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Traffic Exchange

In Hollywood it has been said there is no such thing as bad publicity. When it comes to Internet marketing there really is no such thing as bad traffic.

This brings up the question of whether traffic exchange marketing is worth your time or not? Let’s talk briefly about why you should be doing marketing online with traffic exchanges (TE).

1. Buy credits. If you can afford it you are better off to purchase credits and promote in the traffic exchange then you are to do your own surfing.

Purchasing credits is not very expensive to do. It gives your ad the opportunity to be seen with no effort on your part once your ads are set up in the system.

2. Refer members. This is a good way to earn credits to have your ads shown to other members. The more members you refer the more potential credits you can earn from doing that.

3. Do your own surfing. This is one example of how the Internet does not discriminate. If you are financially strapped you can still earn credits to have your ads viewed when you surf and view other people’s ads.

Whenever possible you should upgrade in the TE you are surfing at. Generally you will earn twice as many credits for every page you view if you are a upgraded member.

To derive the greatest benefit from traffic exchange marketing you should do it with a couple of objectives in mind.

1. Build your list? Promoting a landing page or splash page that builds your list is the best type of advertising to do.

Surfers are not going to take the time to read long drawn out web pages. However if you have an effective landing page you can capture somebody’s attention.

Even in the short amount of time that they are viewing your ad you can get them to give you their name and email address.

2. Branding. The more you are seen online the more you become an expert at what you promote. This gives you the opportunity to plaster your name and picture all over the Internet.

Over time people will come to your website or landing page just based on the fact that you appear to be everywhere.

3. Promote other traffic exchanges. People that are surfing are good prospects for other TEs that you may already be in.

Again when you refer new members it gives you the opportunity to generate more credits for ads that you are promoting.

These are few proven strategies in regards to traffic exchange marketing. It certainly is a worthwhile thing to do and can be a part of any Internet marketers overall advertising campaign.