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What You Should Include In Your Logo Design

A brand’s logo is the one thing that most people will remember when they’re looking to make a purchase. It serves as the front image of your business, and often conveys the first impression of your company. Therefore, it’s important that you design something that’s memorable.

Don’t just go through the design process abruptly. It’s one that you should consider carefully and in detail to ensure that you’re creating a logo design that will be absolutely effective as it represents you as a whole. However, because your company is filled with various aspects and ideas, so should your logo. It’s important to research these things and know exactly what you want your logo to represent. The seven factors indicated in this article can help guide you through this process.

Choosing Logo Design

1. The Essence Of Your Brand

Your logo is a representation of your brand, so your logo design should give off the right impression. Otherwise, it will only be a simple graphic that holds no value.

The key is to thoroughly know your brand. Before jumping right into the process of putting in random graphics as a part of your logo, decide what it is you want your company to embody. That way, your logo will represent your brand’s characteristics, vision, and overall company culture. When your target audience sees your logo, they’ll be able to directly correlate it with your company.

Here are other tips to be guided by:

  • Your logo should show why your brand is special above other competing businesses.
  • Your logo speaks loudly about your brand’s personality.

2. The Adaptability Of Your Logo’s Components

As you go through the logo design process, it’s important to incorporate the element of adaptability. This means having a flexible logo that you won’t necessarily have to consistently redesign. It should adapt to changes in business styles and practices, so that it stays effective for many years to come. Your general audience should never be confused by a constantly changing logo.

Think of Shell’s logo, for instance. It’s been around for many decades, but it’s still very effective and appropriate. It has managed to adapt to changes in business, and survive even the arrival of new players into the market.

3. The Appropriate Style Choice

Company Style - Branding

There are different logo styles that you can use for your business. There’s no one style that’s better than another, so the choice will depend on your personal preference. Moreover, any particular logo style has a lot to do with the kind of business your company is engaged in. Here are some of the different choices that you can select for your business:

  • Wordmarks. This kind of logo is made up entirely of text. This style is perfect if you’re just starting out in the industry. This is a design element that works hand-in-hand with marketing. Think Oreo.
  • Brandmarks. This refers to the visual depiction of your brand’s image without words. When you choose this option, the goal is for your company’s name to be recognized even through a single image. Think Nike. When you see that check mark on athletic gear, you know it’s Nike.
  • Combination marks. This is a combination of both wordmark and brandmarks. If you pick this option, you should make room for your full company name to be spelled out, along with the graphic or image that you choose for your business. Think Starbucks. There’s an image, as well as its full brand name.

4. The Appropriate Colors

You will also want to think about what colors you want to use for your logo. For starters, you’ll want to incorporate the overall color scheme of your company. That way, there’s better coordination and association with your brand name and your logo.

The colors of your logo play a very large role in your business. You should make sure that the colors are representative of your business, as well as your products and services. Research on what colors work better together, and which tones catch the customer’s eyes more often.

5. The Availability Of Scale Options

Throughout the entire course of your business operations, you’re going to put your logo on different materials of different sizes. Hence, you should remember to incorporate the availability of scale options on your logo design.

Logo Scaling

This means that whether your logo is used on a big paper bag or on a small business card, it should still look great and effective. The elements of your logo should always stay clear and visible no matter the size it’s printed on.

Plus, you may have to consider subscribing to an unlimited graphic design service to help your vision of a logo design come to life. It’s important to research these things and know exactly what you want your logo to represent.

6. The Typography

A very important thing when you are planning to design a logo for your company is the choice of typography. There are various fonts that are available nowadays in the market. If you want to come up with the best logo for your business, then you need to make sure that it’s going to be attractive enough to capture your audience’s attention. Typography is essential in order to give out the feel of professionalism you want to exude.

It’s imperative to use the correct type of font in your logo to ensure proper interaction with the public. If a person cannot read the letters in your logo or understand what it says, your company will not be able to connect with that potential customer. Your services or products will be deemed useless.

The visual appeal is also important for each design, which should give your company a sense of authenticity and reliability. You need to choose the type of font carefully for your business logo design to be successful.

7. The Message It Conveys

Apart from ensuring that your logo depicts the message of your company’s brand, you also need to make sure it stays neutral across different cultures, religions, political views, or practices. For instance, do your best not to include any emblem or symbol that may single out a particular group, as your brand may be mistakenly associated with it. You wouldn’t want your brand to be identified with any group that has nothing to do with your company. Otherwise, it could be confusing or even offensive to your customer.

Therefore, make sure that your entire design team is very careful in ensuring your logo portrays good traits in business, such as positivity, competitiveness, and fair practice.


When you design a good logo, then you’re creating a lasting impression about your business. You want your logo to be remembered and recognized for many years to come. You want to make sure that your logo is going to be memorable to anyone who sees it. When the general public first sees your logo design, they should immediately be able to associate it with your brand.

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