerce checkout layout. This new plugin enables the display of various stages of checkout on screen with which the users may know precisely where they have reached and how many more steps left in the process.

The unique features of WooCommerce Multistep Checkout include:

  • Control the checkout process by displaying all steps.
  • Developers can create additional steps as they wish like authentication requests.
  • Style, text, and layout of the interface can be customized.

#7. Events Calendar

It is a fantastic approach to keep the followers updated about the upcoming events and schedules. It is so easy to add Events Calendar to the page layout.

Notable features are:

  • Simultaneously maintain different calendars
  • Separate widget for upcoming events
  • Supporting multiple languages

These are just a few to name, and there are more WordPress plugins to find if you want to add more functional and aesthetic finish to your pages. You can run a trial with a few options first to identify which one will fit the best to your needs.

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