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TikTok: How To Capitalise On the Platforms Growth

Instagram has been the social media platform for the younger generation since its inception, but with the increase in inauthenticity on the app, Gen Z are leaving in droves and are now documenting their lives on TikTok.

TikTok Trending

TikTok has seen their growth explode since the apps rebranding with an estimated year on year growth of 275% in December 2018. Whether you are an established business or brand, an aspiring influencer or just want to get yourself noticed on social media, TikTok can provide you with an array of opportunities to do so, but how do you go about it?

Content Is King

Whilst Gen Z have left Instagram due to its contrived nature, that doesn’t mean that content is any less important on TikTok. You will still need to put the same level of thought and consideration into your videos to maximise the reach.

SEO Content Marketing

Start by looking at accounts that you either want to replicate or have similar target markets, communities and audience that match your product or services. Don’t copy the content verbatim but use it as a guide to see what your audience respond well to. Specific communities within TikTok will also have their own challenges, so it is worth getting involved in them. The better the content, the more of an audience you will attract.

Growth Services

Managing social media accounts is a timely affair, especially if you are managing a popular Instagram feed, Facebook and twitter. The idea of adding one more platform to your already tight schedule can seem daunting.

Thankfully, there are a few good growth services now available on the market. One such service is TokUpgrade.

But, before you jump headfirst into a growth service, you need to make sure that they will grow your account based off the data points you have given them in regard to your target market. There is little to no point in having an account that is filled with users that don’t engage with your content and don’t represent your community or target market.

These tools fully manage your account growth, but don’t expect phenomenal results over night, the best services are those that promote organic growth. They start slowly but with the compounding effect, over time you will see amazing results.


Even though TikTok isn’t brand new, it still is a relatively new app when you measure it up against the likes of snapchat and Instagram. Due to the fact that it is relatively new, it is estimated that only 4% of marketeers are currently utilising the app. To get a head start, approach an influencer that represents your target market and suggest a collaboration. These collaborations can be mutually beneficial and increase both parties reach and potential audiences.

If you can’t find a popular influencer that matches what you are trying to achieve, you could always approach an aspiring influencer and work together on a variety of projects to add validity to both of your accounts and profiles.

Final Thoughts

TikTok’s growth is going to continue well in 2020 and with only 4% of marketeers currently using the application, it presents businesses and brands with an opportunity to be early adopters on the app and generate a solid following while others are only just hearing about it.

Before you start making content, make sure you know exactly the target market you want to be appealing to. If you are unsure how to grow your account but know how to produce excellent content, work with an organic growth service to help you get on top of your game and create a large following.

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