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The Beginner’s Guide to Understanding SEO Resellers

An SEO reseller is a service agency that offers specialized SEO services. This agency white labels SEO services for other agencies. These resellers have long term relationships with writers, editors, and publishers. This gives them access to very high-quality backlinks.

SEO Resellers for beginners

Simply put, SEO reseller agencies enable you to offer SEO services to your clients without having to invest in an in-house SEO department.

There are numerous benefits involved in outsourcing SEO services. The three main reasons to use SEO resellers include:

1. SEO can be expensive

On average, having an in-house SEO expert will cost at least $3000 a month. On the other hand, it costs at least $100 per hour to hire a freelance SEO expert.

2. SEO is important

SEO is an essential tool for any online marketing campaign. You cannot afford to overlook it if you want to grow your business. SEO has been ranked as the 2nd best B2C marketing strategy, second only to content marketing.

3. SEO is becoming complicated

Every time you think you finally have it all figured out, the rules to SEO change. SEO follows the ever-changing graph of Google algorithm. With new changes being made almost every day, it can be hard for you to keep up. This is why it is better to outsource these services from an SEO reseller agency. It is these agencies’ job to keep up with the changes to be able to offer you the best SEO services.

Advantages of using an SEO reseller agency

Making more money with less overhead is the key benefit of using SEO reseller agencies. However, there are numerous other benefits you enjoy when you seek the services of an SEO reseller.

· You get to focus on what you are good at

When you choose to use an SEO reseller agency, you allow your company to focus on what it is good at doing. Trying to handle SEO projects without the necessary skills will waste a lot of company time. Instead, it is best to let the experts handle the SEO work for you.

White Label SEO Resellers

· SEO resellers offer scalable results

SEO is a very process-driven marketing tactic. Resellers have mastered the process to identify and take advantage of link building opportunities. They are also experts in content creation. Because of their extensive knowledge in these areas, they can offer scalable results as you need them and when you need them.

·  SEO resellers are niche experts

Because SEO resellers work with people from different industries, they acquire knowledge about SEO services for different niches. With their help, you can even offer your clients e-commerce assistance, which means more money for your business.

·  No need to invest in new business relationships

As a business owner doing SEO, you are required to build business relationships with editors, content creators, and webmasters in different niches. Every time you get a new client, you are required to make new friends to be able to offer quality services. When you work with SEO resellers, they make use of their already established relationships. This saves you the time and resources you would have used otherwise to forge new relationships.

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