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Wondershare Filmora Review

Create impressive videos with powerful Wondershare Filmora software. Filmora is the line of video creation launched by Wondershare.  The rapid-fire popularity of video editing software has taken a toll on the market. Filmora has various ranges of software for different users and is compatible with Windows and macOS. This Wondershare Filmora review will share about Wondershare Filmora9, Wondershare FilmoraPro, Version 9.5, and Filmora X review. To know which user should prefer this software read the full Wondershare Filmora Review

Wondershare Filmora Featured-c

Discussing Wondershare Filmora Versions And The Additions

  • Filmora X 

The feature added in this version is giving a competitive edge to AdobePremierPro. This software allows professional users to edit videos with advanced features. You can also record video using a webcam, screen recorder, and voice-over. In this Filmora X review, we are covering the pros, cons, and features. 

Features Of Filmora X

Motion Tracking –You can add the effect of people, objects, or areas by tracking their movement. 

Filmora X can achieve any effect by following it. It also provides you perfection by blurring the unnecessary part in the video as long as you want to. 

Color Tuning –You can control, customize, and select from the existing colors. It also improves the specific part by improving visibility through Zooming and focusing on it. 

Balancing Audio –It edits audio in a way that the narrator’s voice comes clear and audible to others. 

Two audio tracks are maintained automatically because the background sound gets quieter when the voice of the speaker gets louder and vice versa. 

Improving Audio -You can edit virtual audio with advanced features that make the audio crystal clear. Allow users to add beats, split video, and replace the original audio.

Keyframing –It is an advanced feature that focuses on the starting and ending point of the video to give the best result of animation to users. 

Strength Of Filmora X

Wondershare Filmora X Features

User Interface

 It is a dynamic platform for non-tech savvy people and is user-friendly. Tutorial videos are available for beginners. Smooth, easy to use, and flawless in uploading the video.

Excellent Effects 

It gives a lot of special effects with well-designed templates. Create a video with a selective range of an object, videos, and shapes. 

Audio Effects

This software gives powerful tools for audio effects and transforms it marvelously. There are various effects like time-based effect, spectral effect, dynamic effect, and modulation effects. Create videos without distortion as per your requirements. 

Wondershare Filmora X Strength and Weakness

Weakness Of Filmora X 


They do not provide you an immediate response to a customer problem. They do not have any phone support and support limited languages.

Slow Software

The video saving process and functions are time-consuming. This software takes a lot of loading time and also gets hanged when you do complex editing.

Limited Transitions 

The user does not like this software because no graphic transition is there. Another reason why this software is not preferred gives too cartoony effects. It does not provide Graphic transition and cannot add more than two videos. 

  • Filmora Version 9.5 

Filmora Version 9.5 is the latest version launched by Filmora.  This version offers you the latest features along with improving rendering. It enhances videos with new audio and sound effects. You can expect a whole package of animated features that are compatible with new processors. In this Review of Filmora Version 9.5, we are going to tell you all the latest updates and loopholes of the software. 

Wondershare Filmora 9.5

GPU Acceleration –This feature enhances and boosts the speed of an application. They also provide high-end quality for rendering and consume less time in video editing. 

LAG Detection- The software works within the set frame and detects lag within the program. It also provides the solution to fix the lagging in the program.

Upgraded Rendering– The rendering process helps in eliminating all lags that occur. You can also add them to the timeline that makes the workflow smooth and convenient for users. You also access an external dedicated graphic card for the transition. 

Vertical Text And New Effects- Install any font because Filmora can recognize them easily. Add new text to the premade text effects with the help of an advanced text edit panel. Filmora provides users with an option to customize fonts, text, and 14 in-built effects. 

Video Tutorials –You can learn from tutorials to expand your capabilities. Imprint your imagination and make the best use of this software. 

Benefits Of Filmora Version 9.5

Audio Equalizer

It enables you to do virtual audio editing of various audio files. The software allows you to use a royalty-free music library or import your music. It consists of a feature auto beat detection in which it already marks audio beats so that you can edit accordingly. 


You can create videos easily with a lot of transition features like adding motion effects. Moreover, you can create a pure green background while shooting a video or green video clips. 

 Enhanced Rendering

Filmora provides 4k editing that is important. Rendering speed is fast for video clips, playing videos, and high-definition images. When you compare Wondershare Filmora vs Corel Video Studio, Filmora has few fewer features but its price will justify it.

Drawbacks Of Filmora Version 9.5 

Time Consuming

You cannot search for transition and other effects. It also takes a lot of time in importing the videos and enables one clip at a time for Action Cam and Cutter mode. 

No Motion Tracking 

Do not allow the insertion of Computer Graphics to track live footage. 


You cannot customize your DVD menu because they do not provide any template. 

