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Things That Will Kill Your Blog Post Every Time

The Internet has become the modern playing field and marketplace for every major and minor business from all around the world. Digital Marketing has replaced the traditional forms and ways of brand marketing. Digital Marketing has many sub fields, and each one has to be handled right in order to garner maximum out of the web world.

There is one such craft that dominates all the subfields of digital marketing, it is Content that is the crowned king of the web world.  Blogs, articles and a lot more other types of writing pieces all fall under the content section. Out of all these blog writing has achieved a greater popularity with people all around the globe.

Blog Writing Tips - Avoid Mistakes

Although, everyone wishes to write the best blogs, whether, it is for their business and brand or for personal purposes, yet not everyone is able to achieve the quality and success with their blog writing. There are a lot many factors that might ruin your blog writing.

The following blogging tips are few critical factors which if not checked will kill your blog post every time:


HHeadings make up for the first thing on which a reader sets his/her eye first and this is where you should pay extra efforts. If a heading that you have chosen for your blog writing is boring and too common, there are high chances that you blog post will be ignored by a reader even without opening it. Therefore, it should be your priority to craft creative and original heading to your writing pieces in order to garner a reader’s interest and make him go through your whole blog writing piece.

Identify Your Audience

Writing Blog Content Tips

The first step to writing an engrossing blogpost would be to identify who you are writing for. Identifying your audience means to have a persona that you can target while creating your content. It is always helpful when you know your reader as you can then write content that gets their mind and quenches their thirst for the content of their liking.

Identifying your audience does not just end here but it takes further dwelling deep in to the probable reading schedule of your readers and other such factors that might affect the success of your blog post.  

Email Lists

A huge mistake committed most of beginner blog writers are that they do not maintain an e-mail list right from the beginning of their writing venture. Email marketing list makes up for the best of all marketing and productive ways for the growth of your blog in the internet world.

Grow your email list - blogging

It helps you retain your audience and visitors by storing their mail and letting you to send them an e-mail newsletter to keep them updated about your blog. This is how it has the potential to usher your blog marketing as it is lends you a systematic method and tool to generated an audience.

It is important to establish and start building your e-mail list right from the first day of your blog writing venture; for a late start would mean a loss of time, audience and money altogether over a period of time.  


Blog Writing Schedule

Novice writers have been found to write and update their blog content sporadically instead of a scheduled way. This affects the growth and maintenance of your readership real bad. A regularly updated blog is a must in order to keep your audience with you. If you give up the routine of writing and posting content as per your schedule, a heavy drop in the number of audience and traffic to your blog is inevitable. Readers get habitual to reading a particular sort of content once they develop a liking for it nut if for some reason you fail to feed them the content at the right time, they opt out and start to seek for other options sooner than you expect them to.   

Writing on proper schedule further offers you an arranged and regularly updated website or blog content. Writing muscle of every writer requires regular practice. If you do not right regularly, the writing muscle gets rusty and it becomes difficult to write content straightway with a flow and quality. Having a schedule for the uploading and posting of blog post on your website assures that you keep writing constantly and regularly and stays in touch with your inner writing voice. This is how a writer eventually grows up to be better at writing.       

Audience Perspective

While writing your blog for your business or even for personal purposes, the primary thing that needs to be considered is the perspective from which you are writing. It is often observed with blog writers who fail to make a mark with their readers that they always write what they feel initiated for. Although, the right approach would be to cater the need and requirement of the readers so that they feel self-motivated to go through your blog and end up loving it.  

Tips for Successful Blogging

The primary purpose of Content in the digital marketing and the web world is information provision to all the clients and customers. This is what makes it important to write to serve the purpose if the readers so that they feel satisfied after reading your blog.


Another significant rule of the Blog writing is to begin in a way and with words that have the power to make the reader feel related with it. A relatable beginning to the reader makes him feel that he/she has found the type of content they had been looking for, and hence, they give a thorough read to your content.

The self-indulging an intriguing start of a your blog could be achieved by the means of a storytelling writing style which further lends your blog a higher and interesting tone for the readers.      

Grammar and Spelling Errors

Even if you find a decent end to write from, it is still your duty to make sure that your blog writing is free from any sort of grammatical and spelling errors. Such errors shall make your image as writer to be set poor in the eye of your readers. It is usually the amateurs who end up with such a blog writing as there final submission.

