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Top 5 Reasons You Should Make a Career in Sales and Marketing

Choosing a new career path is an exciting step forward, one that will potentially have a significant impact on your personal life as well. That’s not just in terms of how much you will earn and how far you will climb the corporate ladder.

Here is a glimpse into the career of a sales and marketing professional. There is no better way to paint that picture for you than with some hard data and facts. 

A career in Sales and Marketing

Demand for Sales and Marketing Careers

The demand for sale and marketing people have never been greater

According to recent government-commissioned research (Office for National Statistics), the demand for sales and marketing professionals will increase 10% each year in the next five years. 

The same study also revealed that the creative and digital sector workforce would need to step up if it wants to feed the demand. That translates in new employment opportunities for anyone with the right wits and skillset, both on the short and long run.

Even today, one look at the sales and marketing jobs database, and you will find that the demand for the right people is there. Currently, there are over 155,000 people working in the sales and marketing industry. Two-thirds of whom are graduates.

Top salaries

Top Income Careers

According to a survey made by Marketing Week, the sales and marketing industry salaries are in line with IT salaries which have been at the top for quite some time. Plus, sales and marketing people often earn sales percentages based on their sales and performances on top of their basic salaries. That means the sky is the limit to how much you can earn. 

Work in any industry you like

When you are in sales and marketing, you can work in any given industry. Almost all significant businesses heavily rely on their sales and marketing department. They can have the best possible product, but that won’t mean much to them if there is no one to promote and sell it.

Therefore, as a salesperson, you can decide which industry suits you most and will be better for your career. At the start of your career, you might not be able to choose, but soon enough after you earn some experience, you will be able to make that leap.

Work with great people

The sales and marketing people are typically very open-minded, fun-loving folks that love their job. Being around that kind of people can only make you a better person. 

Nowadays, most companies take great care about their company culture and whether they can provide a stimulating working environment. That is especially emphasized in industries where creative and salespeople work. Thing is they can’t be distracted by anything but their work and only in a stimulating work environment they can be at their best. Most managers know that and put a huge emphasis on that. 

You can easily start your marketing agency

Start a marketing agency

Starting a marketing agency doesn’t require considerable investment. If you are a well-known name in the sales and marketing industry, good at networking, and most importantly you know the ins and outs of your trade, then there is no reason why not give it a go on your own.

The Indian sales and marketing industry is the second-fastest-growing market after China in Asia. Globally, the marketing industry has reached over £1.2 trillion. 

Thing is you can be based in India, but you can work for clients from all over the world. The demand for creative and capable marketing and salespeople is always strong. 


Grabbing a job in sales and marketing may not be easy, but once you get it, the future is bright. The current economy in India is reforming and moving at a faster pace. There is considerable potential for S&M in India.

Web platforms like Jobsora can open the door to a lot of sales and marketing opportunities. Even if you don’t have the formal education on sales and marketing, there is no reason why not give it a shot. You never know, you might have the talent and the tenacity to make it big.

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