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The purpose of this report is to quickly teach you several money making strategies that you can begin implementing in under a minute.

We all want specific, step by step examples of money making strategies we can implement RIGHT NOW and start profiting from, so that’s what I’ll be teaching in this report.

The first strategy I want to share with you is something that takes a technique that has become a bit more well-known to our internet marketing community over the past year or so. To be honest, it’s probably still only used by less than 1% of all internet marketers, despite the fact that it works so incredibly well and is super easy to implement. I’m talking about integration marketing. The process of “integrating” your product offer into someone else’s sales funnel.

The example you may have heard  is the Coke/Pepsi example. You’ve probably never seen a Coke/Pepsi store, yet Coke and Pepsi are two of the most well known companies in the world. How do they make money? Simple; they “integrate” their product offer into other company’s sales funnels (i.e. at baseball games, in restaurants when someone orders a meal, in vending machines at a gas station along with other soft drinks, in hotels, in bars, and so on and so forth). They give the restaurant a small % of the sale made, and then they keep the remaining %.

They don’t have to worry about getting customers to their store because they just “mooch” off of other “store’s” customers. This also works extremely well online.

So where are a couple of places that you could integrate your offer? 

I’ll give you 2 specific places:

1. Other people’s product “thank you pages”

2. Other people’s newsletter signup “thank you pages”

BOTH of these places are almost always unused real estate. Let’s take #2 above, for example… How many times have you signed up for someone’s newsletter, and then see a message like this: The marketer is building a mailing list, yet is completely wasting the space 100% of people that sign up to his newsletter will see.

Think about the profits this person could be making, if they had an offer on their newsletter signup “thank you pages”. This real estate is much more valuable than a space somewhere else on their website (i.e. like a banner ad etc.) This specific space is valuable because ONLY the people that have proven themselves to be “action takers” are the ones that will see this page.

Think about it. Someone that has just willingly filled out an email optin form for more information on a specific subject is the EXACT person that you should want seeing your offer for something related directly to that subject. You’re going to be getting extremely targeted traffic directly to YOUR offer, should you have the owner of this website add your offer to his newsletter signup “thank you page”. Alright, I’m assuming that at this point we’re in agreement that doing this would 100% work and be extremely effective and valuable.

– Why would this person want to add your offer to their “thank you page”?

The answer is simple… When you approach these people, you wouldn’t just say “Hey man, add my offer to your thank you page and it’ll make me a lot of money and help me build a buyer list.” You would approach them and say something like… “Hi, I just signed up to receive your xyz report or newsletter, and noticed that after I signed up, your “thank you page” simply said ‘thank you for subscribing. Check your email for the free report’. I have a way that I can guarantee you will make more money from every single subscriber without you doing anything but spending about 5 minutes, 1 time, to set up something on your ‘thank you page’.

I’ve done this with several other marketers and they’ve all been very happy with the results. (obviously only say that if it’s true) I sell an eBook related to xyz, that is directly related to what you teach in your report. It compliments it very well. I sell the eBook for $29.95 on my website. I can give you some html code to insert on your ‘thank you page’. It will be a small little ad for my eBook and will include your affiliate link. When someone signs up for your newsletter, they’ll see the ad for the eBook on the ‘thank you page’. They’ll click it, purchase the eBook and you’ll receive 75% commission for every single person that does that. You do absolutely nothing once this is set up. I’ll even be happy to edit your ‘thank you page’ for you, if you don’t have the time.

As I said, I’ve done this many times, and it works very well and is a great way to increase the money you make from your newsletter, without doing any extra work. Interested?” As you can see, it’s a complete win/win for both parties. You could even offer them 100% commission if you have a nice backend product in place, to make your money from the process.

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