  • Wondershare Filmora 9 

This software is hovering over the market because it is the most powerful tool for video editing. The entirely appropriate software for beginners and professionals and is compatible with Windows and Mac. In this review on Wondershare Filmora9, you will come across their features, Plus points, and Negative points. 

Wondershare Filmora 9 Features

The best alternative for AdobeAfterEffect for those who cannot afford this can go for this software.  You can professionally promote your videos and have enhanced features. In this review on Wondershare Filmora9, you will find enormous features to recommend this software. 

Audio Tools-Balance and maintain the audio according to your needs with this software. Adjusting audio, cancellation of noise,  and balance the sound by fading the background voice. It consists of 50 free music tracks with folk, electronic, and rock beats.  Import videos from your library and are efficient for users. 

Stabilization -It enables users to eliminate the shaking part from the video too automatically. They make your video completely flawless and increase the smoothness of the video.

Smoother Editing-A new rendering engine delivers a high-end performance or output. This software enables editing for the user. Users can import and export tons of clips into their project. They use 4k footage that is highly efficient and pretty impressive.

Great Quality-The Filmora playback 4k video clips with all effects, transition, music, and tracks smoothly. Alter or modify your playback quality with Filmora 9 and make them pretty neat. 

Chroma Key And Color Correction-An advanced tool known as chroma key helps in modifying white balance, contrast, temperature, tint, and brightness. Edit or shoot using green color. The color correction makes the video sharp and balances the color throughout the video. The uniformity and proper temperature are looked out by the Color Correction feature. 

Advantages Of Wondershare Filmora 9 

Perfect For Beginners 

This software gives a full capability to develop editing skills and give a kick start to its users. You can share, import, organize, and edit the software with less time consumption. 

Advanced Tools 

Includes advanced tools for making your video impressive and eye-catching.  They level up your video by improving audio, applying filters, removing shakiness, and chroma key. 

Efficient Workflow

You know it is faster-editing software that works with low-resolution clips. They polish and give a professional touch to your videos. It also allows uploading video directly to any platform from filmora9. 

Cons Of Wondershare Filmora 9 

Wondershare Filmora 9 Disadvantages

No Storyboard 

It does not have a panel that organizes images or illustrations in a sequence or proper format. It cannot pre-visualize motion pictures or any other animation. You cannot see the potential problem leading to more consumption of time. 

Customizing Workspace

You might feel uncomfortable with the workspace because you cannot customize it. It leads to a lack of creativity and organization of the panel.

Free Version

When you create the video and export them using a free version consists of a watermark. Removing the watermark is also not possible.

  • WonderShare Filmora Pro 

It is the best video editing software for all users. This software is a lot more productive and has bundles of templates to use. They can give a polish and a professional look to a video. You can edit the video using a lot of tools like trimming the video, detaching particular audio, and adding color. We will be covering all facts in the review of Wondershare Filmora Pro.

Wondershare Filmora Pro Features 

This software meets the requirements of users and is a good fit in the market. I have tried this out to check whether it gives a competitive edge or not. I am reviewing the Wondershare Filmora Pro features that I found in this software. 

Wondershare Filmora 9

Customizing Workspace-It is very flexible and super easy to set your workspace. The software works efficiently and maximizes the view according to your requirement. 

Professional Touch-You can easily add effects and do color grading to make your video impressive. It also sets saturation and advanced curve adjustments according to your requirement in the video clip. 

Advanced Editing-You will love to add fun and cool adjusting effects to your video clips. Add effects like blurring, sharping, light flares, speed adjustments, and many more.

Pros Of Wondershare Filmora Pro

Intuitive Interface

Simple and intuitive software for beginners to edit video clips making it less scary. It provides out of the box effects to edit raw video clip to professional clips.

Editor Customization

Customize the editor frame size and frame rate by clicking on the gear icon. You can select from the range of multiple presets from Instagram and GoPro. 

Motion And Titles Effects

Provides best in-built title templates be used to customize the video. It also allows you to purchase more templates from the Wondershare Film stock library.

Wondershare Filmora 9 Advantages and Disadvantages-

Cons Of WonderShare Filmora 

Multiple Sequences 

Work at one timeline at once because it allows you to open one timeline only. You cannot work on multiple timelines together at once. 

Altering Layers

You have to add a single effect to videos separately. It does not allow you to add a single effect together to all videos. 

Lack Of Dedicated Panels 

Does not allow universal color grading and correction effects due to the absence of the Lumetri Color Panel. It does not have any sound panel to adjust all audio clips in one go. It does not provide any hardware preferences. 


My final review on Wondershare Filmora X shows that it is uncluttered and offers modern and efficient functionality. Benefits are more overwhelming than shortcomings. After reading a review on Filmora Version 9.5, it provides customization for Audio-Equalizer along with top-notch video editing. But this version misses out on some essential features. The final words for Wondershare Filmora9 and Wondershare Pro both are providing excellent services. Filmora 9 is better for newbies because they do not need many.

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