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WAH EDU Review

Is WAH EDU a Scam  or the Real Deal?

Work At Home University Reviews

Name: WAH EDU (formerly Work at Home University)

Website URL: (and several others)

Owner: Michelle Withrow

Advertised Price: $47 + Upsells

Overall Rating: 5 out of 100

WAH EDU Overview

WAH EDU was formerly known as Work At Home University.  They have changed the name likely due to the facts I will shortly reveal, but have the same presentation and offer the same product.  This program, like many others like it, will present itself with a pretty package and no real training or useable means of earning real income online.  It seeks to steal money from hard working individuals in the most sleazy con-artist methods available.

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WAH EDU Pros Versus Cons


  • Absolutely none that we could find


  • Fake photos of supposed members earning money
  • False advertising and sleazy marketing tactics
  • Multiple domain names and actual company name changes
  • Not in any way duplicatable

Who is This Program For?


This so-called program claims that anyone with zero experience online can earn money by copying and pasting little snippets of marketing text into small advertisements (classified and other arenas) and earn thousands of dollars per month.  As will many programs of this nature, it would seem to appeal to just about everyone, newbies and experienced marketers alike. But, really nothing can be further from the truth.

WAHU EDU – A Deeper Look

The list of sleazy marketing tactics that just drive us up the wall:

  1. “There are positions available within every city” – Okay, time for a little enlightenment folks, there is as you may know a way to write a weak script to look up your computers Internet Protocol address and tell where you are logging in from OR use your zip code to geo-locate your address (just like Google Maps).  And, regardless of what you type into the zip code field, they will say there are “3 Positions Left – Join Now” using a sleazy pressure tactic to get into your bank account.
  2. The Downsell Tactic – many low quality programs use downsell tactics to catch you on your exit of the webpage.  If the product were worth the advertised amount, there would be ZERO need for this.
  3. The Education Angle – WAHU EDU uses an online education type of angle to make new Internet Marketers believe they are obtaining some real type of education or certification and will discover how to become a successful entrepreneur with auction listings – you can learn this from free on eBay. I guess I don’t have to point out the obvious that you will not be receiving any kind of diploma or certification, because this isn’t even close to being a real education or any real training.
  4. Unrealistic Expectations – As we have mentioned, the expectations of duplicating this, being able to explain to others and the flat out lies of how you can copy and paste your way to thousands of dollars a month is simply ridiculous and just an effort to scam innocent people from their hard earned money.

Additionally, there is a third-party company they have apparently connected with that will inundate you with emails and phone calls trying to get you to purchase other unnecessary products or services.

Prior to changing to their more recent format WAHU EDU (formerly Work At Home University) used the fake news technique as shown in the image below:


The bottom line here is that creating an online business takes hard work and any program out there that advertises that you can work 60 minutes per day building your first Internet business into a success is just blowing smoke and not even using the mirrors.

Check out this recent photo from the Better Business Bureau using this scam artist’s former name Work At Home University:

WAHU EDU Complaints

Yep, a huge F on the scale. If there were a lower grade available, I’m sure they would have received that one!  This has EPIC FAIL written all over it.

WAHU EDU Support

LOL!  WAHU EDU support is non-existent.  They will take your money and you’re on your own.

The Price

Okay, this as I mentioned is another sleazy tactic. Any real online business opportunity would be free to start at least for a short period to allow you to fully check it out before you drop a dime or spend any amount of cash.  Keeping in mind, they have changed their advertising (sales pages on the website) a couple of times.  Here’s what we were able to determine on their pricing model:

  • $197 – original program price
  • $97 – one time offer
  • $77 – friends and family discount
  • $47 – downsell (last offer)

WAHU EDU Complaints

With very little research, you can find a plethora of complaints on this program. Even beyond the Better Business Bureau listing of the grade “F” above, here is just one more example:

WAHU Complaints

The WAHU EDU complaints are many and quite understandable. If there were a way to ban websites like this, we would all benefit.

Our Final Verdict

You probably have noticed us being a little more harsh within this WAHU EDU review in comparison to our other reviews. That’s simply because these types of scams are horrible and are really just out to rob people and generally short-lived. Most will die off from complaints and reviews like ours, but this one actually revamped their website and used some fancier graphics and changed some working to make it appear more legitimate. But, their product is still horrible and support is no better.  We urge you to stay far away from this one. WAHU EDU is a scam.

Success with Anthony Scam

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WAHU EDU Reviews
  • Ease of Use - 5
  • For Beginners - 5
  • Duplication - 5
  • Product - 5
  • Support - 5
  • Price - 5


There is no legitimate online business in which you can work just a few short minutes a day and create an income cash machine churning out the big bucks monthly. Forget some copy and paste method. It's just not going to happen. This is not some online education system in which you'll earn an actual education. You'll be left frustrated and broke when it's all said and done. WAHU EDU is a scam.

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