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Most digital marketers today measure and manage channel performance in silos. However, savvy marketers understand that consumers don’t interact with brands within a particular channel; they interact with brands across channels. With expertise in managing and measuring complex integrated marketing campaigns, the Media Agency RBM can help organizations create the analytics infrastructure required to manage the complexity of today’s digital marketing environment.

They start by developing a deep understanding of the marketing goals, customers’ purchase pathways, and the key business drivers. This understanding drives analysis around relevant metrics and data sources required for optimization, as well as how organizations can best take advantage of enhanced marketing analytics. They work with clients to establish a baseline of tracking from existing marketing channels to final conversion point.

After the baselines are established, they shift focus on moving beyond silos to manage across channels, with an eye to future channels, and against metrics that drive value like sales and customer life time value. At the center of this initiative is a centralized data warehouse that integrates all of the data relevant to a company and customers. Data sources can include web analytics, client CRM systems, ad networks, email service providers, search engines, and more. Having this integrated environment not only provides marketers with a holistic view of their marketing initiatives, but also the foundation for better attribution and optimization practices.

To provide that foundation, RBM and its data warehouse partners have designed an analytics solution from the ground up to manage marketing campaigns across the increasingly complex digital marketing environment. RBM’s multi-channel analytics and optimization platform, Kunu, combines robust data management services, algorithm-based attribution modeling, and a powerful optimization engine to deliver unprecedented visibility into campaigns as well as deep insights into customers’ activity.

This is important because these insights have direct implications on how to best segment customers, allocate media spend, and craft marketing messages. And unlike traditional enterprise solutions, Kunu is delivered as a SaaS solution designed to be flexible and to complement company’s existing reporting infrastructure, providing value that is both tangible and quickly realized.

RBM’s CARMA test platform works with the proven Marin Search Marketer software, giving strategists a rapid creative learning platform that builds competitive advantage for their clients week after week. Our KUNU analytics practice marries their client-side conversion data—revenue, customer acquisitions, and loyalty—with media spend. As a result, RBM exploits value inefficiencies in search ad auctions, pushing the best ads to the top of best customers’ search results.