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Tips To Increase Your Instagram Following

Your Instagram account can be a hive of activity through sharing and liking.  However, if you want to make the most of this social media platform, you need to know how to increase your Instagram following.  Here are a few proven methods that you should consider to help gain traction and engagement and totally grow your Instagram following.

tips to increase instagram followers

Post Timing

When you post a picture on Instagram, you need to be aware of two things.  The first is the time zone of your audience and the second is the peak time when they will be on Instagram.  Research has found that the peak time for sharing on Instagram is on Wednesday’s between 5 and 6 pm.  Instagram users are also more active during the morning and evening which is when they are going to and coming home from work. 


Share User-Generated Material

Information from account operators found that an increase in followers of 60% in 3 months was possible.  To achieve this, the account operators took the time to understand and share user-generated content.  The best way to get this type of content is to look at Instagram and other websites where your audience is active.  When you find relevant user-generated content, you need to contact the creator and ask if you can use their work on your social media with credit to them. 

Have Creative Hashtags

Your Instagram post will not be complete without some hashtags in the caption.  However, you should not use any old hashtag if you want to increase your following.  You need to ensure that your hashtags are creative, obvious to the reader and interrelated. 

Look at scattering different words in your story and mixing things up before delivering it to your audience.  You should also make the caption appealing and funny instead of filled with boring hashtags.  If you need some ideas on how to do this, you might want to look at the WeWork account. This method has been highly successful for many Instagram advertising agencies.

The better your hashtags, the more visibility you get from each post as you reach your target audience and beyond.  Instagram users will not get bored with hashtags which is something that happens on other social networks.  However, they will get bored of seeing the same hashtags all the time. 

It is vital that you remember the importance of hashtags on Instagram when you want to improve your performance on the platform.  Instagram allows you to put a maximum of 30 hashtags in a post, but you need to use this limit wisely. 

Tag Your Posts

Tagging is something that you should not ignore as you can broaden the audience that your posts have.  If you are going to be tagging your followers in a post, you need to ensure that they are appropriate for the post.  This is the only way to increase engagement with the post and not lose some credibility.

When it comes to tagging, there are some guidelines and warnings that Instagram has for publishers that you need to be aware of.  If you stick to these guidelines, you should have no problem with this type of promotion.  If you are unsure about who to tag, you could try posting about an event and ask your followers to tag a friend they want to share the post with.

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Use Candid Shots

When creating posts for your account, you need to think about things from your followers’ point of view.  While the edited and refined pictures are great, many of them will want to see the realistic aspects of your brand.  This will include behind the scenes and backstage shots.  Your account should tell your followers more about your work and employees.  You can have a few faces that you regularly feature to create more brand transparency.

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