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What are the Best Social Media Marketing Tips and Trends in 2017?

Best Social Media Marketing Tips

According to the current survey about latest trends in digital marketing in California, social media marketing has appeared as one of the most essential tools for marketing products and services. In addition to this, in 2016, social media variety liked more than 2.3 billion lively users and more than 1.9 billion dynamic mobile public users.

So, before you resolve your social media strategy for the year, we present you in this blog with the top 4 Social Media Marketing drifts that will dominate in the year 2017.

Live Streaming Videos are Astounding

The fashion of live video is not going anywhere, fairly will continue to rise in the year 2017. According to Social Media Examiner, 14% of marketers have tested with it in 2016 itself, and 43% plan to use live video this year.

Every social platform has introduced the story of live streaming, and it has turned into the newest thing in the social media. Facebook‘s Live Video, Twitter’s Periscope and Instagram stories have shaped quite a buzz in social media.

Cheers, to live video feature, Facebook has adored lot of growth this year and mainly on the New Year’s Eve; live streaming on Facebook touched a record-breaking number. According to TechCrunch, even Instagram did not hold up behind and appreciate 100 million active users on Instagram Stories.

Video for Social Media Marketing

An important question now is which channel you should be concentrating on for your live streaming labors in 2017? Well, firstly, you want to analyze, on which social channel your mark viewers devote most of the time and therefore come up with a plan to connect to them on those systems. Many brands are pinning the same feature to keep their followers involved and the advantage to followers is they can look out an event live they might not be able to attend. Live Videos gives excitement of enjoying ‘in-the moment’ content rather than seeing a recorded video later.

Products and brands are using the aspects of live video for product demos, for the launch of new brands & services, having Q&A sessions, short footages of company’s logo creation and much more.

Rise of Chat bots

Digital assistants as Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant are enjoying the focus stage as artificial intelligence has touched a level of societal explosion. Constructing upon the back of digital acrobats, social media tech giants like Facebook, WhatsApp, and even Twitter have introduced chat bots into their amenities.

Such chatbots permit common questions to be replied, reducing the answer time largely. Therefore, customer service executives can grip more in-depth queries and clienteles can get an instant assistance, avoiding any delay for a returned email or placing a phone call on hold.

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The bulk of brands incoming the market is also now rotating to chat bots for customer care and customer service resources as none can pay for the cost of wicked customer service. These bots enable the communication process by the rapid robotic response.

Many of the Facebook Messenger bots, which do exceptionally well, include the much desirable 1-800-Flowers. Chat bot in 1-800-Flowers Messenger is the finest e-commerce bots available right now. Unlike a website, consumers can place an order using Facebook Messenger straight away. The bot is quick, easy, and, the finest part is, you can finish a purchase without moving forward 30 long steps.

Tricky Ways to Show Your Customers that You Care

When it comes to Facebook presence and promotion of products, some brands are doing it really well; here is an excellent example of it.

Social Media Marketing Chat Bots

Microsoft has earned a whopping 6.2 million likes on its Facebook Page, they have created an engaging page for their fans and followers. To keep their primary audience engaged, it avoids too much tech talk or any technical lingo on its page, using a refreshing approach towards its products. Their strategy suggests emphasizing work-life balance through their posts, showing how Microsoft products are good for both work and play.

Paid Social Rules

Due to the changes in social media procedures, it turns into even more difficult for products and businesses to trust fully on organic content. On the contrary, paid content is expanding more rapidly than ever before. The motive is to ensure workforces get to perceive high quality and good-looking content in their news feeds. Respectively, social media platform is emphasizing upon providing superior treatment to some kinds of content. Therefore, in the direction to get an extreme mileage out of your content, you need to improve your script. The whole point is that book lovers get to enjoy the amusing and high-quality content.

Nevertheless, in the resulting six months they started a directed paid social campaign in which they created a mix of ads and endorsed posts based on region, interests, and age.

Social Media Marketing Rules

Consequences can be visualized in the above picture; brand saw a huge jump in raw numbers. Moreover, brand was able to easily fetch more qualified groups and fans on their website link page causing boosted engagement by a factor of 11.

In 2017, social and digital marketing California are going to be the key areas of emphasis for brands, making it at ease for them to grab responsiveness of their target audience and initiate more conversions.

2017 is certainly going to be an exciting year in social media. Therefore, now you know the trends, caringly create your social media strategies around these trends, and catch the maximum ROI out of your marketing promotions.

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Susan Daigle is an expert digital marketing professional who has an ability to channelize all her energies, striving to mark her feet at the top in the race of digital marketing in California. She is based in California and currently working as a Social media marketing manager in one of the leading IT industry.

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