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Traffic Generation Model

Today, there are literally hundreds of different services that are offering ‘guaranteed targeted’ traffic. Even though some of them are really good, the fact is that most of them aren’t.

If you’ve been trying to generate a healthy amount of visitors coming to your website steadily, I’m sure you’ve already noticed that nothing comes for free without hard work.

After you try a traffic generation service, you can almost immediately tell if it’s worth the money you spent. First step should be installing some kind of tracking software to track down visitors and source where they came from. The number of visitors matter and it should match or exceed the amount you’ve paid for.

Other than that, another important thing, probably more important than first one, is checking your profit that came by using traffic generation service. Common sense says that you should earn more money than you’ve spend on that service. Your return on investment must be positive.

It’s easy to get stuck trying to find the best method. The reality is that you must choose up to 3 proven methods and stick to them.

My advice is to pick article marketing as a free and Google AdWords as a paid traffic source.

Article marketing really works even if you write only a few articles a day. It really doesn’t matter as long as you are consistent. When you reach certain point, you could try outsourcing your articles in order to pull in even more traffic to your website.

Google AdWords is another story. You have to be much more careful with that because you can easily lose all your money. My advice is to take some kind of learning course until you master it.

One of the biggest problems that people generally have is finding out whether or not your are getting profit from traffic. That is very hard question to answer. But luckily there are some ways to find that information. Knowing how much money you are getting from particular source of traffic is extremely important because you can invest more into that source and grow your business so much faster.

In order to find profitable source of visitors, you need to find at least two websites that are competing for the same keywords as you are. Those website must be very successful so try to avoid websites that haven’t been updated for ages.

Once you’ve found successful website, start spying. Try to find where is that website getting visitors from. First and one of the most important things is to check for backlinks using yahoo explorer. That way you will know where are visitors coming from.

Compile a list of possible source that could give you profit and start working on it. But don’t push it too far and don’t spend too much money. Install some kind of tracking (Google Analytics), and track your results based on visitor sources. Track everything – number of visitors, time spent on your website… And the most important thing – money earned.

After some time, you will get a clearer picture and you will know which sources are worth your money. So go ahead and find ways to get the most visitors from that sources. Even if it means spending money – you already know it’s worth it because you will receive much more in return.



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