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Top Tips on How to Use Social Media for Your Advertising Needs

Social media gets a lot of stick in the press. The vast majority of the time if you’re reading a news article, or hearing an interview about social media, it’ll be something on the subject of how it ruins the mental health of young people, or how it’s stopped us communicating with each other like actual human beings.

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But what about the other side to social media? Well one of the most powerful ways that social media can be used effectively is for advertising, whether that be a product, business page or even that you’ve set up.

Whatever it is that you’re looking to advertise, here are some top tips on how to best use social media platforms for all of your advertising needs.

Understand the Channel that You are Using

First and foremost, whatever social media channel it is that you choose to use for your advertising purposes, make sure that you understand exactly how said platform works. Likewise, you’ll want to use the one that’s most appropriate for your usage. Whereas Instagram thrives mostly off pictures and videos, although Twitter has a media option, it thrives mainly off short-but-sweet tweets and trending hashtags. You have to choose the platform that’s right for you.

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For example, if it was a business page you were looking to create and promote, then Facebook would likely be the best option for you. The reason behind this, is because Facebook actually has a free feature where you can set up a business page, and ultimately share it on forums and pages that you think would be of interest.

A prime example of this, would be if you were a property company looking to advertise on Facebook. You’d set up your page, look at relevant pages like good move reviews and either use it to target some of their audiences, or advertise your page directly on there if its allowed.

Know Your Target Audience, and Target Them Directly

Of course in order to successfully advertise something, you have to know your target audience, right? It’s one of the first rules of business, and one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of whatever it is you’re advertising. Social media is a big place, and if you’re not directing your content accordingly, chances are it’s likely to go right over people’s heads.

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Therefore, when you know your target audience, ensure its them that you’re catering towards. This is where doing your market research comes in, and age is a great place to start.

Generally speaking, Facebook is used by all ages, but Instagram is primarily made up of young adults and teenagers. Instagram is undoubtedly the “cool” social media account, so if that’s your angle, it could be ideal for you.

Say you were a music artist or producer, and you were looking to target your music at the younger generations. In this case, Instagram would likely be the perfect platform for you to use.

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There are so many social media influencers who actually make a career out of Instagram and use it to advertise for companies – so why not get on board with this? Of course they charge a fee, but a lot of the time if youngsters see their favorite influencers doing or enjoying something, they’re likely to give it a go too.

Now, this does have its negatives, as it’s been reported that many of these accounts promote things such as unsafe diet pills. Young people are so impressionable that you have to be cautious of what it is you’re advertising, however if it’s simply music or a viable service that you’re promoting, then there’s no reason it shouldn’t be fed to its consumers.

Place Your Advertisements Strategically

Last of all, the target is to redirect as much online traffic as you possibly can onto your page, isn’t it?

Therefore you’ll need to think about not only what platform you’re using for your advertisements, but where they’re actually placed in order to strategically invite people in.

Social Media Advertising

Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, make sure your adverts are placed in a relevant and easily found place.

For example, if it’s shoes that you’re advertising, you would want to post your ad in a place that affiliates with shoe sales and shoe fashion. Things like captions and key words can really help when it comes to this, as it’s likely to direct those seeking similar information online right onto your page. They might stumble upon your advertisement “accidentally” but if it catches their eye and meets their needs, then who knows? You may have just found yourself a customer.

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