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What Affiliate Marketers Should Understand About the Gig Economy

The gig economy has become a strong contender when it comes to how people make money. A study estimated that by this year, over 40 percent of Americans will be gig economy workers. Here’s why this couldn’t be better news for affiliate marketers.

It Benefits Affiliate Marketers

An increase in gig economy workers has led to an increase in entrepreneurship. With the increase of small businesses, especially as “side hustles”, there is an increased need for affordable advertising as brands try to stand out among the crowd. This means that there will be more opportunities for affiliate marketing than ever.

There is a second part to how the gig economy can benefit affiliate marketing. With an increase in the gig economy, apps have become extremely popular. The idea of getting what you want right away through the simple touch of an app keeps people on their mobile devices constantly. This means more potential customers are being subjected to affiliate marketing advertising. No matter which end you look at, it’s a win-win for affiliate marketing.

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It’s Only Growing

There is no end in sight for the gig economy and it’s definitely not slowing down. The gig economy is even growing in the healthcare field. You can see evidence of this in positions such as travel nurses, drivers, and more. With such a strong gig economy, many people are going to be drawn to this way of life that generates real income. This means that affiliate marketing will be needed more than ever and will continue to grow right along with the gig economy.

Affiliate Marketing Is Part of the Gig Economy

Not only is the gig economy fueling increased revenue for affiliate marketers, but affiliate marketing is actually a gig. In fact, it’s also a great source of residual income which is at the heart of the gig economy. The best part about affiliate marketing being a part of the gig economy is that an affiliate marketing business grows when the gig economy grows so there is no competition. It becomes a partnership.

Affiliate Marketing Gig Economy

For affiliate marketers, the growing gig economy is a gold mine. When you take the time to understand the three points above – that it benefits affiliate marketers from both the advertisers’ and customers’ sides and that affiliate marketing is actually a part of the gig economy, you’ll see nothing but silver linings. As long as the gig economy exists, so will the demand for affiliate marketing. It’s a partnership that is easy, profitable, and bottomless.

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