Blogging Tips - Grammar

Seasoned writers choose to write more number of drafts of their writing piece involving several times editing and reediting of their blog. This is a significant factor that contributes in killing your blog post every time.

Passive Voice and Readability

The readability quotient of your blog writing piece is the ease with which it can be read and comprehended by the audience. The whole point and theme of a sentence and the bog as a whole should be clear and easy to grasp. This shall ensure that you reader stays connected with you throughout the blog.

Passive and complex sentences are difficult to grasp, and hence, harm the readability quotient of your writing, and hence, forma major factor among all the others that ruin your piece of writing. Use of active voice in your sentences in majority of your writing shall ensure a high readability quotient of your blog writing and shall, thus, ultimately help your blogs do better with readers.

The Punctuation Family

Punctuation makes for an integral part of a language. Still it is quite common even with seasoned writers that they take the Punctuation family forsaken and hence pay the price with a lower rating of their blogs.

Commas, semi-colon, hyphen, period and all such can make a significant difference to the sense of a sentence. This can be drastic to your theme and the whole point of your blog writing piece. Hence, Punctuations deserve the due care attention while writing in order to make a mark with your blog writing.

Topic and Theme

Blog Writing -Theme Writing

The topic and theme that you choose to write about should be of particular interest to the audience. It should be chosen after assessing their relativity with the audience and the readers. Choosing a topic and theme that caters to your business or personal endeavor and is also an in-trend thought can do wonders in terms of improving your number of readers. 


bSubheadings make for another major efficient trick while writing your blog. If you are writing in long paragraphs without using any subheadings and without further dividing the blog into smaller sections, the whole piece of writing might look unclean and not so readable to the audience. Hence, you should use sub-headings to give your blog writing and cleaner and organized look. 

Add Images and Graphics

Blogging Content - Images - Graphics

It has been found by the means of several surveys that graphic and images tend to increase the traffic and readability to your blog post. This is why you should choose to include and add relevant images along with your content while posting your blog writing. This shall make for another necessary to that can help you garner maximum out of your blog post writing.           

Bullet Points

Using Bullet points along with the headings and the subheadings in the content of your blog writing.  Bullet points can make your writing piece look much more attractive and arranged and easy to comprehend as it divides the major sections and points separately for the reader and the audience. This is bound to have a positive effect on the readership of your blog writing.

Concise Writing

Your Blog writing should be concise and any unnecessary material and words should be eliminated out. It is not about the word count but about the relevancy of each word and the difference that it makes to the writing piece as a whole. This means that you should edit and check your blog for any repetitive and non-significant parts which can be removed or could be written in an improved way.

Content That Converts


oUsing the right words to express a specific thing or notion or emotion is the foremost quality that a standard writer must possess. This could be achieved by adapting a habit of reading and meanwhile improving your vocabulary.  Precise words for peculiar things, feelings and emotions would certainly be the best tactic you can opt to reach your audience in a better way. This also makes for a significant writing tip to all the blog writers out there.


A calculated and decorative use of quotations could be the ultimate tactic to win over the faith of readers in the quality and authenticity of your writing piece. Furthermore, quotations can lend your blog writing an additional impression of professionalism and of being written by a man of knowledge.  

Drafts and Editing

You should ensure that your piece of blog writing is ready to be posted before you actually choose to upload it. Every writer has a different writing style and a different number of edits that one takes before considering once writing piece completed. As said about drafts, “the first draft is merely note taking; actual writing begins only after that”. It has to be ensured that your blog has undergone the required amount of editing and finishing before you upload it online for the audience.           

Blogging Content - Editing and Drafts

Having considered the factors that contribute to spoiling your blog post every time, you are now empowered to make the corrections in your writing and to achieve better results with your blog writing ventures. With the pace and the competition brought about by the modern means of doing business, it has become mandatory for every single business out there to have an appealing and attractive online presence.   

Content and blog writing can be the ultimate solution to having a quality online presence of your business. Since, every one today wishes to achieve the best and every business is already into blog writing, it is the quality of blog that can get it to make at the top of the competition in the market.

Above given are the list of errors and factors that adversely affect the success of your business and blog writing venture. You should ensure that these mistakes are avoided and are not allowed to ruin your chances of a quality blog.

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Preaa Sharma is working as a content marketing head at Content Elites which offers Seo blog writing services. She has 5 years of experience in content writing and had her articles published at high authority websites. You can follow her company on Facebook and Twitter.

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