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Understanding the basics of great essay writing – Top tips and tricks

The smallest details can make the difference between an OK essay and an amazing essay. If the latter category appeals to you more, then you should definitely check out these tips on how to improve the quality of your essays. These details are not groundbreaking on their own, but together their amount to quite a lot.

Be as critical as you can about your own writing

Other people won’t cut you any slack so neither should you allow yourself to get away with things that you are certain could be done better. By being your harshest critic, you leave no room for the other sharks out there. Acknowledging even the smallest errors and correcting them is a very straightforward way of ensuring that your writing has no flaws when it’s presented.

Have a structure

No matter what you do in life, having a plan helps out a lot. With that in mind, it’s not so different for writing essays. For example, how do you think an essay writing service handles an essay? Do they just wing it and cross a bridge when they get there? No. They plan ahead of time and that’s what you should be doing as well. Have a well-structured plan on how you want to go about your essay. Structuring the order in which the various pieces go into the essay helps a lot with creating a solid composition.


You can’t be expected to just know everything there is to be known about the subject you’re writing your essay on, and neither should you attempt to write your essay in that manner. If you truly want it to be sublime, you have to invest more time into the project. Take this extra time to research the subject you’re writing on and to inform yourself about all the little details that are related to that subject matter. This will demonstrate that you have written with passion and dedication and that the content has a sense of depth to it.

Read other people’s essays

If you’re new in the essay game or just seem stuck on a certain point, reading other people’s essays can help out a lot. By seeing how other people have overcome difficulties and how they used creativity to implement interesting elements, you can diversify and enrich your own approach to your essay.

Learn to write properly

If you are writing an academic paper, you need to know how to properly address your target audience and how to engage in conversation formally. Using academic lingo will give you the upper hand and it will make your essay a lot more believable, depending on whose reading. With that in mind, you shouldn’t change for anyone so it’s important to also stay true to yourself. Let your essay also reflect your personality so that it’s obvious that the material comes from you.

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