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Web Traffic

Web traffic is one thing that every website owner must have. Did you know that you have the ability to attract as much website traffic as you want just like a magnet attracts iron filings? That is one power I realised I had years ago!

Yes, it’s true, you can become your own ‘traffic magnet’, simply in the way you promote your website. As a friend once said to me when he was going for a promotion at work “always keep your name in the papers”. The same can be said about website promotion, always keep your name out there! This can be quite an easy task to do, you just have to do the ground-work . The good thing is that you can start any time and its never too late to start promoting your site.

The one method that works really well in promoting your website is to get some articles published on a great website like this one, it cost nothing but your time and you could even hire a ghost writer to do some writing for you. Its all in the statistics, in other words, there are industry benchmarks regarding how much traffic we can attract to our website  simply by publishing articles.

Firstly you need to do the maths to see what article writing is worth to your website. To do the math you need a formula, the formula (as a rule of thumb) is that for every  200 people that read one of your articles, then about 20 of those readers will click through to your website. Further to that, out of the 20 new visitors you get coming to your website, then about 4 people will actually buy something.

So you can actually work the formula backwards to work out how much money you would like to make. How many sales do you need to get, how many visitors you need for those sales, how many article views you need to have and that will lead into how many articles you need to write. You will soon see a pattern to the number of articles you get published and the amount of web traffic you can then generate. The more you write then the more visitors you will attract.

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